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BUYING MY DREAM CAR!! (Dream Come True) | Ranz and Niana

BUYING MY DREAM CAR!! (Dream Come True) | Ranz and Niana

yeah hey guys grand scale here and I’m with welcome to so guys yesterday was a big day for me because wait don’t say trick check it Jack u no joke guys today is my day it’s a big day because today I’m buying my dream car yeah Wow and we need to go now yes that’s me later let’s go yo I think my brother’s got against r8 so guys we’re gonna go in now [Music] so guys now we’re here aboard Makati and now I’m wearing my jacket yo transition yeah wearing yellow huh now let’s go you can’t see my car he’s only going I just want to tell you guys thank you so much guys we can’t do this without you without you I need to love this I love this because you know it’s a memorable moment I’ve been waiting for a long time is that Jeep meant for you that’s an achievement for me do you know I’m so excited I can’t wait now let’s do it I’m not buying for I’m buying a horse yo [Music] [Laughter] [Music] let’s go let’s go let’s go [Music] loves my bro wait Brod it’s here bro just get the idea wait wait me fresh go there bro come on come on [Music] nice [Music] you get it right guys I’m speechless right now I don’t know what’s a force first and foremost I want to thank my subscribers and yeah everyone all of you guys thank you so much come on go inside [Music] bro oh my say I’m so speechless right now [Music] here we go well [Music] oh my god sexy thank you guys you stop okay that right on yeah I know right on hey now I’m a passenger I can time to go with my stay as you go okay now let’s go just here we go [Music] a few moments later okay let’s just you know listen to music okay guys we’ll just see you at home ya see at home yeah no transition it up okay so guys now we’re here back at home see mom’s reaction and Natalia yeah okay go down [Music] you say mom died what can you say about my new car you drive it come here drop it oh yeah look at the camera okay mom’s riding the car no I’m kidding I’m back home welcome to our home you don’t have a name yet but I’ll give you a name soon yeah I love the car Mustang back tomorrow let’s drive yeah we’re gonna tonight so yeah let’s see I still can’t believe me doesn’t happen in you yeah yo guys in by the way I don’t have a name for this car yet so give me some suggestions coming down below a name for this thing so comment down below and help us yeah yeah let’s go guys so now we’re driving the master fasten your seat belts I am we’re going into a support mode [Music] [Music] [Music] food for my car he’s a pony okay I’m gonna buy you guys this is a Ford Mustang so if I look here it’s 4d you guys know it’s Hardy you will see animals nature and stuff 4d Boston [Applause] ginseng guys is the best car in the world it’s for indeed it can be in the space no I mean that’s normal just like that I’m just kidding no I just wanna thank all of you guys our followers subscribers mentis friends and family you have inspired me get my purse and everything and to not give up on my juice even went all-in what I love doing the most and that is to make videos to hopefully inspire and give you all a better for a fee the happy I really have no idea how is going to achieve this dream you know just like what they say give your all and it will all fall into place and I’m really glad it did again I just like give a huge thank you to you guys having achieve my dream yeah let James do really come true don’t be afraid to dream big because nothing is impossible [Music]

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100 thoughts on “BUYING MY DREAM CAR!! (Dream Come True) | Ranz and Niana

  1. hahaha dude yung sister ko din yung unang una sumakay dun sa brand new car ko when i got the toyota yaris 2018, parang si niana lang! my first car was a ford too! a fiesta, which i bought when i was 17! i’m 20 now, i’ll buy a stang in 5 years pag natapos ko na yung kurso ko at gumadruate sa university 😝

  2. Sana magkagnyan dn kami.. hehe matutupad lang yan kung pupunta kayo samin.. tapos bounce aq.. comment ok kung payag ka..

  3. Ingat ingat sa pag da drive makakabili din ako nyan soon mga 2050 pa AHAHAHAHAH baguhan palang ako eh yakapan tayo mga sir maam hahaha

  4. Man…that was really inspiring..I was really moved by your story and it motivated me to work harder. I hope one day my dream will come true too..
    Smoke (based on the colour of your car); Spectre; Black Stang
    Roaring Thunder (sound of your engine when you hit the accelerator); Roaring Stallion
    Other names: Flash, RanzPorter(TRanzporter get it?)

  5. You deserved it, ang bait ninyo magbro & sis, for us newbie youtuber let's work hard pra we can buy our dream car too. Hug me guys and I'll hug you back.

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