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Car Dealers – How to Increase Lead Conversion Without Spending an Extra Dime

Car Dealers – How to Increase Lead Conversion Without Spending an Extra Dime

welcome and thanks for joining us likes to increase the conversion and outstanding textured i’m
my name is ali-han ngo and how do you moderated stay and today’s having our is the
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today we’re very pleased to have case in as alice our presented today
takes his cell is the president and co-founder everyday the largest aggregator of on a shopper
behavior data in the industry with almost twenty five years experience pieces on the industry station is else
first managed dealerships for over eight years before being invited to join
autotrader dot com’s first sales team back in nineteen ninety eight and then he started one of the most
unique and respected website companies in the industry as a member of j_d_ powers internet
roundtable eighty eight twenty grit considered
speaker and a digital dealer conference speaker s_l_ is well-known as an expert
in automotive internet for his statistical approach analyzing
user data to better understand how to sell cars under internet very pleased to have him now during the
presentation together any questions ccc question peter located on the corner of
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face that it’s a matter of fact never first face the question up there right
now and is how do you increased lee conversant so
if you have a seat for something that you tried to you know
works an would like to start with dress the
audience will be a little of your feedback right now it’s a stock on site
still around and get involved i hope you will get involved and heads screeched shattering so sam i hope you you get involved so without further ado let’s get started
let’s larry how did increase leave conversion with
outstanding in extra dime how are ya birdwell thank you minus houses agreed to decide on a
distance is so much for being here today topic that definitely three dealership need needs to know so uh… and very excited absolutely have no clue how to
increasing conversion at standing next to that recipient the answer from ethical issues throw
more money at some very very excited to hear what you have to say so when we did
a nice day well this it’s always been that uh…
brouhaha popular sandoval a lot of genesis story radio was to develop a company that aggregated
data from thousands of sources across the automotive web uh… thousand website all shoppers
visit irda shopping process and really look at how shoppers shop how long they shop helping kids
with web sites the keywords are used to be rather
shocking session to really understand where dealers have
the best opportunity ticket themselves a prop uh… shoppers allied war reportedly at least letters
and binders so in a delight in all the state of
police sources out thousands of websites mainly
dealership sites portal site so we have sites uh… research sites we can now see the entire capital
automotive shopper had for a new incited or shopping habits
behaviors that we can work from so when we can actually be money and increasing actually commission which
is the ultimate goal uh… we want to look at what we want a
bill health how r shoppers are finding new direct here at the heart of the most
efficient way to know if there if you ask him pay-per-click what happened we also want to know how r chopper shop
what they shop or how they interact with your future
website and that leads into the discussion about
the fact that website medication design we also want to know what advertising at
the largest impact website traffic now the words putting your cars on the cars dot com
yaar traitors these days where do you have the best likelihood
uh… attracting traffic it we your commercial website by extending your footprint across a
couple of web of treatment topics crystal across
question interrupted conception eleven that what you’re gonna talk about this isn’t just tie in the
sky fear anything everything that you’re gonna talk about today is based on tracks exactly right we we what appeared to be uh… nielsen rating if you will
combines intend that their party company airlines are shopper data uh… we could not sell web product so
we are not partial taking a certain type of uh… website worse for what tools to really understand the leptin how
these tools citing kato shoppers which ones are
beckett which ones uh… or not itself did really understand how to
address date of the most efficient way he’s just sex total to come up with who you know where
we are of what it does we worry theatre company they paid is a term it’s been
around for several years and other industries uh… but now to global automotive and what that is is the either to
explosion of structured unstructured data about all people on the internet and might be in on the internet uh… as haiti’s haven’t uh… ninety percent of auto shoppers are beautiful thing with that at the
olympics huge trail of data that we can that
albion eduard franz to really understand what their shopping
profiteers so big that it has been used up the
amazon d_-day all these uh… dot website your visit where who here even at the site it will
show you things that but most interest you think you’ve
looked at on other websites advertisement that is specific to pay
tribute to predicted elsewhere uh… so big bear has power many other
industries and we have now brought that automotive
so that we can learn more about our our shoppers never before i’d look at the state that we can now
measure uh… what metrics keywords accident web
traffic all these little things that we were were winches measure we don’t have to do uh… data on these subjects hurt dealership so that we could see
exactly uh… what expects that certainly uh… items have on your
underwear traffic u_-two mission or twisted version rates and then we could look at uh… how to allocate your estimate of
the most state in the most directors that way so first a look at how shoppers actually
find you on the web that they left behind at ceo at here what’s most important here is when we
with at how direct entry point entry pathways of your website the number one halfway into your dealership website is
what we call insight ripper what that means is they have link into
your web site through page overpaid your home page leader did a specific vehicle search
check out the people details page it went over from a website to promote your service page uh… but they were able to get hurt
your website by means of growth sub other pasted your home page if your website they continued to
shocking session and were able to actually have a higher
peacekeeper bill you’re right deeply into the website through a back
page this more specific to searches they purport so there’s no better way they had to
look at your site properly is many places as possible heavier inventory uh… indexed individually so that
people can’t find individual vehicles within your inventory through search
agent search uh… because once the into your web
site uh… through a back page they’re much
more likely to continue their shopping session the second hijacker point are people who
bookmark our website directly to your home page for mature or
decide that would be so i expected visit my
website week somewhere on their website relation to
your dealership matriarch leadership advertisement uh… they could be banners that could
be links of uh… local local city search websites burkhard portal site if i could allows you to put the visit
my website link or bear lake directly to your home page teacher second-class source track third is google organic which represents
