Car Dealership Prank

Car Dealership Prank

omar rumbles lopez okays a
twenty-year-old who was out fired from a car dealership in austin texas and the reason why he’s in the news
today is because he pulled a prank at ought at the car dealership that used
to work at all the car is that’s uh… were sold at that dealership were remotely deactivated so people
weren’t able to get into their cars an advocate he also activated their
horns so people who bought cars from that
dealership couldn’t get into their cars and therefore it was going to be a lot so uh… thousands of people had to get telefax
to tell their cars away it was just a huge disaster and now he’s facing uh…
criminal charges and a felony breach of computer security because he did all
this to a computer c i think he’s a tech now that’s a pretty big move answered added got at first before agnew
the severity of it because i thought these were just cars parked at the
dealership that we’re getting ready to be sol right i do realize that these are
cars that were already sold and these are people that are at work or people
who are trying to get to work uh… that we’re you know victimized by
this so first i thought that’s kind of funny
but then when i realized the severity of it and i realized that these cars
already sold in these poor people are trying to figure out what’s wrong with
their cars that’s not a yeah i mean think about it if you want to ask your
car and it was doing on you know i mean yeah i could see had first thought it
was exactly what you did which was that it was something that happened in the
live event at the right around the deactivate a hundred cards for something
which would be kind of funny i guess depending on line fire but yet that’s now that’s too much any
email last night r_t_c_ think that it would be a fun
prank you know twenty year old guys i just got
fired and let me do this is going to be funny but he didn’t realize the severity
of it either and he’s in a lot of trouble he’s going to of based on a lot
of criminal charges because of its so the heck with it much more clicks the young turks dot com

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