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Buying Used Things

Buying Used Things

I think buying used things is pretty great Often times I’m not one to really care If something is brand new as long as it still functions As well as, or close to something that is new One man’s trash is another man’s Used, Trash. I know everyone worries about being scammed Or attacked but honestly most of my experiences with buying used things from strangers ( : Have gone pretty smoothly. Except This One. And another one that I’ll save for another time I mean, If someone’s trying to sell you a desk but they don’t have any pictures of it Then I don’t know? Don’t risk it! When I moved out from my parent’s house, I left a Playstation 3 behind Because it technically belonged to my sister. But I owned a lot of the games Which I brought with me And by the time I moved out the only PS3’s for sale Were used ones So I figured I check Kijiji Which is an online classified ad service Basically the Canadian version of Craig’s List Even though we have, also have Craig’s List here But Kijiji is better. I actually bought my wii the same way a few years earlier And the dude happened to be a fan So I searched for playstation 3 and checked out what was available I came across one for $230 which came with 2 controllers and like over 20 games Most of which where like Fifa 2011 to 2069… I don’t know I don’t really care much for them and so I thought I try haggling Hi is this still available and if so could we negotiate on the price? I’ll think about it How does 200 sound? 215 Mh ok. I’ll wait a bit And then I tried the third party tactic Hm well I’m looking at another seller and they’re giving theirs for 200 Which was actually true, but they didn’t have an extra controller and not over 20 games That’s why I’m trying to haggle for this one 200 is good Ho ho ho ho ho – gottem! Awesome! Actually I changed my mind $225 What the hell, how did you go from $230 to $215 to my negotiated price of $200 and then.. back higher to $225? This person did not know how to haggle Unless.. He saw through my bluff *gasp* But either way that counter offer didn’t make sense No deal. Alright nevermind OK So I continued looking at other ads and offers and then about an hour later He messages me again You sure $215 isn’t good? Wha.. OK at this point I’m thinking he might be getting a little desperate, so I continued to play hard-to-get No OK I’ll do $200 if you pick it up today What is going on.. okay… I thought I was definitely dealing with a kid. But hey, we finally agreed on a price. Alright where can I meet you? 248 Shimmer Street When can you come? eeh Is 9 ok? A bit earlier maybe 8? OK see you then. OK Do you want to see it working? Yeah sure So i head there later that night and 248 Shimmer street actually has two apartment buildings A and B I texted him and asked which one it is Uh… it should be A should be? SHOULD BE? I don’t want to know what your building should be as if it’s dependant on unknown factors I need to know your definitive location, so I can safely make this transaction I was getting a bit nervous A part of me thought I was getting get mugged, but then thought this probably is just a kid who is just not responsible enough to know his own address I go inside building A I texted him saying I’m at the ground floor and he replies that he’s on his way down 5 minutes past.. nothing After 10 minutes I get a text I don’t see you? This dumbass.. I don’t see him either meaning he is probably in building B So I head on over and go inside I.. I still don’t see him And I’m expecting that kidney extracting shank in my body any second now I’m in building B I don’t see you either… no I’m in A W-What? Was I blind? Was he blind? Where are my kidneys.. OK still there. I head back to building A OK I’m here I don’t get a reply but after 5 minutes of waiting, he finally appears It’s a middle aged man I’m gonna die. Are you Cain with the PS3? Yes yes. We will head upstairs to test it We get to his apartment and he opens the door Inside is a kid setting up the PS3 Cain, hurry up Wha.. huh? I thought you were Cain? But you’re also Ca.. My-My kidneys Kid-Cain finally set up the PS3, tries to turn it on.. nothing happens He tries again.. still nothing Big Cain, which i assume to be his dad started getting a little irritated I thought you said it worked, what’s going on? Dude that’s my line The tension was THIC with only one c because that’s all that could fit With the amount of tension in the room Kid-Cain shuffles around behind the TV Tries one more time And it finally works Both he and I let out a relieved sigh Honestly at this point, I didn’t even care if it worked I just wanted to get out alive In ONE piece I said, cool Kid Cain packs up the ps3 Puts it in a bag And hands it over to me I hand him the 200 dollars that we agreed upon, and hope papa Cain was also aware of and approved His dad takes it from him, counts it, then nods Okay, thank you Yeah you’re we- Uh hee um pth uhh tsk- Thanks! And I leave ALIVE *Breathing rapidly and casually strolling backwards while getting the heck out of that place* Relieved kermit’s face Worth it ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey-o guys! 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  1. If they're both named Kain it is either bc the kid is named after the dad or bc the kid is named kain and was talking to dom, however when the dad came down he said he was as well bc that's who dom was talking to

  2. Hello? its me (men from Russia) You wonโ€™t believe it, but your videos are being translated here) I think this is really cool. And I translated it in a translator, so it most likely looks crooked, doesn't it?

    (gets nervous and checks for his kidneys)

  4. Hmhmhmhmhmmhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhhmmhmhmhmhmhmhhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhhuhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuuhuhuuuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhhhhuhhuhuhuhuhuuhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuuhuhuhuhuhuhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh hmhhmhmhhmhmhmhmhm hmmmmmm hmhmmmmm hmmmm hmmmm (breaths in) Worth it! ๐Ÿ™‚ …

  5. ะšั‚ะพ ะพั‚ ยซะŸั€ะพัั‚ะพ ะพะทะฒัƒั‡ะบะฐยป ?

  6. yo dude this is me everytime i go meet up with someone. I go in the most risky neighborhoods with high crime rates and all sometimes and overall i usually buy off people who smell like drugs n alcohol selling stuff cheap and surprisingly enough i never been scammed and always get great deals

  7. am i blind, is he blind? ยกยฟยกยฟยกยฟยกยฟยกยกยฟsสŽวupแด‰สž สŽษฏ วษนษ วษนวษฅส

  8. on the desk it siad: its in good conditon… i sear.
    I mean like..sit at this desk and you will acomplish all your dreams
    And im not talking about thoushe basic "i want to be president" or "i want to go to space" dreams
    Your really aiming arent you
    im talking those dreams where you go to mcdonalds but then it transforms into a burger king and then flys away to mars under control of elon himself. ect.

  9. The amazon forest is currently burning down. Its been going on for 16 days.Just wanted to inform people since NO NEWS OUTLETS ARE TALKING ABOUT THIS

  10. This video was on the back of my mind and when I saw this vid I was like yea Iโ€™ve seen that SO IMMA WATCH IT AGAIN

  11. His mom walks into the room at 5:55
    โ€œSon why are you fapping into your microphone and recording it?โ€
    *Mom leaving room while saying under her breath: dammit why did the condom have to breakโ€

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