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Car Batteries Buying Guide | Halfords UK

Car Batteries Buying Guide | Halfords UK

At Halfords, we stock a wide range of
batteries for your car that we can fit to help get you on your way in no time.
There’s a lot to choose from and here’s how to make your choice.
Before starting, we’ve created a car lookup tool at – type your
car registration number into the tool and up pops the range of batteries that
Halfords recommends for your car. First, the types of batteries. Lead acid
batteries. These come with a three year guarantee, give up to twenty thousand
engine starts and have a very reasonable price tag. Calcium batteries. These are
slightly more expensive but have 18% more starting power and ten thousand
more engine starts than lead acid batteries. Ideal for someone taking a lot
of short journeys, the four year guarantee is a huge plus too. The five year
guarantee Yuasa silver range. A range ideal for cars with plenty of
gadgets covering Sat Navs, air con, cool boxes, DVD players. This
battery gives fifty thousand engine starts and has 33 percent more starting power than a
regular calcium battery, perfect for cold weather when your engine might need a
bit more help. Do you have a car with stop-start functionality? You need an AGM
or an EFB battery. These cope with the constant stop and starts of your engine
and offer an incredible three hundred and sixty thousand engine starts with a four year guarantee.
These have to be registered with your vehicle’s onboard computer, we recommend
you get a Halfords professional to fit them because we have the specialist
tools required. To see our battery range head to Halfords website or pop in in-store
where a member of the team will be happy to help and don’t forget Halfords
offers a low cost fitting service and recycles your old battery for free.

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