[Music] all right ladies and gentlemen we have an interesting turn of events because I sick and fucking tired of the dealer working with our transport company to get the car over there already almost a week behind I decided you know what fuck it I’m going to Vegas I’m going to pick up my car myself and drive it back so stay tuned this is going to be a video of us driving to Vegas me picking up the Lamborghini Huracan and driving it back I hope you enjoy make sure that you subscribe and browse the channel as we’re definitely going to blow the shit up now so we’re in the lovely Prius getting gas and then we’re off on the road all of you who may be watching this for the first time because you got here through the Jim Carr video my name is B C Brian Costello I’m a realtor in Southern California I’ve started a YouTube channel on my travelin speaker and trainer as well I coach agents I sell a real estate I run a team and make sure that you subscribe to the channel because even though I only have 10 20 % car videos and lifestyle not kind of stuff I take you through day-to-day of running your own business and I really give you a lot of practical tools and advice to help you go from nothing to living the lifestyle that I live because I went from broke to this and four years or less so it’s definitely in your best interest to watch and especially browse my channel because I documented my journey from about three four years ago all the way up until now enjoy [Music] so we’re out to pass Barstow right now on our way just did a little bit of traffic but overall the camera to get though starting to pretty excited so we did one final pit stop over here at the Shell gas station the way that has been driving but kind of a last minute thing like I said the transport has been getting delayed and delayed and delayed and I’d rather just get it’s like 200 miles from Vegas so I can drive it back and I can give you guys some good clips and you know most of the delivery videos that you see or people just getting it delivered to their house or dealer up at their house so I think it’s cool that I’m actually going to get it and then bringing it here I think it’s something a little bit different [Music] [Music] big time development here I’m about to be the listing agent for all that law that get myself one of the three million dollar Lambos [Music] so you just got the keys picked up the Lambo maybe all that hard work for the smoke so I called the dealer and I said I’m just going to come down they put it outside for me quite like an hour ago so we’re good to go so enjoy the film and give you guys some cinematic clip [Music] how do you feel seeing it in person incredible man you know it just reminds me of all the hard work that you go through and all the people I get flashes too of all people who doubted me and tell me I would never get one and a very incredible experience at the same time I know how much I’ve come from or I guess the word would be the progress in the last four years because now this is cool I got it but I’m already thinking like what’s next what’s the next biggest thing because a couple years ago this is like the top at the top now I know this is just the beginning right so for all of you watching who are in the middle of your grind you’re just starting it let this you know inspire you a little bit because it’s just a couple years ago listen four years ago I was broke all right before I got into real estate before I really started making money and being entrepreneurial right there’s my basketball career I was practically depressed and is [Music] kiss me right it’s been a spirited how was your first driving experience actually parked the damn thing to trade – I’m not absolutely beautiful literally like a an exotic version of a GTR I think my I think my track edition had a stiffer suspension though because I’ve had an enforcement it’s beautiful it doesn’t field sniffing by GTR there which is cool guitar I love the super stick for the price height wise it’s similar lower than the BTR than all that hard work paying off please pick up your car and now you’re also releasing activates of subprime please constantly busy or as if you know something that has to go on people are being bombarded by new advertisements new information all these like potion is to be able to help create them more content and better Connie where people better give more value and when you reach a certain point of giving so much your competition will be equal to that thing to be able to get focus the Lamborghini have to remember that is a moment in before the work smarter not harder was always an inception period that everyone really very hard [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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