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Car Detailing : Car Detailing: Remove Odor

Car Detailing : Car Detailing: Remove Odor

Hi, it’s Dowell here at the Firehouse Detail
Shop. We’re doing an interior detail and we’re teaching you how to do it like a pro. One
of the things that we get often asked here is, “the inside of my car smells horrible,”
either it’s pet, pet urine, maybe a child had a vomiting accident, or you purchased
a car, or had a friend smoke in your car, odor removal is possible, it’s not always
easy. The first part is we’ve got to clean the car to remove the things that are creating
the odor. So, if it’s vomit, we have special things like Azapit, it goes in, it’s got enzymes,
it’s got deodorizers in it that clean vomit, that clean up pet urine, child urine. It’s
really important that we know what causes those smells though. The person comes in and
says “my cars smells,” you have to ask a lot of questions, to try to narrow out what it
is, where it’s coming from, and how it’s happening, so we can attack the problem. If you’ve got
a smoker in the car previously, and you want the smoke done, there’s really two options,
the first line of defense is an odor bomb. We buy these from Budco, we actually turn
the car on, you run the air, you get air circulating, you set this on a piece of paper, or a towel,
you turn it on for four, or five, six seconds, close the doors, let it fumigate the car,
and then hurry and open it, and turn it off, and then you just let the car sit. That goes
in and it neutralizes the odors. The other way to do it, if that doesn’t work, is you
can go to an ozone machine. We have ozone machines here, we’ll place them inside, it
creates ozone, that ozone permeates the car, the filtering system, the air flow and it
goes in and it will actually kill the odor causing bacterias and the things that causes
odor in the car. You bought a car, it’s smells bad, the chances are you’re going to have
to take it to a professional detailing shop, if you’re a professional detailing shop you’ll
know how to remove the smoke with the things we just talked about. Odor removal is very
important to your customers, or to you and that’s probably why you’re watching this segment.

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14 thoughts on “Car Detailing : Car Detailing: Remove Odor

  1. I own a detail business and have been getting many cars in with strong cigarette smells that our shampoos can't really handle unless we had to take apart every piece inside the vehicle and scrub it inside and out. I came across this product called the Auto Shocker from Biocide Systems that you leave in the care for up to 24 hours, and let me tell you it's the only thing that truly works. I now use them for my business and it's available on their website for retail. Highly recommended!!

  2. Odor bomb?Where would I get this. By the way ,very informative topic presented and your very handsome, with great skin.

  3. hiwhere can I buy that can of odor bomb, I have looked but cant seem to locate it, what is the brand name?

  4. I am borrowing my parents minivan for a couple weeks while I look for a new vehicle (my old reliable died..sad), while I appreciate the gesture, the interior of their van smells heavily of human piss- my dad is disabled and well, has leakage issues. Needless to say I only spend about 5 minutes each way to to work in this vehicle…..any tips on removing the odor from this rolling health hazard???

  5. I just bought an 8 year old "smokers vehicle" complete with the burn hole in the driver's seat! I bought some Super Clean and cleaned every square inch of this vehicle. I sprayed some on a tea towel and wiped down the headliner two times, the sun visors two times, all four door panels twice, all three seats twice, the rear carpeted area (it is a SUV) twice, the rear inside panels twice, I even cleaned the spare tire and the well that it sits in. Then I took the floor mats to the car wash and pressure washed all of them. I changed the cabin air filter (ugg it stunk majorly) and sprayed it with Febreze lavender scented. Then I sat in the drivers seat and with the A/C on full blast with the outside air off I sprayed about 30 squirts of Febreze under the glove box door (the air inlet is located there) and then while the car was still running I sprayed about 30 or 40 squirts of Febreze onto the floor, the door panels, the headliner, the seats, the dash, the carpeted rear and under the seats. Then I shut the car off and allowed the Febreze to do its work. Several days later when I opened the door it had a slight smell of lavender. I could not smell any cigarette smoke. That was last week and it still smells good.

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