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Buying your first car in Canada

Buying your first car in Canada

Hello! You guys… Today…I’m gonna tell you about buying your first car in Canada.. Buying a car is very important unless you’re in Toronto Where you have public transport accessible everywhere? You would need a car in Canada… from my experience… so far.. I had four cars… first one was to Toyota Echo.. second one Hyundai Santa Fe third one is Honda Civic my wife is driving right now 2015 and 2012 Subaru Impreza.. so four cars out of them three were three were used and one is new car that we purchased.. and I have experience of buying new cars…old cars.. I made money on my first car I lost money on my second car and I want to teach you the tricks of the trade on how to get a car? How to get a good first car in Canada. Let’s start with need to know.. number one insurance history In Canada.. once you come to Canada You don’t have any insurance history so when you’re buying a car… You would also need an insurance to drive it… so insurance in Canada is a devil.. It’s really expensive.. It’s really expensive.. so if you’re buying for example a car And you’re under 24 years old if you.. it would be double the price… If you’re older than 24 years old It would be like half a price… It would be a regular price If you are less than 24.. They’re expecting you to speed.. and do all sorts of nonsense as a kid while driving. That’s why they’re charging you more and Insurance is a tricky thing in Canada number one once you landed It’s a good thing if you can take your insurance history from your country.. so get some document from your insurance company Saying that you have been insured for this many years in your life This is going to help you a lot in Canada… If you only of course if insurance company is going to take it and Use that history so insurance is such a thing that it says that This many years… You have been insured by a company this many claims you have done and this is how much they’re going to charge.. so the better insurance history you have The cheaper your insurance is going to be in Canada.. Of course if the insurance is.. this company is going to accept that history But I suggest you do have it.. so if you are going to come to Canada for example Let’s say an ordinary person would say let’s say Just number out of nowhere.. There are so many things that influence the number. Let’s say.. person who has Ten fifteen years of insurance history in Canada… is paying one hundred dollars for their insurance 150 for example when you come to Canada.. you’re going to pay 300 you’re going to pay double because you have no insurance history.. So if you can bring at least some document .. as your insurance history.. at least some document with your driving history You can give it to an insurance company get your insurance done So these things you have to know in Canada number history Credit history is something that you’re new to Canada they They don’t have your credit history… They don’t know how you are.. They don’t know they can give you money.. or they can trust you.. It’s weird How it works in Canada.. But what I’m telling you is this if you’re new to Canada. You don’t have a credit history I’m going to make a separate video on credit history and how to build it But what I’m trying to say is the interest rates for example if you’re his credit history was better.. You’ve been longer in Canada it would be easier for you and cheaper to buy a car.. because the credit history would be better and You also need to know the challenges Challenges would be the following.. you are in a new country. You don’t know who to trust. You don’t know what to do For example if you don’t have any friends or relatives who take you around these are going to be your challenges You find a car for example somewhere where you want to buy or you to go to a dealership? You go on the public transport, and you’re going to be making rash decisions Don’t make rash decisions. That’s very important when you’re buying the car in Canada But it’s really difficult not to because you new you don’t know you.. you need the car and you for example take public transport you spend one hour going somewhere you saw a car and You didn’t like it you went to another person you spend another hour And this way you just keep on driving at the same time when you need to be working or doing something else Takes a lot of your time if you had a friend for example or a relative who can take you around it would be awesome but if you do not This is the challenge It’s lots of walk walking and also stress because you do not know how to do that and who to trust now Let’s get to the second section of this video Buy new car vs.. Old car where to buy and how to buy?? new car is a good choice you get a new car It’s brand new It’s going to be Awesome because it’s not going to break down its it has a warranty it has a service.. it has everything I of course support buying new cars and it’s Amazing thing if you can afford it but you have to know certain things number one if you cannot buy a new car For cash you would have to take a loan now the challenges are coming because you are new to Canada as I said Interest rates are going to be higher so buying a new car you’re going to take a bigger loan you would have to pay it Longer and it would be a higher interest for example if you are. I’m just saying again I’m not a salesperson who knows the most interest rates but for example if I’m buying a car And I have a good credit history. It would be for example Maybe 3% for you it’s going to be probably about five or six percent for Or maybe more because you’re new to Canada But I’m saying for me. It’s going to be cheaper because I have better credit history and This is something that they’re just taking advantage of you in Canada with this so-called credit history because you’re new they’re going to They’re not going to give you a better interest rate. So this is number one thing number two If you’re new to Canada your insurance is going to be higher, so if you’re buying a car for example you’re taking a loan you’re buying a new car you would want to make a full coverage insurance or your if you are taking a loan and You’re buying the car. They don’t tell you that in a dealership but once you buy a new car And you have a loan because the bank.. the bank Wants to be secure They want to make sure that they are not going to lose their car in case of an accident So they wouldn’t force you after you buy you would only find out They would force you to have a full coverage for the bank so that the bank Can get their money back in case you crash the car And you’re unable to pay for it and guess what full coverage for a new person who is coming to Canada It’s around 300 bucks a month and it can be 500 bucks depending on the city and province you’re living. It’s really expensive And if you’re a new immigrant, and you’re on the low budget You don’t want to just keep on giving away your money right so You would probably be better off buying an older car unless of course you can afford buying a new car And you have so much of money. You don’t even care about spending.. get a new car. It’s good that’s not going