twenty six percent of your traffic so you can see with the top three sources are by far the bulk of the traffic at
the expo the bulk of the traffic tickets your to
your website uh… this quality traffic because they
bookmarked your site they have sought you out specifically
five days or your site showed up in making the
search engine search it was uh… the specific to the terms
that they were looking for only when we get down to check it out to
young group being google adwords images flaps into the single percentages even of traffic generation i hope we can see google adwords only
represents two point six six total crappy so orchid which is really the most
important aspect uh… google optimization we needed to
focus on and that’s what it looked like water
could do for you is understand this data that look at the
organic affected your website outside optimizes organically i have a nice trip to organic is good
news for you to the dealer so fighting depressed ways to optimize
your side organically which is what your website writer should be doing for you it would be
wrong really excels at uh… is pete at your site pop up in the
book organically despite shirt nature of the car to the website numbers should get in sas artists
transcript never would have suspected adwords this only two three six six
percent where they can access this as well as a
half percent and we have never expected that likewise i would have never suspected
that pages like uh… autotrader and cars dot com were ranked sells a hat i’m just sad shocks i thought and steers anticipated s has obviously but justice
i would’ve completely rewrite games this chart if you asked me to do appear to be true op i would have to
have a full course for years and have it worked in the website world also you know haven’t started a_t_m_ half of
what i thought was true sometimes here at the other half is completely the
opposite element so we didn’t very surprised to see it looking at actual auto shopper click data as opposed to ever to be there for
people who published data week let this data organically wife will
be out of shopper right from the browser every millisecond they perform a quick
action it’s how we collected status so there is
no better source of really understanding it peaks akshar per uh… uh… behavior i’ve been tracking their
actual but behavior that’s with the details itself it’s very hot girl thing for us and
that’s why i like these weapon are such an educational experience uh… to really explain the dealers what the truth behind uh… webster
shopper behavior really is lau okay so it would just so we’re clear the bookmark our direct link that
something like cardstock almond autotrader dot com’s
does constitutes cracks here are several characters that will
strike that that that section out directly could be any type of site that has pure were correct you are only going to kill me inside or they allow people to loot effect
recycling directly to your website so our creator cars are common these
days that make up a small percentage affect uh… but they are part of that anywhere
that has the ability to link directly to your website ultimate category and then sounds like a star eris more along the lines of uh… car andy field details center optimize and out there in the
world wide web that’s right it support bipin uh… volkswagen service department at nashville content
link into your service page i think we’re type in a specific vehicle
search that leads into a vehicle details page
poster in sight refers that you nurture website through backpage to repair a more specific search uh… the bypass the home page with a
great to a back page that was for particular search criteria tax and intellect is they do a search and they’ve lined up
on home page exactly right it will look more closely
at that exception uh… because it’s very interesting to
see what those search terms actually or really fast i love this asap obviously needed to
okay so pathetic uh… this is uh… that you’d like that appreciated as those lucky it worked
detail on uh… i was very specific data and some other dissidents periodically to look at the thirties over sixty
percent whatever present fears traffic directly from google to your website the previous
lucky with that organic optimization here rootkit all
traffic to your website for approval abuse are correct leaks in other words
what your website provider can show you what google analytics will show you is peace important this consumer was all end directly before clicking over to your
website and it’s going to appear in all those
metrics that sixty to sixty five percent of all
the traffic to a dealership website threats against which it dies however what we want to look at it what decisions ought to look at is a
skittles in order to uh… for search keywords included you should take sixty
seven percent so what we look at outlines our work
cider or five keywords or pay-per-click uh… does google adwords that represents very small amount of
traffic the exp vast majority of shoppers who gift to your website for
approval have typed in your dealership name or some variation thereof connecticut is free speech that’s
perfectly organic search for twitter website should do for you it backs up before finally so we know it
prior to come into google we have learned about your website
somewhere else had chosen to go as a taxi to give him website your site the uh… keyword search future personable we took a specific dealership to where
you see dealer it quotes would be the name of the dealership up
itemized that for reference purposes but when we see no keywords used his
critics in the air traffic these are people who did not use the
keyword but instead type in your debbie debbie dot t_ dot to urinate dot com
address but also represents sixty percent of all lead generation are people who type in your web address abip bookmark or some other way uh… new exactly the
website address i think the address bar that look it’ll be a search search into
traffic you have a volkswagen will call it the
local trachtenberg lack of better term people infected do you know volkswagen
represents twelve percent the traffic aboard portly we will look at least
corporation upholstery works they volkswagen either both agreed
eighty percent of our totally util volkswagen at work stole out of the
coaches deductions as the into abbreviation represented by a person a traffic level
six percent leads that they wouldn’t get into the to care
terms ware says volkswagen nashville volkswagen in general p w dash bill tickets for those generate a very small
amount of traffic one point eight percent one point six but they produce duralee so when we look at when you’re looking
at their ceo and you are looking to use uh… spend a large amount of money on
paper clicker corps searches after their search engine marketing it’s important to understand that those generic terms are very high
funnel they typically produce a small that
traffic aim very small amount of lead’s almost
uh… night registers uh… so if you are better looking at
optimize your soccer theoretically promoting your dealership they’ve ever
where the two kids with people who are about to edit use that as the teacher but they
provide you with so we can look further down what we see
either date itself uh… p were of the large group uh… for example reporter capper if
they don’t choose to add to the factory but if you put your name it’s a small that rapid but they have a high conversion rate of
three point eight percent insult this is very important to look at
the sea not only which few terms regarding
traffic but what about highest we generated
