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Car Dealership – Tyres On Fire (Demo)

Car Dealership – Tyres On Fire (Demo)

Hello guys! Welcome to this video So recently I’ve been making this car dealership over here for my project Tyres On Fire So we hit play… As you can see we’ve these… bunch of cars that I’ve added recently here we’ve a Dodge we’ve a BMW, we’ve a Nissan GT-R Skyline RX-7, Honda, Porsche, Mustang, etc… Uhm.. Basically, I’m gonna show you some features that I’ve added to this dealership So, if we hit Enter nothing happens becuase I didn’t made the money management system yet so, we hit quit nothing happens also the only thing that I’ve made now is the view car (aka. showcase mode) when we press C as you can see on the screen right now as you can see, this is the car showcase I think it’s awesome! I mean… look at that We can actually… oh my god a lot of lag… anyway If we press X we explode the car (parts) actually you can see.. wow! this’s a McLaren P1 by the way I can zoom in and out as you can see you can implode it it’s cool. Okay, let’s start the engine this car sounds AWESOME, like a formula 1. Just hear that.. Damn! Magnifique! (French word means awesome) Anyway, let’s try some other cars let’s check the Lykan Hypersport, it’s so expensive let’s .. oh haha! it’s so sexy, anyway, it looks cool, let’s hear it tha’s a monster Man damn! Oh my .. It’s awesome, oh my god it’s awesome so let’s try the Ferrari, then the Koenigsegg Now for the Kargo The doors man! Damn! let’s check the Lamborghini now I mean .. wow Anyway, so, I’m gonna add more cars to this list and also, we’re not gonna use the licensed cars which means we’re gonna change the names, the logos and… That’s it I guess. Uhm.. until we get the.. license from the actual brands so, we may buy them later if the project is gonna make a success it depends on the success of the game but for now, we gonna use the unlicensed cars, so, that’s it so yeah, that’s pretty much it, thanks for watching see you in another video!

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5 thoughts on “Car Dealership – Tyres On Fire (Demo)

  1. i follow you since i started to use unity , continue like that you're game seem awsome espcialy the car sound.

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