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Buying JDM Cars Online : Episode 3 – NEW vs OLD

Buying JDM Cars Online : Episode 3 – NEW vs OLD

hey guys welcome to buying JDM cause
this is episode 3 and we’re going to be looking at new versus old cars so the
basic format of this is going to be cause that are relatively stop and talk
about stock the stock wheels going to be talking about tunability on each one pros cons and essentially what i like
about them so this is my point of view don’t get offended by what i say it’s
purely what I like so let’s get straight into this 300zx twin turbo vs unison
350z honestly like both of these cars they’re both great cars if I have to
choose one of probably go for 350 said for couple reasons are personally think
it’s been looking once you start throwing some arrow mods on bail
sidekicks different wing the car does the quite appealing i like it looks
awesome for me it’s got a big break it’s got rainbow stocking up front and rear
is called calipers and I love girl swap them out or bigger units eight parts
accenture but having the car come without that’s the big advantage you can
just step them peace instead of cross drove a lot of tasks perhaps in DC pads
and your a4a way I mean you can track the car that gets set up my brother porque with 306 horsepower that’s the
flywheel it was decently lot was 1 5 45 kilograms just over 1.5 times calling
Crimea its its aggressive in its own way and it’s got all the bells and whistles
in the interior I like a car going back to and looking at the 300zx twin turbo
those car was a heavy be thousand 654 kilograms so 1.6 times roughly turned 76
brake horsepower g2 that gentleman’s agreement back in the day it’s a NASCAR
min it’s got their 3d 220 motors press the feet easy with 3.5 v6 normally
aspirated look of someone have to give me the 300zx I didn’t say anything we’ll take the car and I probably took
on the things and who knows maybe I enjoyed I’ve never driven one I had a
350 lead for a week I have a soft spot for that’s probably
one eating more towards it however if you look at the back of the
300 exits find a bit boxy not my first choice goes my opinion I’m gonna have to get the wind to the
350z did even know what you guys think about those the rx7 versus the RX now
this one’s a bit of a no-brainer for me the rx7 has always won hands down its
better looking at water it’s got a twin turbo motor benefits can be rotary as
opposed to the normally aspirated my58 advice 1.3 liter and thereby three-wheel
Drive however are excited it’s got played archers go to leopard to me it
took around its to commercialize the rx7 has got a Thomas body of copán tastic
looking watches the front bumpers awesome the rear of the cars really cool
once you’ve got that that wing on the back or even an aria media kept on the
car or any sort of wing on the back to be honest it looks hard I love the part when looking car
twin-turbo mitre nothing beats the sound of a charged 13b might start weaving
between TBH that nothing of mad once you stopped charging these majors they look
freaking awesome they sound freaking awesome to look the
rx7 having an overall win to me it’s a no brainer came up just under 13 tons
thousand turn 80 kilos however the rx-8 came in at just under
14 sorry 1.4 times 1384 kilograms you don’t know what I’m going to say I’m
gonna say RX ever gonna get to work for me so I would go for an older car with
species even eight and nine versus the evo 10 now I’ve never had either had a lot of surgeries in the past I’ve
always wanted and either i’m still get an even if i could for me i would
personally get a Tommy Makinson edition or curd made one of the later models
like a nifty 360 or 400 there be pretty cool i prepare the evo 8 9 i find that
the car a lot more aggressive then you attend upon an even 10 rear end is not
cool I don’t like a natural water market it
just doesn’t appeal to me looks too much of a family car top so sorry
distinguished as a cool JDM sports call some sort of race car in a normal
posture by 10 vehicle and they’ll be like we’re connected to the mitsubishi
or whatever it might be and so for me I would say that you ate mine it’s got a
lot more graceful the salmon looks way better at my eyes one big thing about
having an evil a two month later she has a lot of parts with the older generation
so they’ve got the 4g63 mytouch that you need the tuber think it runs into your 5
20 g or something around there so it’s very easy to replace the Pharaoh to
become a car to get speers originally available now if you have to have a
problem your 10 it’s gonna be big many aspects of court least from what
research i’ve done i’ve seen of a lot more expensive having the other models
you know for me I would have to say it would be either a 29 going back to it
that you are ten i think it’s 25 it’ll be a last quarter is daily but if you
want to get looks from people what people say oh well what caused that
that’s cool talk about quarter of Engineers got the 2-liter turbo it’s a
full be 11 t mitre along with elements a more upon version of the 4g 63 motive
but it’s just peeling off for me so it’s not devil Anse on guys with me i would
say the even eight or nine hands down done and dusted that’s the
carefully okay so I’m saving the best for last you guys the map is the iron and a 32g
are not 23 model and possibly going to be a little bit biased towards this one