heater that’s not marketer for many have always known that branding in branding is very very important yes this it’s two oh another level i’m really surprised at
something like volkswagen you know nashville gives you absolutely no lead conversion and you know if there is not traffic patrick for but if you surprise me off so that they
would you actually do a search for volkswagen nashville or volkswagen week
in your city it’s versatile or commit obscenities we’re gonna see his your site he’s going to be competing
with manufacture cite the other careers the
cars these days there solely other websites that have huge at budgets rely on search engine marketing to pay
per click to drive traffic that they are part of steamed into the
eric volkswagens trivia game keywords to drive people to the rome
side um… it makes it so much lately with
that it’s very hard to compete on it pay-per-click cost basis with
those type of websites that the clinton to be a lot higher
funnel a traffic it will be the trickling down that uh… to your
website but typically don’t go there for a party
website on a chair search blip on the cart they want we’ll see
what dealership that harborside that to didn’t go to google pocket leadership
needed ended up coming to the future website
together searching weeds so it’s interesting to look at westwood
one percent all searches continue to work together to shift your pick so where supplement oxide uh… workshop with
which uh… war volkswagen dealers in nashville but in essence looted and in fact the work the work you should check
dealers it unless it what percent of all
automotive searches and i think the recently there’s people
who live in those cities um… are pretty aware through
traditional marketing which volkswagen dealers or in nashville in our case there are
two and robotics a carpet so because of t_v_ advertising newspaper
all the traditional advertising that’s still has affected very effectively
brady people know its hallmark lived up to you they typically a list of newcomers to
the city uh… we’re going to the city don’t luke look for dealer dealership or
dealers either keyword search in contrast to that seven percent of all keyword searches
continue work rights seven percent in like a very small
number however economy shopper etc the work
price turkey work search though shoppers are six times more
likely personally they canceled out half the time so whereas your weight off my chair self
under new volkswagens nashville that’s a highly competitive keyword it’s
very very expensive but once each consumer types in new
volkswagen price nashville that only represents a small amount of
keyword searches but they are syria shoppers smith lied about six times the average
rate at about half enough time so busy weight way to optimize your site organically by using the keyword saturation on your
website did you do the work twice union depict secure website it many
times as possible to attract consumers or shopping betty freeway to get your site dot not necessarily on the on the top twenty most used few words artery-clogging word have a high lead
generation it might have a little traffic to the
ranch she said to send suspect yes cuz i don’t i don’t believe he said it really are data was collected over how many
dealerships others will break that open dealerships
around at work in that almost half of all of the party worsen the range from small medium large all
plans uh… all across the country uh… that so quickly huge prospects in the largest
cross-section of obligated that there really is about collecting data from over a
thousand that request absolutely ok okay so we’re not talking
about some small peace that i’d like you know if three hundred
dealerships reduction a lot of dealerships just wanna make sure take
that yep it’s a very good point because one
of the day you’ll see would reparative of days small uh… straw section of data perhaps uh… speaking a lot cancel out businesses represented a peaceful cross-section of
the worst perhaps a word dealers in certain market
area gifted representative uh… thousand dealers takes into account all
sizes all manufacturers at all locations cost
state one other thing to point out that the
four detectives uh… trent lott of shopper behavior uh… last march last april two thousand
eleven if you ask me how important have a
global site is i would tell you that this is an natives in isn’t important aspect of your way of being but there’s no better source of leads
that your actual uh… mainstream website uh… whichever ties locally and and and
all your credit back in march and april totally submission from mobile device is
requested three percent however since april of last year until
courage there has been an explosion uh… mobile device used to take more so
mobile device which mission so that no today over ten percent appall
automotive leads are generated from some sort of a local
bars ten percent is a very large number in
that war it’s very close attention to have a strong mobile present hugs and kisses staff in six months at about six or eight months it had a
twisted explode to inquiry uh… in shopper behavior as well as we finish uh… what i have to do with life at the
aid relief that the titles uh… if you can uh… uh… auto populate form submission so if you want to the
form from your mobile device gpm auto fill those areas uh… so a lot of advancement in the
global platform mobile browsing technology has made it easier to sedately told
mobile devices and yes the explosion was uh… was well beyond what i’ve ever
anticipated in a very odd time by pat i felt they’d
been around for a long time illicit people lectured me steepest
almost direct inclined week okay now have always known and i think we are now
that uh… enough mobile is definitely
definitely hot and we all have to be and use novel trackbacks again i want everyone is out there right now
it’s now we’d realize that mobile supreme court
and we are they have an upcoming webinar spine that
july twelfth may want to put that down in your calendar july twelfth have eleven are just and noble
strategies seventy something like the instincts not posted yet cindy insight that’s gonna let us know how it can be
reached selected uh… s mobile phenomenon that sis incredible ten percent that’s a lot and gillette any reason to believe jason at that won’t go up even higher here there’s every reason to believe that
will continue to increase if you look at uh… outside of automotive laptop sales for
the first time in uh… a decade or more have actually decreased uh… whereas tablet uh… sales
continue to increase uh… so when we look at what types of uh… web devices before purchasing the pipette and and uh… tablet uh… devices are slowly replacing laptops uh… such that laptop sales of actual
decline for the first time in over ten years black so hot acceded to the continued uh… increase uh… in in popularity it there much easier to access to the
laptop is no uh… were being carried out your laptop
moved up other topics people that’s bolti uh… and people or looked watching cd at home in the evening what’ll happen
here catholic campaign c or advertisement on t_v_ you’re going to work so i brutal fight or tablet lives whereas for natural at top would grip the
build-up i was also a bit more cumbersome so there’s a direct flight with uh…
tablet pc chicken uh… t_v_ viewership and in so that uh… great we couldn’t
find it very quickly with reduced nutritional advertised gas
tax so one of our paper so if you want the
topic is is extremely reviewing is website designed it to you hire me
conversion um… at this point we want it out
couple the audience uh… if we get the kids c what do you think today the average lead conversion rate from
