100 thoughts on “Car Air Freshener Smell Test (Game)

  1. omg do u guys see what Rhett does at 9:15 with his hands and his eye I think Rhett might be part of illuminati

  2. Rhett says something suggestive Link shuts him down, Link says something suggestive Rhett shuts him down. Now and then the other laughs.
    Hegemony is similar to stratification, you know, kind of like the Mythical Society.

  3. For having the biggest snot box of the three of them, Goorgen’s sniffer does not work.

    Sniff sniff….Umm, motor oil?
    No, it strawberry shortcake.

  4. I have a serious question where did the don't wake Daddy episode go I like when link says "I'll stay up till 2am on a Friday night"

  5. They must be in the Illuminati if they knew that we knew that we would be onto them if they didn't joke around about actually being in the Illuminati so that we would think that they're not but little did they know I'm onto them.

  6. I'm genuinely surprised the title doesn't say: Car Air Freshener Taste Test (Game)

    I'm also genuinely surprised Link didn't call the dill pickle a dickle.

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