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Hey, what’s going on I’m Michel Cirillo and in this video, I’m gonna be answering your questions Alexa turn on “the lounge” All right so one of the things that I really love about producing The Dealer Playbook podcast is the fact that I get to connect with so many incredible people from all over the world working right here inside of the retail car business and One of the things that happens from that is that I get dozens of questions Sent to my email and sent to Facebook Messenger and to LinkedIn and Twitter and all these sorts of things And so what I thought I could do is answer some of those questions Right here on this video and as I look at them over the last, you know Four years of getting questions sent to me on a regular basis I noticed that a lot of them kind of have very similar themes And so instead of boring you by going through each and every one of the questions individually What I thought we could do here is just group those in two or group the questions into similar categories And then we would just answer them in a blanket kind of in three or four blanket questions So we’re gonna do that right now. Here’s the first question. All right Michael I’m in a small town with a limited budget. What can I do to grow my dealership business? All right Well, seriously, this is one of my favorite questions to answer It’s one that I probably get more than any of the other questions. You’re gonna hear today and for those of you that have asked me this question know that my response is pretty passionate in that I love this scenario whether it’s A small town remote market can out in the sticks and Timbuktu or whatever you want to call it limited budget or you just feel like you can’t compete on budget because you don’t have the revenue or the the budget set aside that some of the big dealer groups have that you’re competing against well Most of you that get an answer or a reply from me on this one Know that I love this for a couple of reasons first There’s nothing quite like being a big fish in a small pond And so if you are kind of in a remote market or in a smaller dealership or in a smaller community Don’t fret okay. The first thing that you need to really pay attention to is this is where we’re located. This is my market I know I’m gonna get some Works from my region some of those are gonna contain reporting from dealerships in bigger markets. Don’t worry about it They’re not you. They’re not in your market put out of your head. The fact that somebody else has expectations of your store Who probably has never even set foot in it? Who’s probably never even looked to your community up on Google Maps So you get rid of all of the grief that you feel from irrelevant data data is It data or data Alexa is it data or data? I Pronounced that data, but I’m always working on how I say things and I might not have it right I’m gonna say data Alexa says data, I’m gonna say data So put all of that data out of your head that irrelevant data. Okay, because it’s just gonna cause you more stress than you really need to and it’s gonna keep you from focusing on the Things that you can do in this market that you’re in one of the things I like to remind people and even myself my team Everybody is that the best online marketing The best marketing you could do starts offline so network network network you’ve heard the saying your network is your what net worth and so you want to really focus on building relationships inside of the community think about You know, when’s the last time you went and met other? Local business owners. Are you a member of the chamber in your area? The Chamber of Commerce? Are you going to those events? Are you part of a rotary? Are you part of some sort of community? Organization maybe the Boys and Girls Club, which is gonna allow you to kind of get to meet other Individuals and families and people in your community to build those relationships of trust No You know when it comes to this kind of problem and when it comes to the whole budget thing so many people think that their success is dependent on What they can do online What they can do in Google Ads or what they can do in Facebook Ads what they can do with their website maybe Loading up their website with different plugins and tools and you know, your competitors can afford these things But you can’t and that causes a problem. Well, remember the best marketing you can do Starts offline the best online marketing starts offline and so focus on your network Going to shake hands with other local business owners and getting to know them and showing interest in them Guess what? You don’t need a budget for a lot of those things You don’t need to be spending money on a lot of those things but guaranteed that handshake, right? The looking of somebody in the eye and getting to know them and building trust with them That is by far some of the best work you could ever do when it comes to marketing your dealership So that’s that’s probably what I’ve got to say on that one. All right next question I’ve got all these things I want to do all these great ideas that I really believe will help the business help the dealership But I’m just not sure how to get buy-in Okay. Well I get this question asked a lot from You know Frontline employees sales pros I get this question asked a lot by leadership layer within the dealership And so I’m hoping I can maybe address this from both vantage points So let’s start with frontline employee. Maybe you’re you’re not in a leadership position in the dealership, but you have some cool ideas Well, I talked about this in episode 171 of the podcast. So make sure you go check that out but I want to give you some ideas here the first thing you got to do when you really believe Deeply that you have an awesome idea that’s going to benefit you your store your co-workers You want to put it on your leaders radar? Don’t pass them in the Hall of you like oh, yeah, I got a great idea because they’re gonna be inclined to go. Ok Well, let’s hear it. Well now you’re unprepared You’re not gonna be able to pitch it the right way They’re gonna go. Oh cool. Well, let’s look at that a little bit later That’s their way of that was the worst frieszo or presentation ever. They’re gonna sweep it under the rug and Then you’re gonna go home feeling