the initial website is bass at christmas but uh… it would look at it l_p_d_
repeated a ratios but commonly perkins and pol pot the industry of all the passengers the contribution
website how many people actually schmidt a week turned out to isabel purer more
pro-choice question dot that’s great okay so everyone out there and when our
land if you could scenes look at your screen and you’ll see the question
’cause there pledging do you think yeah virtually conversion
l_t_v_ is on its u_s_ ship lexicon average dealership website please select
one of the following inserts higher than five percent four percent to five percent three percent to four percent where you
think it’s less than two percent take just one of those answers and let
us know your participation is always greatly appreciate and we’re getting a lot of hudson right
now thank you so much for voting alright dash almost everyone’s right now who
ever had i think it’s not really don’t know the
answer to this it’s i mean him first tracking back like let’s say
at a hundred people have asked people actually sentenced hank that’s correct that okay so or we have of great majority of
the people on the webinar have voted thank you so much for your answers
closest hole right now and share the results this is what the
audience size super sanity think that it’s higher than
five percent amir twelve percent of you out there say
it’s four to five percent and evenly split on thirty six percent
of people thinking it’s three percent to four percent thirty six percent people
say that’s less than two percent disparity any cancer risk it’s very very interesting but what i
will probably find even more just sequestered sensational and its allies
what is the answer to the question them actually very very uh… leslie that
most people uh… were we in the right direction the average because a ratio of all these
issues with my lecture at one point six eight percent uh… that’s well down from almost four
percent five years ago now it’s interesting to note here that within the three thousand websites we take into account a lot of very small dealerships who are
very large dealerships uh… insult this one point six eighty
three percent of of a huge cross-section healers the answers we received a loophole could
be very pertinent to be rome websites based on their sides in the market area but when we look at the national average
one point six eighty addiction to account all dealerships all
sizes all demographics we have some websites impair rule here
is that why don’t we have thousand visitors a month whereas the
average mr schiff is about four thousand mark they end up wanting to keep in mind is
we calculate because your ratio a pyrrhic specific way and that is email submissions from the website their people specific you need to be email we’d have to be submitted on a
specific car or in some way refer to specific uh… vehicle
questioning industrials up in a sales opportunities disservice heartstrings that’s right this one particular minute how is your lead conversion the exactly
does it include tourism parsley to opportunities does it include all-points missions from
your website that number of will obviously be a lot
higher what we look at its actual vehicles sales opportunities driven from the website delete a mission
at one point six eight percent that’s never we want focus on raising and be as those are our our new people
opportunity working with these people sales opportunities on-site assistance see how the disclaimer but one six percent since freely lug now what’s interesting is of national averages are very hard to use four-page for girls uh… some dealers obviously do a lot
better we have dealers in the same average that might have a
point four-percent lead conversion we also have some dealerships are
actually in double digits that lead to merge so the national average is so hard to
give the measurement or a benchmark because the despairing the the
differences in the proper perspective arlen specter so i want to show a little bit more
detail on how that number comes about and how to increase that number uh… by looking at what numbers
representative that ratio so when you look at sixty three percent that is the average balance right from
the dealership homepage he called leadership website our network up all the visitors that come to the
future website on average over sixty percent will leave
the website before they ever get past the home page an esprit difficult most websites and
the web in in general with other automotive or
not belts rates tend to be somewhere around
fifty or sixty percent uh… so home page navigation and
structures extremely important that decreases number of look at that were
posted second also the difference being as we saw earlier inside work for behind source of traffic el three from a search results page or
people details page is cash back at the home so what we do consumers in front of the
eccles quickly easily it’s outrageous it’s far less than if
they come to our home page so oftentimes if the home page is not conducive automotive shopping medium if it’s up to do super quickly by
needy people in stock will lose half of our opportunities
perhaps traffic because they’re looking for b-school we’re going to make a student vehicle
search quickly and easily at belt rate cuts down almost packed wow so overlooked a controlled experiment
with equipment voters beary audio putting i had to look at a future website from
apollo shoppers perspective so often and dealers we look at the
website on based on how we want to look uh… as web developers we we face it already uh… we want to build a site that the
cuban principal of the few players are happy with it and i think sometimes we lose sight of
the fact that the site is built for one person and that is the average joe shopping for
a vehicle so we look at this picture website we
did at palaces general manager it’s based on the right hand side i was
very bland i did not do anything that’s definitely
vote for the website gay and wanted to review this section of
the website today for the use of that realestate when we actually had a quick nappy
realized this section the right-hand dropdown people search spin around for years is still the most inspected former uh… education to get shoppers in front
of people in the tory so not only did not want to get rid of
it it was the most engaged part of the home page uh… whereas at the top navigation
within two years part is by far the most popular up button click specials is the second most popular page of a dealership website so specials today quarried way to
increase leads the nation incinerate of sales opportunities the unfortunate side of that is almost seventy percent a future website had no specials posted at any given time would you research those websites seventy six seventy percent when you look at what we
can go straight to build websites for special public special stage uh… right around a little under
seventy personal side came back with no data found and there were no specials on the
specials page let yourself get high expectations that
you should website is specials page inside scottie pippen it in human nature we want to know what’s on sale we want a
witness to you on i’m absolutely anything to work special is eight writing uh… the driving term
that is that it didn’t implies it there’s something special there is a
value yours at discount other that could be you’re waiting for us pianist button uh… it would make it clear are nothing without registering lehigh password really try stuff until i’ve looked at
uh… the stuff that’s on sailor on special of course is that good quickly with three other popular product uh… home goods shut up apparel only it’s the same scenario we always look for what’s on sale to see