to break on you if you have the value for money because Once you buy a new car soon as you leave the dealership it devaluates by.. it just devaluates right away It’s cheaper because now it’s pre-owned car plus Insurance if you have a loan that goes up, so if your money conscious, and you’re a new immigrant to Canada I suggest you start with a pre-owned car Where to buy car in Canada? You’re going to there are two ways to buy a car one is through a dealership the second one is From a person for example like me or someone else You come to Canada person has the car they are Selling it.. so if you want to buy a new car of course you’re going to a dealership if you want to buy a pre-owned car It’s a good thing to go to a dealership. If you go to a dealership There is always a place where you can go back for example something if you purchase the car something is wrong with that You go back to a dealership, and you Can say it’s broken and you guaranteed that it would be good and they can fix it for you most of the times But still be careful, Canada do.. Canadian dealerships can screw you up Just like anyone because legislation is here It’s interesting once you buy a car thing is good or bad with it It is yours and dealership if it’s a their goodwill, and if it’s a part of the agreement. They would fix it but they don’t really have to so you have to be careful number two where you can buy is a Person you can go to Kijiji you can go to Auto trader And there are a bunch of other websites where you can buy a car Both from dealerships and from people people just post it there I will leave all the links in the description under this video You just click there put it a make and model of a car you want and check out the prices check out Which car you want? which year you want? What’s your budget? And it’s going to show you all of the available cars in that region that you’ll be searching for if.. would it be Calgary would it be Vancouver Toronto or Montreal wherever you’re going Winnipeg or Saskatoon wherever you’re going you will find the cars on those website now most important part is how to buy a car you wouldn’t believe the story I came to buy a car right from a person And I’m not an expert in the car and the price was so good for Hyundai Santa Fe 2003 at that time for three thousand dollars one hundred and six…eighty.. 180,000 kilometers something like that.. 160,000 kilometers I came there and I wasn’t I didn’t really trust this person, but then the person invited me It was a Caucasian person so looking like a European person. They invited me to their house there was a Guy who was selling it to me saying the car is awesome that he is the first owner of the car there were children Sitting at the table They invited to their dining table the husband wife and their two little two little children Sitting at a table having their dinner, and that’s when both husband and wife were lying to me.. They bullshi***d me they told me that they’re the only Owners of the car that this is car this car is good when I left the place I realized that the odometer was rolled back that there were they were like probably Fifth or sixth owner all that car that car went from Person to another person over and over and over again until it came to me, and I ended up losing over $1500 on it, and it was really bad Now from my experience. I have learned one thing and that one thing is get a car proof What car proof is in Canada? It’s a really important thing It shows you the history of a car you can get it from a registry you can get it on Kijiji You can get it online It’s good car proof car proof Car proof is such a thing that it shows you the history of the car it shows It’s like a government paper like this size And it just says why when it was serviced? how much money they spend? What was the mileage kilometers ? and where it was serviced by looking at it? You can see the collusion claims Accidents so with that document in Canada It’s a good system that you can get it you get the car proof It’s about 40. Maybe 50 dollars. I think it’s about 40 bucks You get it, and you see the entire history, and you know well if the odometer was rolled back or not If the car was in an accident ever or not because as soon as it was an accident. There is a Insurance claim it is there on that report you get report of Everything whatever happened to the car so number one get a car proof Number two get a mechanic if you’re buying a car from a person and I even called the customer protection services in Canada the government and Find out what I should do when I’m buying a car And they told me they told me even if you’re buying from dealership get a mechanic always get a mechanic They said even if it’s a dealership, and they have their own mechanic Do not trust them we get a third party mechanic to inspect the car and then you buy because even a dealership can screw you up and Sell you something else it is going to cost about 100 bucks more so car proof is 40 bucks.. mechanic is 100 maybe 120 dollars depending on which mechanic you have but it’s good to in guarantee you that you’re going to be buying a good car Now you might think 40 bucks a lot of money 100 bucks is a lot of money. You know if you lose that $200 on one car and then you go and spend another 150 dollars for another car it’s better that you lose that $200 Then you end up buying that one car and loosing thousands of dollars you understand It’s really important that you get the right one so car proof mechanic and number three get a friend if you have a friend in Canada, it’s Awesome get your friend who is going to drive you around Help you obviously someone who has some grip and knowledge of a car so You can take that person with you And he’s going to support you so you’re not going to get scammed in person who is or was staying for Some time in Canada or from your home country that know something about cars Some mechanical things because for example me. I have no idea about cars. I know it runs I know if the engine light goes up. I know that there is something wrong I take it to a mechanic if you get someone who knows a little bit more about cars than you do it’s awesome unless your mechanical yourself I would suggest Get a friend to help you out. Okay. Thank you so much for watching guys. I hope this video was helpful I Congratulate you on your first car and I wish you all the best I hope you get the right car you can decide whether you want a new car or an older car check out those links under this video for those websites where you can see all the cars and Let me know if you have any questions in Comments below like subscribe share this video with your friends also I also want to tell you that I am driving for uber and in case you’re interested in making Part-time income or a full time when you settle on kind of driving for uber. I’m also going to leave a referral sign up bonus link under this video know the information if you are already driving for uber But didn’t get your bonus. Just check it out in case you wanted you can get that bonus Oh, but it doesn’t give it if you don’t claim it It’s like from driver to driver thing so I leave all the links under this video. Thank you so much for watching and See you in Canada

