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Byton’s electric car event in 10 minutes | CES 2018

Byton’s electric car event in 10 minutes | CES 2018

(audience applausing) – Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the CES Las
Vegas, welcome to Byton. (audience cheering) – (laughing) Thank you, thank you. So hello everyone. Very much welcome to Byton and thank you for coming to join us today
for our world premier. Now, this is a very
emotional moment for you, because I’m going to tell
you a bit about our baby, our first product, our first Byton. We believe that this vehicle
will be a new design item with high-tech details to
express our digital leadership. This is a key priority of us. We have to create new design semantics, which replaces horsepower
with digital power. You can see that traditional
automotive elements have nearly disappeared to make way for state-of-the-art symbols of the new generation driving technology. For example, rear
cameras, rear-view cameras are replacing the side mirrors, and the landmark facial recognition camera integrated to the B-pillar of the car is for user authentication. The progressive design is continued with the exterior lighting concept. Driving lights and then
something very new, what we call smart surfaces,
which are styling flourishes with connecting lines and
support cutting-edge technology. Because it will let, you
car will interact with you. Your Byton will greet
you when you approach it. Your Byton will signal to
you important information, such for example what
is my charging status. For all of you who love to know details as much as I do, let’s just
go through the dimensions. The dimensions of the car
are four meters 85 in length, one meter 94 in width, and
one meter 65 in height. While in American measurements
it’s 191 by 76 by 65 inches. The wheel base is two
meters 75, or 116 inches. You can believe me this a
perfect proportions for a car. It’s really perfect proportions. Once you have taken your seat, you will feel as if you are
in a luxurious living room. Individually adjustable
front and back seats. Then you have two side
ports under your arm rests of the front seats. You can store items like
tablets or E-readers and it’s all within very easy reach. While those inward rotating front seats are designed to stimulate communication. We are the first bringing
this rotating front seats into serious productions. Many companies talk about it, but we are the first make this happen. The car features the world’s first coast-to-coast shared experience display. It’s a complicated word,
so we use an abbreviations saying it’s an SED. The dimension of the screen
is one meter 25 by 25 cm, or 49 by 10 inches. Also here, we are the first bringing this into serious production. There will be no other car out in 2019 having this technology. Safety, of course, is
our underlying principle. We have added side viewer camera mirrors and placed them of the direct
field vision of the driver. All systems of the car intensively tested against driver distraction. For example, if the exterior
lighting conditions change, your Byton will adjust to
your needs automatically. If face recognition which
ensures that your car recognize you and adapts to your needs to your configuration. This personalization will reduce the forms of input you need to control the vehicle. Then the touch for the driver tablet which is widely adopted touch screen to offer convenience
directly at your fingertips in front of you. Voice control, which is
voice control brought to the very next level with
the advanced integration of Amazon Alexa. I can really promise you in your Byton, Alexa will be smarter than ever. – [Alexa] I noticed your
next charging location will be at the Byton house at CES. To save your time, do
you want me to reschedule your Whole Foods package
delivery to that location? – Great idea. Yes, please reschedule the
delivery to the Byton house. Thanks, Alexa. – In addition to touch and voice, we are introducing intuitive
gesture control system that will enhance your digital
experience in your Byton. Everyone can operate it. As you can see, there
are only five gestures to control the system and
they all come very natural. No menu ad required. As I said, I promise you that
the Byton is as intuitive and easy to operate as
any other smart device. It’s crucial for us that the Byton offers the very best high speed connectivity because it’s very important to be smart. We have an array of flat
antennas which is ideally integrated into the roof line. You see, there’s no shark fin on this car. No shark fin that
traditional cars would need more than four shark fins
to achieve the same level of connectivity this car will have. It has the intelligence to see
what is happening in the car and to respond to potential threats. This intelligence grows over time. It’s amazing. It grows over time because
it uses machine learning capabilities to analyze vehicle data, environmental conditions,
to diagnose and protect the vehicle against both
failures and threats. Our first Byton is designed for the age of autonomous driving and shared mobility. Therefore, it provides
full Level 3 capabilities from launch and will go to
Level 3 or 4 ready from 2020 on. We will not only update the
car through advance software but also prepare the
vehicle’s architecture to handle upgrades of sensors,
cameras, and other elements needed for advanced levels
of autonomous driving. Finally another blocking
point is removed as well. Your Byton will recharge in no time, giving you and extra 150
miles in just 20 minutes. In just 30 minutes, 80% of
your battery is recharged. Our first Byton will be
the most advanced vehicle in the market as of 2019. The good news is that your
Byton will be affordable. Based on a starting price which will be just around 45,000 U.S. dollar. – Your Byton is a smart
device that recognizes you and it will improve your
experience the more it knows you. Through artificial
intelligence, it will learn your preferences and habits
leading to exceptional, personalized experience. To really further
enhance the communication between the passengers, we
created a meeting atmosphere in the car just rotating seats which really creates a
very, very exceptional kind of experience. Another very essential feature
was really super important for us was to achieve a very
intuitive navigation system. As you can see, you can
input your destination via the driver tablet at your fingertips. Without even removing your
hands from the steering wheel. In combination with smart suggestions, based on your personal
profile your navigation experience will be improved significantly from what we currently know today. Another very important topic is health. We can see this topic, health
and fitness is becoming ever more important and we
can see this especially here at the CES 2018. We swim, we hike, we workout,
and your Byton will be the first vehicle that also
functions like a variable, helping you to keep track
of all your vital signs. With a heart rate,
weight, oxygen saturation, or blood pressure. Based on these insides, your Byton will give
you meaningful advice. It’s important to us to
recognize what our users would like to do with the time they gain through advanced levels
of autonomous driving. One important element, of
course, is entertainment such as movies. While for the driver this
is currently only available while the car’s stationary, never-the-less highlights
what is in store for us at the age of autonomous driving. Today’s obviously a very
significant day for Byton, but we also believe it’s
a hugely significant day for the future of cars, in
particular for smart mobility. – We do believe that
we are at the beginning of something special
during a period in history and we are radically transforming the very concept of driving. You will be happy to hear that
we already have a schedule for the launch of our first Byton and it looks like this. – Yes, our production plant is located the same place as our
global headquarter, Nanjing. It’s already under construction. We are preparing for our global launch starting in late 2019. (audience cheering) (laughing) Thank you, thank you.