it what we’d like for what we want happens to be on sale
that week uh… that’s the second part of page so when we look at this website
evaluated a recommendation that computer was some minor changes would help increase
the effectiveness of this home page of matically because she’s not a huge change we put
the most valuable real estate and that’s the crop down vehicle search
would be to the left hand side all computer engagement for consumers is based on westgate navigation so when we look at windows when we look
at it email when we look at what other websites um… computer activities corrected justified so our main navigational but shortfall that same rule with the
elections dot page from tuesday when this one wound we
actually increased home page and gauge but by seventy
percent which might increase the home page
bailout rate by seventeen percent by making this one change of not only leaving this portion but leave it to the left hand side had a
dramatic increase uh… actually a dramatic decrease in
the home page bailout which increase the easy days for the
website seventeen percent um… decide projects did you see this on our
last night what was the what was the conversion rate and slide
slack you know the app yes de tocqueville brokerage or the flip
side with the natural world wide around at just under two percent cast so we were able to take that just about two
percent u_n_ it’s hard to manager website by
likud leader disarray show by itself in such a small number it’s hard to choose focus on movie league pitcher we have to break that
elements where all the fail points within their four wheeler and the first metric is looking at how many people are
actually getting past our home page and let’s focus on that portion right what they get past the home page
how many people actually engaging in a vehicle search that second picture so et cetera focusing on leap
interracial at what number appeared some small let’s look at the other aspects of the
shopping section on the left side and tried to be an attack goes first the ultimate goal weight you increased
at least interracial number if you focus on the other acts uh… insulin looking after a
ineffective let you know this uh… website that we did help increase uh… consider theory uh… by personal
attention about obviously several things with the home
page specialty c_r_ hoti football and again for our shopper seventy four percent all shoppers coming to a commercial but
psychotherapy one st and that is find a specific harbor that they have a church there so we have to we have to built the home page uh… to be conducive four that’s that’s
what we’ve shoppers and that if they can beary people search students place this week if its
inventory as many ways we can advertise pupils continue build a site that has a much higher
conversion so we’ll go from watching the other this is what i consider an i_p_o_ fights
about the debt in quotes because this is a theme song store uh… navy dot mil
nissan uh… this if you’re still all the rules
that week c on so i should have a high week there’s
a ratio and high consumer gauge air strike in our network produces p
double-digit lead to consider ratio and that is correct at the same way we
calculate all other websites because the website provider regardless
of the size of your ship week accurately because for the same way
across the board so that we have standardize measuring sticks uh… which we can evaluate all websites so is no near it is no uh… toward it at the numbers to say insiders when is he hires for porn website arrived at
work uh… at overt double-digit percentages
of interracial but when you start looking at the
website you realize students tyre sizes around vehicle search elites a nation so we have every vehicle that meets on
bills right here in the home page if this were a lot of website all i have
to do rollover altogether at that point there is a pop up with the
comes up that allows me to search do search used portion inquire so why from the home page within one
click accumulative new alzheimer’s in stock walked free on off switch in stock or are considered at least on all smoke within one quick walk a whole day notice here just like the other website although
they were completely separate political providers they’ve had no coalition to each other
but we still have our standard drop-down menu search on the top left uh… area canopy and probably the highest
engagement uh… six of the website is those dropped and names on the previous sight we saw the lord
bear the surprise fires it was not clickable there was no call
to action if not we need to be part of the website despair rotate out uh… to uh… advertise different models within the fault line
up it keeps creator is clickable so as this bear cubs dot that’s that
showed the two thousand twelve years old motto if i put on a spare out immediately
looking at two thousand twelve it’s operon those
in-stock available for sale by color transmission engine type train whatever here’s our standard abrogation urge people search navigation yours better navigation i hear are specific vehicle search
criteria irctc real specials we have one two
three four five ways uh… and actually so far more research
is correctly forms of medication the home page to find a specific vehicle within a very
small that it clicks next helps us to engage the consumer quickly easily painlessly as a dramatic effect only because the
ratio we can see quick navigation uh… puke recruit people click ok this is also periods just weaker than admit we know these are
the major functions obama shoppers to come to this website other pictures vehicle search you wanna research youthful once you
have been pre-approved they wanna quick or on a certain vehicle so we know to physically picked these
are the most likely reasons shopper will cover this website here for the quick navigation upbeat deep with these quick links into
the website or built very specifically around
consumer behavior she says so excited is probably in my opinion uh… beaten eaten the ideal structure boarding the ship website from the perspective of apollo shopper
which is who should be catered to date sense that website is is laughing that looks
pretty but other websites and look that bad either i didn’t even wasn’t terribly
idly website allen so i’m surprised at the difference now t_v_ is is fine hands are more as much just by making some very simple easy to make changes ivory arrangements
and staff and and centralizing the focus in the home page five on functionality and searched get them
to inventory stick to trying to get vector all you can go to newsfeed fee uh… kisses are or goalie precaution again at this website aesthetically not bad very pleasing um… however this is a case huge piece which it real estate here the
prize fighters that is what he wants to be known for budget does a prompt any sort of click
ability or car correct contact or leads the nation much less is involved in the tory so where is this website have basically
to entry points did into research the second web site at the whole six almost the exact revelation uh… or or correlation in that we could
be a ratio it since i got about five times uh… kimberly converges goes ahead without hot different five
more ways to search in the pool so very specific correlation in vehicle search ability and weekend homepage celebrate the low it leads me to be hot everyone right now i think that’s like
saying well cats yeltsin had coalition but that’s a pretty quickly
analyze your website is i have to look at it from a our shoppers
