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what is up everyone welcome back to here a video today’s special day on this channel you have a GTR here looking pretty good right good the wheels are dirty but it’s alright upper wing everything today we’re gonna buy a new park so I decided that I’m gonna get a new car and we’ll see what we’re gonna get you guys inside we’re gonna go around the showroom and see if you guys can pick out the car I’m gonna get so it’s gonna be crazy look at this beautiful we got another awesome Martin clothes for our ef-s love this car check out wagon horse either it’s absolutely gorgeous car we’re gonna put on the LED bar and get a better view of all the party interior alright that’s much better look how beautiful this car is sorry FF got the back seats everything a huge trunk the wagon that’s bottom three doors for our cornea it’s quite very beautiful mom pro/con look the colors like the the Nardo parade amazing this beckons beautiful and open it up look at this thing go insane that’s her little flip star reverse you pull it back beautiful hard look at this dude mad if I got this what if I told you guys I just bought a Huracan just kidding then by the Huracan but look how beautiful this is you got loved her you got the imprint with heat on the C no Lamborghini or McLaren divides that the thing is serious oh boy [Music] since out of it this thing is so beautiful oh my god look this thing well I can imagine myself driving this thing all around Oh beautiful as cars got the McLaren on the – it’s all the same color but imagine if we could change the color of the car and make it to where it’s the color of your car in it if you have a blue McLaren make that blue so all of them have this gray I’ll be crazy like I’ll just National bring my back let’s check out the apartment Sara have another port a risk in the area I don’t know really how to pronouncing his own Hispanic look at this this is one of my characters I’m like dying my voice is actually getting killed right now all carbon fiber completely the seeds the trim the little door the little headboard the little seat mover you know the under plates are far door panels look at this get the cluster the steering wheel we got the art p.m. up there everything for the buttons the – what would you call this blower – on the beautiful car this is the definition of a race car a true street-legal racecar 115 now all right so we’re going to sign off my life there we go thank you crazy how gratulations alright so we took here’s a little hint we just put the key on my back here now you have to have to decide all right how now you have a plate and that’s a major hammer there just sign off the paperwork I’ve signed off on the paperwork we did old papers like 50 different papers along with that we made the check and now we did we also did change the insurance and now we have this bat packet of paperwork so let’s go start driving the car and get the new car for the channels when we crazy then slide the close enough to yeah not yeah look at this Bo insane got fully decked out and carbon carbon here carbon they’re hardened they’re carving they’re carving carving carving carving someone was crashed carbon-carbon but there’s carbon everyone is part carbon deck there now and they insane so this thing is I’m awesome you got parven ceramic brakes so these are made our current barber as well it’s gonna be less dust there’s a carbon here there’s carbon there Harvick everywhere this finally finally bought my dream car this is my dream car and I just accomplished it at 19 years old I just bought my dream car McLaren mp4 fully decked out in carbon at 19 years old insane thank you you’re welcome and enjoy wanna do insane now let’s get inside and start driving insane this one is so beautiful I cannot believe it’s happening let’s start the car where is it [Music] all right movement part ow [Music] [Music] Sandro whoo so happy I know look at this thing holy think now all right so this thing’s insane look this Emily except the percentage right there and everything this thing is gorgeous part it’s perfect specs and the brown with a silver everything’s gorgeous look at this it sees everything is beautiful I chose this car over a bunch of others I saw because the mileage didn’t really seem like they were correct cuz they were like very used this thing is spotless perfect paint perfect interior not a single crease on the seats like this is the best and before I’ve seen on the market and also this is the reason why I bought it there’s so many nice details fully decked on carbon and the price was just right I’ve got a good amount on the GTR so I said why not sometimes you have to downgrade to upgrade that’s why I sold the Nissan the Audi r8 for the GTR to save enough money to buy my dream car Doug McLaren mp4 this thing is insane this thing is specked out perfectly and call answer this call and I’ll see you guys on the road this car is beautiful like a state trooper I wish there was any state troopers ever would have flown and by all these bars well this thing’s insane my madam likes sauce we would hear those cackles I hear back there we might put exhaust on this thing if this thing’s insane I’m so happy all right guys I hope you enjoy the new car and we’ll catch you in the next video negative you’re insane come from my place they’re so full of the hippie but never could prove it people that watch from afar but they never applaud you swear that one day i’ma lose it yeah not made for toxic environments filled with hostility

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100 thoughts on “BUYING MY DREAM CAR AT 19 YEARS OLD ! ( MCLAREN )

  1. “F430 scuderia.. I don’t know how to pronounce it even though I’m Hispanic..” uhhhh what.. it’s Italian LMAO

  2. Parabéns irmão, very happy 4 you, live our dreams for us, cause in brazil nothing of that is possible!! not even working a entire life! You deserve all!!

  3. Salve Kevin sou escrito do Greg e estou aqui dando aquela força sucesso pra vc e parabéns pela máquina

  4. Okay within the first minute you said "Austin Martin." It's Aston. You called the Ferrari FF a wagon. It's a hatchback. Then you said "led bar." L.E.D. is an acronym, therefore you're supposed to say the letters separately. You don't call the U.S.A. "Oosa" do you?


    Ron Solemn ~ "Ego Death" Feat. Oak Cliff EZ (Prod. by Z. Will)

  6. All youtubers can afford there own car when they get as much views as you or other famous YouTubers with a regular job your ass wouldn’t be able to get one so you start a YouTube channel to make easy money that way

  7. "down grading from my full built audi r8 to a nissan gtr," that poor kid. can't believe he had to be seen driving a measly gtr. Thank god he got a McLaren

  8. parabens mano , que carro insano , essa mclaren cheia de carbono ta linda de mais , quantos kg ela tem uns 1200 kg ?

  9. muito foda cara, aqui no Brasil o IPVA de um carro de 40mil R$ já é o olho da cara… é meio q impossível sustentar um carro assim aqui, mas parabéns pela conquista!! tmj caralhooou

  10. My dad bought this car not me* is what he should’ve said. I Never can respect people who aren’t self made and act like what they have is from their own work and accomplishments when it’s not. Smh

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