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100 thoughts on “Byton’s electric car event in 10 minutes | CES 2018

  1. Finally! 1.6 million distracted driving crashes each year isn't nearly enough. Lets go full screen driving!  FU Windshield.

  2. we are selling out our data to these companies to trade for a cheaper car. Now you car knows your health data (sellable to insurance companies), your face, and your digital footprint. They will say ah we have privacy policy like this and that but at the end of the day, we are just a datapoint in a huge database, waiting to be sold to the highest bidder.

  3. @8:15 "We swim, we hike, we work out."

    No, we don't. Maybe rich folks who shop at Whole Foods, but "we" don't. We work, and work and work to make and keep the rich!
    Byton. "The future is here … and it's not for you."

  4. Wow these guys bring some serious expertise and knowhow to the table. Ex Apple,BMW, Delphi…. I hope they get this up and running.

  5. It's like they just copy a tesla, only point out the specs, and never talk about the concept of the company or car. Also I hate it when people just read off of teleprompters​, it's like they don't know what their presenting.

  6. maybe where you live their are no side Mirror , but tesla try this (less wind drag) the USA no lol .no mirror are unsafe

  7. I'm sorry but unless a car company makes an electric car that sounds like a muscle car or a sport car, I will not get one. They're boring at this point…

  8. "rotating front seats so you can be social even in the car" – great, so now i can't even have some peace while driving…

  9. Now this is strange: I'm watching a video about a new electric vehicle from China – an I'm greeted by two German guys!

  10. Anytime I hear people talking about their vehicles doing non-vehicle things (monitoring your health, choosing music based on your mood, greeting you, etc.) I get nervous. Good luck to them.

  11. Concept EVs are great and all, but if you look at the really hard part of making a successful new car company it’s setting up a manufacturing hub to actually produce these cars, the ultimate challenge before anything is selling them first! Look at the documentary done on Tesla building up their manufacturing plant for the Model S.

  12. Maybe you will understand one day that what makes a good car is not screens everywhere but its all about feeling and emotion .. Your AI cant make that

  13. I felt like there were two T800 unit's telling me how everyone in the future wont need to worry about how there device will take car of us all……

  14. I hope these guys succeed. I'm still skeptical, but competition with Tesla will just breed better Electric Cars for everyone.

  15. They didnt talk about how the vehicle performs on the road, its drive-ability, speed, safety etc.. Leaves me skeptical

  16. That nice of a car at $45K? If they can do it, awesome! Questions though: Where's my driver airbag if there's a screen there (does it burst through the screen?), and does the car act as a health sensor or just a data collector? If it collects data, that's kinda useless. If it retrieves data, can it tell when I'm falling asleep or having a heart attack?!

  17. What. Joke! This is another me too copy cat cat. Zero innovation.
    Another couple of auto execs who got passed over for promotions and thought they could do it in their own.
    They will not be successful.

  18. Happy hearing the advancements of electric vehicle. Future of mobility would be highly dependent on electricity..

  19. lots of promises and bullshit …contradictory bullshit… like why would you need to input destination for navigation (or anything for that matter) by hand to a tablet if you have that supposedly "smart " alexa there

    or is alexa there just for dataminig purposes and for pushing advertisment?

  20. Great technology fifty years ago but too late now. It will be doing it's commuting in an overcrowded road infrastructure that's already bursting at the seams. Private cars need private highways to be built somewhere else away from population centers and preferably in a galaxy far, far away.

  21. I would prefer SAMSUNG HARMAN digital cockpit. It has Bixby, now u can control ur fridge and all appliances from ur car. Its the bestttttt

  22. Seams quite complicated. I love simply working cars. Do I have to study a 600 pages manual every year? Maybe good for tech nerds who hope, next update will solve their problems. My english isn't very good, but his sounds….hope, the car works better.

  23. Too much gimmicky flashy thingies, and wordings, seems no focus at all, both on the presentation and the product itself.
    ".. replaces horse power
    with digital power " ?
    That sounds worse than a deceptive salesman's statement in some car dealerships.

  24. What about the technical data on perfornance? It does have 4wd, what about air suspension? Charging plate? Sound system to make it sound like a V8😁👍

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