perspective how fast can you find he’s used two thousand seven its all time give yourself specific people pat kids who don’t need to your website is
to find those specific vehicles so what we’re looking for natural houses
for advertisement houses uh… here we see analytics tool that we
provide it’s a blue line shows average visitors
on a daily basis to your website what he wants to be from other uh…
analytics devices became really have to have is so important compares some pointed
benchmarking your success so here we see the red line gives us the
average visitors in your marketing area based on the other dealerships that we
track in that area it’s completely anonymous it does matter
luvyu ships or but you want to know that my
outperforming or underperforming the other dealerships in the area in this case the fear consistently
outperforms it total builders gets to be a day yellow line is the average pictures of
the nation which is all it would be the smallest number that it takes a look at the most
dealerships but what we can look at this in the term
it is uh… wind retroperitoneal or certainly
traffic goes down on the left side is that indicative of something that
happened in my market in this case it is so it doesn’t mean that there was a
failure or that a problem with the website or something you can’t crawl this was in in your market averaged at your signature website overall went down in supper committee phenomenon here if you haven’t regaining in
increasing the answers to your website there’s also a slight increase in
visitors hope all of your market area what we want to look at is differences cheered you had a large spiking visitors words in your market there is actually a
slight counter in visitors so whatever marketing or whatever
advertising wrecking ok it whatever you get here it here are dramatic effect driving traffic to
your website it was not indicative of what was going
on in your market place so these were very effective forms of
advertising whatever hurt here uh… we’re very effective in trying to
track your website that other dealers in your area could
not realize we look at least mission the same way uh… we’re deplete gift what prompted people to smith morley towards a certain
vehicles on special was a certain sales repaired here we can see the same thing uh…
would look at all but one please huge spike at least issue here whereas flat here market uh… there was a decrease here that was
also realizing your market do you want to determine what am i doing
right what am i doing wrong and how did that compare to what’s going
on about market so i know how to compare it to you continue to do more of the right thing and less of the wrong thing when it
comes to greatly track so on the last section we look at
shopper behavior have the right people drive has the right time obviously if
the key to success when it comes to sales lead generation we can look at above the lifeline is really all looking to be able to see do you have to really home for a point
fifty now technologies available we can see this week a_b_c_ differ from each other probably all the same in this case all leads are not created
equal so lead eddie although looking at that
point fifty we know that they’ve looked at me very
intrigued with this issue please crossovers uh… used search for what’s best
gateway vehicles it not for the future of website so that
we have paid more big deeper profile only to get snow through your website
understand more about that lee how likely they are
to buy in a short amount of time or are they still opera oval and very indecisive or what they’re
looking for so the shoppers but the market for two
weeks where sleeps although they would look the same as
lead a are very specific order quantities they set out looking for best use pickup
trucks uh… basement if other people that want
to get into the market for twelve weeks solely c is a during specific at four p p fire risley daily although that look like a
netbook if he fire uh… are pretty excited dot doubt this
person would close quickly acouple of the pontiff one fifty so that we can understand more about the
history of this each individual shopper we know what we thought we’d what likely that we are the have
opposing that person we don’t copy shop against nissan titan indicates affordably tempurpedic or we don’t therefore royal boreal into the market for a while this is our
highest prospect at the st louis so no-win how people shop how long were
you shocked what they’re shopping for what their
computer kids folks use the keyword no out every lead how your groups in the sales process uh… caskets are a couple so i feel
like it to vehicle analysis because we track over a hundred kid million automotive
shoppers in our network were able to see all that click basis
there so there could be a cure nutley tradition and not sold data but actual put behavior is the most pre fifteen when it comes to determining which cars
are going to be hot which cars are not in this case we look at at a lot of toyota camry over the course of last year it was
rather flat decrease file in july slightly in august from september to october there was a
dramatic increase it shopper team kid to be around a toyota camry ironically this was right about the
release uh… the new model style which was
uh… very well height by toyota corporate a lot of advertising around that vehicle caring lovers were ready for the sake of
marie so would work it out the camera theory
design it had a dramatic effect on chopper
intensity onto onto a cable rates what this trial that is and what we’ve
seen consistently theorized in our shop or it could feel a
certain vehicle typically back ourselves a lot better in
the following forty five days when we should just providing our
shopper intensity so weekend now determined based on but
behavior if not what sold last month which cars have the highest likelihood
of selling in your market over the next forty five days as if he were if we do that we will have stock are a lot we would know what advertise
traditionally we would know what to put our special
state of the website to work with the right car out in the
market basil gisu work today and as bait checked all those people in your
website your dealership so every month on our website for no
charge people’s ras five people breaking you can download a report to see one of the hottest cars in the market and one of the course course in the
market and how can you stock you’re locked in
their use around a commission so last year for two thousand eleven we
solved it puberty three twenty eight was the winner at the most popular
vehicle among automotive searches for two
thousand eleven it be out four at point fifty these are
not good for the toyota camry whereas we typically see those three
cars one two three the adobe three twenty eight was the
most popular vehicle uh… among or shoppers lecture result addy eluate for production of the
five here’s what’s very interested in the city silverado six volkswagen at number six number seven
number eight whereas in previous years the volkswagen
was non-existent anywhere in the top twenty dropped in ur top fifty more
popular vehicles volkswagen incident excellent job
redefine their vehicles redesign their vehicles advertiser vehicles to younger market so that advertises and very effective to show up to two to prove that they
don’t have to seven and eight most popular vehicle in the market for two thousand under a lot for a quirky roundup so one one look at what cars are on the
increase was partially decrease historically auto shopper intensity increase byhalia one day at the largest increase our
shopper intensity forty percent gear thirty-seven immediately shoot till ten thirty four percent board up twenty three person at the end
