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Car buying alternative prices

Car buying alternative prices

well getting the absolute best price on a new car more and more consumer groups are offering an alternative to new car buying they’ve partnered with the popular internet car buying service true car comm but some experts say you might not be getting the best price only on six tonight news six is Eric Vaughn tank and investigates and shows you how you can get results and save money when car shopping one of the biggest names in new car buying these days is a site called true true car shows you what other people paid for the car you on you’ve probably seen the ads the service promises to get you the true price the actual price you will pay at the dealership you get what the site calls a great price and you don’t have tackled but is it the best price these days we’re finding that it’s really not offering great price as often to its customers the executive editor of consumers checkbook that’s a DC based consumer advocacy nonprofit told me via Skype true car may save you the haggling but not a ton of money there’s a better way and we strongly feel like the better way is getting competitive bids true car doesn’t mention anything about the best price but rather admits red hoods website it gives you a better price and it explains in last year’s SEC filings that true car dealers pay the company fees to provide dealers with introductions to consumers stock analysts confirm this arrangement true car gave us quotes from three different local dealers on a popular SUV the new Infiniti qx60 the best price was almost $5,000 below MSRP consumers checkbook though says it called all of those dealers and talked to the fleet manager or sales manager and told them they had one shot to send over their best price the difference one infiniti dealer in Tampa offered $6,500 below invoice price not MSRP by getting competitive bids on average we beat true car by $1,300 Kevin brass says something else you should know dealers pay true car referral fee to send over leads and true car pays big-name consumer groups like triple-a AARP and Consumer Reports to generate those leads we asked all three they wouldn’t discuss their financial arrangement with TrueCar but Consumer Reports and AARP admitted they do collect a fee from TrueCar that’s not the way it should work at all especially if you’ve aligned yourself with really consumer from the organization’s by getting competitive bids they can really be assured that they’re getting good prices we should point out here Kevin’s non profit consumers checkbook offers a service where you can hire them to get bids for you they’ll charge you 250 bucks but as you heard you can do this on your own and consumers checkbook tells you exactly how to do it we put a link for you to their step-by-step instructions inside this story click Orlando com so you can get the absolute best price a true car spokesperson says its dealers are obligated to honor the price that true car gives you if you use that service but if you do want to haggle sometimes you can still negotiate that price true car says Eric thought I could getting results new six

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