so we’re going to go for the older generations will be the offi to 33 and
34 versus the or 30s excuse long biased opinion but this together all the models
based so so the r32 GTR that has got a hell of a lot of racing . to join you
just need to do a quick Google search before and all the stuff out there it
was banned from park that before the banded 12 pins I mean that was the first Japanese
calling history to win anything major it was in nickname Godzilla they
consider the supercar back in the day a lot of you now say working all the GTRs
not really a supercar compared to a chronic cig or a block ever give this
ship it was 9 pounds supercar back in the day because it trumped everything
out there and name the gods of the firm’s Godzilla be the king of all BTR
mad i’m digressing get back into it and see how exhausted i get about this car
racing heritage that’s one thing that’s a job as call it was really cool car to
drive it makes anyone feel like a superhero when you drop the car it’s you
it’s the car there’s nothing else in between there’s
a little bit of a product here and there there’s a taste the system is that hot
cat systems the tester is your control for the your talk shifting from front to
back the hot cast is your rear wheel steering so this will correct your talk
and push up to the front wheels on the back wheels when it picks up slippage
etc and your heart cast is obviously your rear wheels how they turn when you
are engaging into the corner so it does turn in both directions and it
turned on opposite ends in the same so most cases me taking a corner it’s going
to try and induce oversteer so if you take your heart of corner that the
wheels in some cases will start facing to the right hand side side back of your
car starts looking out eating some understeer there which is great and the
girls don’t know about oversteer and understeer let me know i’m going to tell
about but those are the basics on the r32 obviously the 33 and 34 had super
high caste said with the electronic system as a price to mechanical one that
I’ve got a mind the system was also a lot more responsive that’s the right
words that better technology better computer etc on the later models 33
thing for the old ones are also featured in manga series i’m a big fan of initial
B and Wang gang did not you guys haven’t checked it out really cool most of the stuff of subtitles so you’re
not into that sort of thing that maybe give a skip but let’s say we’re going
but not for example again to motor back but cool cars and there’s rx7 supers
this utr these guys pull the cars and the run of the freeway there’s the one particular crime that’s
the devil z and this car has got some mystery behind i’m not making any
spoilers but it’s mostly centered around this vehicle and the driver of the
vehicle there’s a lot of cool cars of us short of stuff that they’re talk linger
to speak about East tuning and doing this exhaust that injured blah blah blah and that’s pretty cool to
see some guys doing now it’s also very detailed and artwork so very last check
out our cars much lighter spying on 32 the early editions Cameron 14 13
kilograms and went up to the forger 1540 not talking special editions at for
those who wait for the stock model versus the or 35 35 is quite heavy and
Cameron at one point seven tons or 1740 kilograms nothing else the car has an
absolute monster 3.8 liter v8 twin turbo this call highly tuneable I mean this is
ms elphick it’s there you’re the only ones with the p800 switch something that
came out a couple months off to the car was released then and was really pushing
the car date and horsepower now we’re seeing thousand six hundred thousand
eight hundred two thousand plus plus plus the cause of absolutely cheating
playground guys are loving it 202 203 achill insane vs cause my
authority we’re going to between six to basic
computer inline-6 twin-turbocharged straight-six amigos may call it it’s an
unbelievable later when it comes to sound however like they say no
replacement for displacement I’m a die-hard fan always stick with the RV 36
it’s a cool night mercy on 35 it’s an amazing car looks awesome to the
costs insane when you start breaking clutches and gearbox you go to worry
about other things that go with it and electronics and because just full full full of
Technology nothing against the car it is beast however I still love the other model
purely because they have so much history behind them they are chronic Japanese
super cause the guy’s hands down for me darlin deplete a 3g 4g are of course
we’re not talking about tsps GT etc ttys gas-x very much for watching hope you
enjoy this absurd forget to lock comment subscribe free shuttle to use your
comments and appreciate you guys thank you very much if there’s anything you
want to see you anything or talk about give me ideas we can put some stuff
together gasps keep well and i will see you again
this week for another DIY video on my r32 GTR

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6 thoughts on “Buying JDM Cars Online : Episode 3 – NEW vs OLD

  1. Are gtrs expensive to maintain stock, thinking of getting a p plate legal one as first car since they are so cheap for what u get.

  2. I'm honestly stuck between importing either an RX7, or an R32. I'm saving up for the day, but when it comes I'll have to make a choice.

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