of the twenty one percent so just by understanding the vehicle trends in the industry you could help better stock your life uh… with the right to your calls as
well as eroded vehicles that had a a ready downarrow when it comes on a shopper intensity physically at the core start two treaty
year popularity they’re not gonna make a huge comeback
all it’ll sutton those records you can get geology we thought they sooner uh… not take a loss on it tried to help her partner going
polled as opposed to wait until they actually freeze up up before you have to start where those
vehicles and appeared to have some some
contrasting the paine at that unbearable beeper useful this point utah couldn’t book we eight would be true uh… instant beckon
that’s completely opposite here stop shopper activity we were
curious uh… over the course of bills for the
last month of last year uh… with their own consistently uh… they were not a lot of shops off
shoppers in the market they were consistently from the law was
shot vehicles stop never had a better shopping day they default bankruptcy at the moment today the file bankruptcy style
self-destructive twelve-ninety you can see the increase in shopper in fifty was over a hundred and sixty percent in the next they would even higher on the third day were they actually doubts that they would suspend
morty coverage webster burkhardt shopping day in
history and the following day at work for second
hotshots that shop instantly history what we thought would be true would stop
i’ll take up to that those consoles coke bottles clients with actually ban the market it turned up at the peak of the opposite everybody what get their hands or the latch stops uh… before he became unavailable
regardless of what we want to cover clause consistent shopping trip they pretty
consistent over the next thirty or forty five days sobs were deborah potter that will affect the update for us that’s exactly ops and what we were the
file asks i wouldn’t work uh… but we have solid bankruptcy at the
uh… barking uh… strategy stick to push for a twelve year old
laptop that works at around advocate extremely hot uh… some of the interesting a
phenomenon uh… another interesting thing that
would be option of what we’ve got uh… hopes for the city pulled when the news
came out about their big problems with uh… the battery macha people to there
could be potentially fire hazards you would expect that we would see
people stop shopping for the city bolt in-store shopping for other types of
pipers win that was not the case sixty two percent the people who were
shopping for some people stopped shopping trip nicollet at this stage continued shopping chevrolet vehicles so should people shoppers part not
hybrid shoppers there should be will shoppers we want to look at people great domestic hybrid uh… in point up something that they with
previous think might look at elsewhere so he wanted to show people shopper’s
worst were hyper choppers they workers should be loyal image sixty
percent of shoppers continue shopping for other shitty vehicles you had a high
alcohol behind mock-up mpg regime it was okay but they could get the ball
thing which is also by action sold very interesting to see how hybrid
shoppers uh… because uh… in the class
categories up on wed so that we want to look at
that this is not very intriguing when we look at accident uh… what we talked about earlier currently can ensure direct impact but rather to your website the website people were on iclicker leads directly to your place
when you look at those steps frequent flyer from google to keep up to from google that’s close district director
rip-roaring website is being a five percent yahoo replaced with it too long
babylon rank accessorize but what’s interesting is uh… keeping much bigger story of where
your advertising works is when we look at indirect attribution so we know that people go to uh… all these other site security t_v_
ad the proximity of a nissan u_s_a_ anoxia bear for certain people think of
the cars dot com what they figure out for what they want in the future competitive if you go to google high-affinity today
income the future website soldier able to measure this direct link
here but you’re not able to see where they
were required to go to google now that we can see that numbers change dramatically sixty four percent still cold from
google but fifty two percent of all automotive
shoppers on face book at some point prior thirty four percent of due to
forty five percent of the day uh… sixty percent of our trainer twelve set so the numbers perjured math when we look at the
indirect website are shoppers go to prior to
ruble in prior to come into your web site this is where you’re at dollars
requested every number that you see and read it are places where you have the ability to
put your website for your actual physical inventory so huge opportunity here if you don’t measure correct record here
or illustrator only form of success and look at the indirect affective
reread argentines there here no better way to look at that
canola stubble dash for what we see here all the numbers we see at the top are traffic it is happening on your dealership
website only now we can see where that traffic
came from on incorrect basis so we know over the last thirty days if you have two thousand visitors to
your website that originated in our trainer janakpuri nine hundred originated black
book yet twenty three hundred originated
kelley blue book and upto shoppers he received
twenty-eight leads through your website twenty and thirty into a deep deep website these will be
at least became through your website it looks as though they came from google but in fact we know that they’re rich
state on the site where you were actually
spend that money perhaps your people’s posted and now we can do a much closer advertise instant analysis to see where
are your ad dollars quirky in-stock brought sixty cops here but it
towards google because the awareness of course corsica
she was created elsewhere access that sounds kind of important into pig thank you very much so sadistic staff
here that we look at is shoppers and this is an automotive portal is actually shows this woman tori are five times more likely to submit a
lead on your website so time after based on that website it
might be a week later or a month later but they’ve been to a poor old so i can
see your vehicle inventory those leads are part-time more like
workshop if i felt like i said wait on your website and so we do see a direct correlation in
website post driven to worry air traffic on your website and leading
smith on your website other people who have been to the site runner interesting information uh… a lot of information we simply
from their site to run over time but i want to be sure and try to explain uh… period dec simple uh… statistically uh… die about these ladies to increase traffic and we commission with house to get an extra power in back saving a few dollars increasingly
tuition would be the ultimate goal and now that’s possible to do what we do
pulled out his what they do we have i thought that list relieve really fantastic information
thank you so much jason even a few questions uh… waiting for you sent your read without further ado let’s get to at
least a few modern before we sign off you betty ford so the first question comes from steve and he wants now data show what’s actual shopping time for the average on a shocker from going in from first-time online to purchasing
a vehicle ets quashing allot uh… there used to be institute without that
says uh… star another dollar shopper will by age seventeen point three weeks uh… at fourteen point two we can start
