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Car Cleaning Tips : How to Clean a Smoke-Damaged Car

Car Cleaning Tips : How to Clean a Smoke-Damaged Car

Hello today we’re going to talk about cleaning
a smoke damaged car. Unfortunately when your car’s interior has been damaged by smoke it
is very important that you are extremely thorough in cleaning every nook and cranny and that
can take a lot of time, but if you take the time and do the job properly you will remove
any damage that the smoke has caused due to odor or on the material itself if it is smoky
or discolored. In removing the odor you always want to make sure that you begin with shampooing
your vehicle. It is always great to use a good shampoo when cleaning your car’s interior
carpets and upholstery. There are some all purpose shampoos where you can use it on the
carpet and on the upholstery and you want to make sure that all of that area is cleaned,
you want to follow up with using a baking soda type product that you can sprinkle into
the fabrics of your carpet and that will help eat away the smoke odor over time. Then the
third step in getting rid of that smoky smell it is to use a good fogger and what this is
is what they call a good odor bomb where you would take the top off, press down on the
tab and then the odor neutralizing spray comes out automatically, close the vehicle’s doors
and allow this to empty out into the vehicle and let it sit in your vehicle for four to
five hours. This goes into the, the spray goes into every part of the vehicle’s interior
and it eats away at all of the smoke bacteria so that the odor will be removed and that
is basically how you clean a smoke damaged car.

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12 thoughts on “Car Cleaning Tips : How to Clean a Smoke-Damaged Car

  1. don't forget to turn on your car's air vents when doing the odor bomb, it cleans the air/heat's vents aswell!!! 🙂 but well done!

  2. Smoke bacteria… Hmmmm. I use Simple Green and Spray Nine but I took the entire headliner out. The car has 365000 of windows up smoker use as a courier driver. 2000 Sunfire SE grey interior.
    I have used Simple Green to remove "Dead Body" smell it requires removing the interior painting the floor pans and metal parts. Once soaked in simple green let it bake dry in the sun. Next rinse and baking soda blast.

  3. I think he meant smoke AND bacteria, because believe me, as a nurse and lab assistant, I can tell you, bacteria DOES have a smell.

  4. Hey Ezra, Thanks for taking the time to do this video. Sorry there seems to be so many with nothing good to say, and apparently nothing better to do than search "Smoke" on YT.

  5. Well sweetheart I can't believe you didn't mention a little Christmas tree to dangle from the rearview mirror or some of those scented crowns to throw up in the rear window with the Bible. Most of all I think one of those Jesus saves license plate frames or what have you would probably be the best alternative. Getting the smell of Black and Milds or blunts out of a car can be very difficult. God knows I've smelled enough of that billowing out of cars when sitting at a red light. Thank you all You potheads for Smoking going down the road and that bullshit blowing into my car. Marijuana probably smells great. However it mixed with your nasty ass breath is pretty unforgivable.

  6. I ship and sell cars for a living and recently loaded 13 BRAND NEW Smoke Damaged vehicles worth close to $1,000,000. The warehouse caught fire with the vehicles inside. I made a video on my channel with me loading those vehicles. Any idea how to get them clean :p

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