discouraged because guess what like, let’s be honest. They’re not gonna look at it They got a million and one things going at any given moment in time So you don’t want to do that. You want to put yourself on their radar by Saying hey leader Send them an email maybe and then follow up with them. Hey leader I’ve got some really cool ideas that I really believe are gonna have a positive impact on sales or Whatever it is that are they’re gonna have a positive impact on morale Positive impact on culture positive impact on the community positive impact on you know, getting service business going whatever it is Whatever you believe the idea is going to help Let them know Hey I’ve been having some really cool ideas that I’ve seen work at other stores That I’ve seen work in other markets that I heard about at the conference And I’m just looking for five to seven minutes where I can run it past you. I’m really excited about it Okay, so you put yourself on their radar. The second thing you want to do is and this is kind of like selling a car a little bit like you want to make sure you get that appointment and that it’s You stick to it. So it goes into the calendar. Yeah, five to seven minutes right here That’s all it’s gonna take no more than that The second thing you want to do is make sure you are prepared get all of the data. Good job there Mikey poo that you need get examples get proof get validation that your idea is Something to be excited about make sure you have everything you need To really convey the value of your idea for your leader so that they can see your vision so that they can see your excitement doing this is going to show them how Serious, you are about it that this isn’t a fly by the seam of your pants kind of a thing But that you’ve really been thinking about it and that you really want to see something positive Impact the business as a whole and then of course the third thing you can do is actually present well right you want to make sure that you convey your points clearly you want to make sure that you show the Benefit to them. This is the part that a lot of people miss. They don’t show how it will benefit others They only show how it will benefit them. I had this really great idea that is all about me like think about how Ridiculous that would sound if you came to or if somebody came to you and said hey I’ve got an idea that’s gonna make my life better You’re probably gonna be in the same position after we talk like it just doesn’t make any sense So make sure you package your idea properly to show how it’s going to benefit them the dealership and yourself because Again, if you’re listening to the podcast, you know I quote the late Zig Ziglar more than anybody else and and my favorite quote of his is When you help others achieve success, you’ll have success and I’m paraphrasing that of course But that’s really it the more people you can help achieve what they want. You will have everything you want All right So now let’s look at this same question, but from the leadership perspective you know as I’ve operated my Organization and as we’ve gone through our ups and our downs and as I’ve learned and grown as a leader and really invested in You know acquiring and executing on as much knowledge as I possibly can one of the things remains consistent. I As the leader you as the leader set the tone for your business it’s as simple as that and so if your mindset sucks and You are not Invested in yourself Then of course, you’re gonna have a poor culture your mindset will permeate To every facet of that organization and So you cannot be upset if you have a poor culture because nine times out of ten it starts with you. And so You’ve got some ideas and you’ve got some things that you believe are gonna help your employees Well, it’s incumbent upon you as the leader to show interest in them individually to stop talking so much about getting sales numbers up to stop talking about how to get more appointments in the service lane and to start talking about them more to start Saying good morning to them to start bringing them into your office and learning about what? makes them tick what are they passionate about and Then it’s kind of the same thing. It’s let’s set a meeting. Let’s set a team meeting. Let’s put our Idea on their radar like hey guys I just had some really awesome instruction given to me But I’ve been applying in my life and I just really believe it’s gonna have a positive impact on this store and on you Individually, and as you know, like that’s just something I really really care about So I’d like to schedule a seven minutes stand up at the water cooler in the service bay on Thursday at 3:15 p.m. And then for those of you working a little bit later who might not be here We’re gonna do it again at the same location at fifteen or you know what I mean? And so You put yourself on your radar and then it’s the same thing come prepared prepare all of the data prepare all of the validation prepare your presentation and then When you meet with them speak to them in the terms that they’re going to be receptive to Speak to them about the things they’re passionate about so as you’re you’re presenting the idea Call them out and be like hey you remember? Larissa how you were talking about this you remember Devin how you were talking about this? Well, I really believe in what you’re doing and I think that’s a great idea And I think these tweaks are gonna really help you be able to do more of that and that’s what you guys want Right or is that sound fair? What do you guys think about this? I’d like to now this is kind of a key I like to now get input from each of you So we can really round this out and make this something that we can dig into boom open forum Right open forum now we’re listening were were showing interest in what everyone has to say and Collectively coming to a decision, right? So everybody gives their ideas and you’re validating. You know what that’s really interesting That’s a great idea. I hadn’t thought about that. I Hadn’t thought about that that’s such a great idea. So you’re doing that sort of a thing watch how quickly people Come together watch how quickly your team comes together and goes Whoa, did we all collectively come with like this wasn’t just a top-down, you know, let’s do this We’re doing this because it’s gonna increase