shopping for other integra brent there was this incredibly detailed
timeline of how long a shopper actually shops what we’ve seen i guess that the
visualization ahead and and uh… worked with the data is here it is no average choppy session there is no more we see people come on the come in the
market shopper two weeks empire korbi week fifteen shoppers in our network who
continuously shop uh… for over sixteen marla here still shopping for a beautiful
people it made a purchase decision i guess what up learned is when you look
at the belt for uh… on shopper times it’s old small in the middle of the
details are so long on the air if there is no national average that you
could go far for example into helping each other shopping sessions are about twice
as long as they are in the northeast uh… the international myself you’ll
notice failure in the south we don’t do
anything past stiff we’re very slow to uh… to see it looks like the other uh… worse in the northeast in new york ecpi speed at which life trap institutes is extremely high out so it stands to reason that shoppers
in the northeast shopper about having a hard time as
shoppers in the south and so i guess my answer that question is there
is known the warmth people might have told their vehicle and they will shopper water two weeks
and by immediately people might astore shopping for a
sports car their wife comes in on uh… on the
fourteenth we can’t says she’s pregnant and also in the south later starts splits straight from a sports car to
live there pencils because white is unpredictable car shopping behaviors in just his own
party chances are crescent did have another
question and and certainly tasks justices dissented somani mass candice
had a question for you said you said insight refer our traffic can come from start so how are you differentiating back from organic search well p organic search or terms that would lead
someone to your home page in cyber for would also be organic but we separated out to show that they
but the point past the home page so i could future let’s be specific uh… organic search in that connects particular specifically looked at organic search search terms yet repealed your poetry into your home page worth insight refer are also organic
searches but they’d let people to some other page other than your home and just fine asthana patient hallett like sixty seven
vehicle details face thank that’s right you guys and combine combined with numbers together that would give you your total organic
search results but we want to break it out to see how
many people actually to the home page or just on the people uh… deeply into the website it what
what the difference in their behavior if it came to the home page verses of
the you clicked at the website xbox era and inconsistent if you have another farkas right on it if this one last question and as quickly as possible to say no we are running a little bit havoc chemistry and tracy share day a bread and wine are there so many different conflict in
stats eight visitor gracias seems like
everyone has a different staff asymmetric tightness extinct sentenced i never i i i said i i mean and state asked the audience uh… what’s your
closing ratio which you think it is and a lot of people i guess status use a different format because a lot of
people thought their closing ratio is here thirty percent and it’s it’s
obviously it’s not your indicating that that that was a lot
of people and uh… pretty was whitney israel’s get some sort of uh… commenting metric uh… it valuation to these fifty two pm
thrown around it dot students are alright with doing it but we do a certain way philip all websites are measured in at the same
answer to that is because a ratio is the people’s sales
acidic reach mission you will see some companies that include
all the two nations all-points nations from the website included in week visitor uh… uh… not to say that that’s not
accurate we want to take service and parts that make them in
separate category as opportunities and and not includes
those who believe it is a ratio is we calculated there somewhere providers money at those
are servicing parts opportunity however an employment application or a quick contact asking what your
service hours are aren’t necessarily sales opportunities but certain companies will include all
the all-points missions this year another is such that we also see is some
companies will include phone call into the early departure ratio we cackling because a ratio strictly
onto the on email form submissions some companies will add-in phone calls ready to take into the refrigeration
little we feel that phone calls from your
website are about eight to warren but never males if you’ll get it so phone calls are a lot higher contact what will you contact career website that email submissions but proper but we want to look at but we
don’t know when people call me at what they asked
for snow that they were sales opportunity so when we look at least a visitor ratio
as we calculated or all providers gmail or situations they were beautiful specific sales
opportunities uh… but you will see exchange period
to help people correctly because your ratios so we want to try to bring some
normality to that expenses so much acclaim express ad gave up that answers your question i thank you so much for a few carry i
have been president you really care differently by senator information that
you presented so i’m weathercast atop the hour any questions that were in cancer during
this time of the instead like email directly later today also undermine audience that links down
the copy it stays that our recording is gonna be email to you later today
correct thanks share with friends alleys to get me antes up marcellus because
some dealer on website at dealer on dot com slash webinars that you are upcoming
bed i schedule or access any of our past seven others go there too you may not notice the great locket deal
around arkansas database c check that dealer on dot blot and site till dot com
slash blog still gregory tells us on an are socially outlets got space that’s
why i don’t have a pleasant me up that so we sat so nicely levying premio
everywhere please connect us amputations the going out tomorrow for
our next webinar how to be discovered by a honor shoppers
at zero moment of cheers as again i am i got to get on in nine
other than he’ll remember jesus strategic partner manager on the another
channel sales team equitable and act that’s the question when was the last
time you got to hear directly from someone and that all on how you should
advertise understanding exactly so expect al and execu tell everyone you know that
that’s cuz u guys gonna tell us how to get it done and he would do it or how to do it if it were had itu something does anyone better
qualified to tell us how to advertise our dealership stupid baseband for are
about cell assuming that extend this
presentation by your friends at dealer on and don’t forget to iran’s nuclear
weapons are always held every thursday twelve pm eastern nineteen pacific and
it’s really great that our topics plant for this year but you have any questions
comments or suggestions regarding the seminars and our topics please feel free
contact me directly my name is ali-han and i love you infront tracking down line acting and
atlanta at yuron dot com and we have a little survey afterwards so if you would mind
answering the questions and serving once you leave that’d be great to intel so very much
for sending this time it is today assets you all on a future webinars and
continuing education series hayes says again on everyone

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