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64 thoughts on “Buying your first car in Canada

  1. Здравстуйте, я хотел бы задать вопрос. Сколько примерно стоила бы строховка на машину за 5000 канадских долларов иностранному студенту со стажем год ( первая машина )

  2. Igor, I find driving to be somewhat stressful. Plus, car insurance along with its maintenance is a bit of a drag too. Is there a way we can hire a driver? What are the charges if we were to hire one?
    Also, is there a possibility that electric cars are going to be out soon and running on the road?

  3. wtf bro u live in calgary too :D!. I live in calgary ! . By any chance are u studying at the university of calgary or no :/

  4. My first new car was a lemon. The computer system kept dying on me. It didn't help that the dealership didn't treat me well. Then the paint went weird. Instead of fighting, I sold it. I never bought a new car again.
    I suggest for anyone buying a car look at "The Lemon- Aid Guide for New or Used Cars and Trucks." You can get it at the library. There's a guy who investigates vehicles very in depth. The book is huge and it comes out every year.I have bought a few using it. I have had great success.

  5. Egor do they have insurance comparisons websites? Because in England they have those sites, i hope i hear back from you.

  6. I wish I saw this a long time ago. I arrived in Calgary, Canada 3 years ago. I waited for my permanent residency before buying a car. Since my previous insurance and car history was from Ireland 3 year ago they wont use any of my previous history. I contacted 20 insurance brokers and they all said the same. Now i have to pay 300.00 cad per month for a full coverage insurance. ($150 for liability, $200 for comprehensive) I should have just put my name as second driver on my gf's vehicle for all those years (shes canadian with loads of car histoy) then move it to my own plan 2-3 years later when I got my PR….JUST a head up everyone.

  7. hi Igor

    appreciate for all you videos

    i have a question
    can i import a car/buy a car from US and use it in canada
    what are the various conditions (help me with the link with the information please)


  8. carfax is for canada and usa and it is very good to see accident history with that. with the serial number of the car

  9. Hi Igor. may i know how much for the insurance with new license driver with a car under $3000, i am planing budget for having a car. thank you!

  10. if you are a new driver and get 3-4 tickets driving on the highway at a similar speed as other drivers drive at all the time, the insurance will go up to $760/month and they will make you take a $6000 medical examination as well as the $60 regular checkup. and if they know you have a job they will make it even higher.

  11. Insurance is a big scam in Canada. Do expensive compared to u.s. The other big scam is car loans. There is a big predatory lender culture that prey on new immigrants. It starts with the slogan" no credit, no problem" before you know it, they got you trapped in a high interest rate. My advised to new comers is, a good pre-owned vehicle. Start with a good usedToyota Camery or corolla. It's good quality, it's last longer, cheap on gas. Don't try to keep up with your neighbors. You are not ready to buy a new SUV or luxury car on credit and work hard to pay your car financing. Instead, says your money and buy a house or condo. Now that's a wise investment

  12. Hi Igor i already have a full UK driving license with no points would i need to take another driving test once i move to Canada?

  13. Thanks Igor for this information, i´m from Brazil, and soon wen I´ll get my retirement, and i`ll move on Canada, near by Toronto, were my Son´s family already leave….

  14. how much is the expense on preowned car after buying how much taxes i have to pay and the isurance is monthly how much ?.

  15. If your credit history has less than 700 points (means good history) you will get 17 percent interest yearly which means a double price for that car over 5 years or more. Do not make that mistake. Also car loan is a secured loan so even claiming a bancruptcy won't help you.!!!? Avoid at all costs.

  16. hi, how much it cost the tax of the cars in Canada? and if I want to ship a car outside Canada how i can take the taxes back? also ho much the shipping cost? i hope you can help me with that. thank you!

  17. Actually I am from Bangladesh, I have got Bangladeshi drivers licence and its been almost 4 years I am in New Zealand and I hold New Zealand full drivers licence.. .. I was wondering how things gonna work me to get Canadian driving licence? Ur videos are awesome and really helpful bro ☺️ really appreciate all your effort.

  18. I've owned 3 Used cars- First Car- 1978 Ford Ltd, Second Car- Volkswagon Fox 1991, Third Car-1992 Nisan Sentra. I've Owned 2 Brand New Cars, First was a 2006 Honda Civic, which i paid in full the Day i Purchased. Now i currently own and Drive a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage, which i Financed for 72 Months, but Just Recently Paid the Loan off in Full Last Week, which was paid off in less than 3 Years.

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