our numbers or whatever It’s just like no we’re doing this to improve our lifestyle here. We’re doing this to improve our Business and we’re doing this to improve each of us that work here all right, I think last question and this is another really great one and it’s actually really It’s really affiliated with everything we just talked about and and so the question goes I Feel like we need to really improve our poor culture at the dealership What do you suggest and so you can see everything? I just talked about getting buy-in from whether You’re team member or non at a leadership position or in a leadership position? you can hear some of those things are gonna be very very Relevant to answering this question. So Culture really is in many instances a top-down Thing the leaders need to have their mind, right the leaders need to be invested in themselves first The leaders need to be invested in positivity that needs to be just something that they believe in But regardless of how your leader thinks I I do also believe that One positive forward-thinking Happy individual can have an enriching a nurturing effect on those with whom they associate and so whether or not your leadership has the right mindset or or Not it doesn’t really matter it matters in what you do for yourself It matters in whether or not you’re invested in yourself whether or not you are Contributing in a positive way to your circle of influence whether or not you are happy and have measures Set up in your life to keep you accountable to the things that you want to achieve You can have a positive influence on those around you Simply by having a positive mindset and you don’t need to be overboard like oh, yeah Hey, look, it’s all you know peaches and cream in my world. But just like hey, you know what? There’s an opportunity here. This is really cool. Can I help you? Go beyond the donuts and coffee to try and make people happy in the moment like that might be part of it But I don’t know that that’s a long-term play, but definitely what’s going on in your head That is a long-term play. It’s a sustainable play. It’s something that you can do and so I find it interesting when I get questions that start with how can we Improve culture because how at least for me. How is too Philosophical it’s too like up in the clouds for me how there’s so many people that get debilitated by how like, oh, I don’t know how I Prefer thinking in terms of what what what is like an action? What or or at least it kind of triggers the idea of there needs to be action? And so instead of saying how can I improve the culture think in terms of like what could I do today? That I believe will have a positive impact on morale on Attitude on Productivity like all of these things that kind of make up the culture of your store you got to identify Which one you really believe is going to? Need the most work Prioritize. Oh, yeah, you know what productivity ah And I know I believe if people were more productive They’d be going home feeling more fulfilled and if they’re going home more fulfilled, maybe they’re happier You know and maybe that’s gonna have a positive impact on their family or their significant other so that when they come back tomorrow They’re happy and then they they want to feel fulfilled again. And so they’re more productive right or maybe it’s mindset and you’re like yo mindset is the thing and I believe that if Mindset improved they would be more productive and then they would go home feeling more fulfilled and then they’d be happier, etc, etc you have to pick the thing that you believe is going to be the most or is gonna have the most benefit on your Organization and focus on that thing and then go and then ask yourself What and I do today That will help Tim that will help Amanda be more productive or That will help their mindset to see the positive in things And So you have to really think in terms of what now? You’re probably picking up on something here. And that is I’m not talking about money I’m not talking about selling more increasing volumes getting more cars in the service lane I’m not talking about any of those things because you know, we’ve idea fight those things are a Byproduct of a good culture, of course if you have an airtight awesome happy people centric culture You’re gonna sell more you just will You’re gonna have better relationships. It’s just a given It’s just how life works its cause and effect and so it’s important to remember that culture is a people thing Focus on people as a leader focus on your people. Like I said earlier focus on what makes them pack Whatever would have a passionate about what makes them tick Pull their strengths out of them elevate them based on their strengths minimize their weaknesses Help them overcome things that are getting in their way I Truly believe that if you help your people if you help your co-workers if you help your team They will help your customers and the byproduct is gonna be money The byproduct is gonna be more units sold the byproducts gonna be more vehicles going through the service lane focus on people focus on what you can do today day by day and You’ll improve your poor culture. All right, that’s it. Those are the most common questions I get asked by those of you listening to the dealer play about podcasting Yo, if you have not yet checked out the podcast. What are you waiting for? It’s available on your favorite podcast app All you got to do is click the subscribe button turn on notifications So that you get notified every time I launch new content featuring elite trainers business experts dealership practitioners car sales professionals New York Times bestselling authors all for you today’s modern retail automotive professionals If you got value out of this Q&A, I would love it If you click that like button, wherever you’re watching follow subscribe, leave a comment with your questions I would love to hear from you and until next time keep the playbook open and See you later

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  1. I’m new to carsales . Gonna be thrown on the floor at Volkswagen in about a week. Nervous but I’m ready to change my life . As a new guy what’s the number 1 skill I should master first that might not be so obvious like building rapport or product knowledge

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