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BUYING HER FIRST CAR!! (hehe nice)

BUYING HER FIRST CAR!! (hehe nice)

My lips are chapped Watch this Okay is that enough I was trying to do an intro there. I thought we’d end up laughing or something Hello everybody and welcome to my vlog right now You are listening to my intro song in just about two seconds the show will go on one uh two you idiot Zane’s here, Zane’s here to film hi but look it look at who’s filming I am NOT Zane because I’m proactive about filming boom What does that shirt mean? Cookin up dope with a spoopy! I don’t get it. I’m gonna be honest I don’t get it and I was yelling at Scott today on my boy. What does this shirt mean? Cookin up dope with a- We’re just replacing a word that kind of rhymes with spoopy and replacing with spoopy That’s is spoopy taking the place of? Crockpot. Cookin up dope with a- crockpot cookin up dope with a- crockpot It’s supposed to be cookin up dope in a crockpot, we replace it with spoopy. It doesn’t make sense. None of the spoopy shirts make sense. Usually spoopy is an adjective right? No it’s not, it’s just a word. Spooky is an adjective. That I’m not supposed to get it I get Let’s check out the Merc You’re selling this yeah like Matt, and I were literally replacing all the words in a song with spoopy And it didn’t make sense which made it hilarious You should make a song to promote the shirts I can’t I don’t I can’t sing you don’t have to sing replace words with spoopy That’s it you want to sing songs my name is Scott Wow Guys Dave Todd guess what yes Christmas buying a new car let’s go. Yeah wait no Dude, yeah, I want to go you guys go give We gave you a heads up. We said So quick it’s not gonna be so quick. Just reacting to some people, bro. We don’t have time for your bullshit You can meet us there we’re Fiat 3.9. 3.9 miles away triangulate the calculation of calculator You know what we’re probably gonna have them going again another time, so we’ll give you another heads up Are you gonna BMW and we’re gonna feei we might stop off at Best Buy So if you want to go to Best Buy boom you could come there – All Right. See you later Yo, Dave, I’m back remember I told you I was leaving and you were like okay, bye I can’t really leave because your car’s in the driveway blocking my car, and that’s what I planned on doing good Let’s leave it move your car Todd are you leaving – yes? What am I gonna? See you again? Yeah? That’s good Why not tonight Todd because okay cool, yeah? What? What I said what the hell is wrong with you – nothing dude get off my dick. It’s odd The way – I can’t leave for a day and you get upset I’m not upset find. It strange look Kristen’s waiting in the car I have to go she’s gonna see this footage later, and be like that’s what you were doing That’s why I was sitting in the car waiting for so long you were talking to Jason of all people Jason You know I’m talking about Joe See you see yes. We’ll talk soon. See you later Bros. You look like a Doritos commercial What if you go home with a new car today? I don’t feel like you mean you don’t Fiat like you will Scared me. It scared me. Why’d you do that? Right yeah listen here you little don’t oh All right Kristen and I have been here at the fiat dealership for a few hours We found a car that she likes more than the Fiat. She was looking at online as cold an Alfa Romeo We managed to get the price down and she’s about to purchase the car glorious moment. It’s nice Not as cool as my Tesla it might be cooler, but I don’t think so, but it could be pretty cool Hello, miss. I would like to see a Maserati, please What does that mean? Why when I asked to see a Maserati? Are you saying that here boobs are Maserati? Okay Don’t be nervous Kristen get the car you want Alfa Romeo Giulia or Mayor Rahm an Alfa Romeo ma’am are you excited yeah? She’s a crazy car buying maniac. I have a car. She has a car a car No your other car broke down. You’ve been driving the Tesla If you guys come to Fiat and Van Nuys talked to TJ the greatest And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for Kristin stepping into her brand-new 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia oh I think that to go out the other side we close out the whole store it took so long TJ TJ There it is it looks so beautiful I’ll take this car home you take the Tesla Juliet because Romeo Giulia I wouldn’t name her Juliet or Julia I would name it something completely different like we whoo just name your car that we whoo put some sirens on top Okay get in drive off, and then I’ll lead – thanks TJ Thank you, man Get out of here You didn’t sell her a dud Bye Say, bye, Kristin and there she goes after this moment I never saw her again, which tie comes out to mean he goes. I’m gonna crop my sweatshirt. Do you have any scissors? How do you crop it? It’s real fucking simple you just cut the bottom off here should be like right at the seam of this I think so just mark it its marked its marked. Yeah, I mean I guess you don’t really need a market. That’s on the scene Plugging my brooch in your vlog guys don’t buy as much mine is link below I’m just kidding. This is gonna look like a sick crop. Be careful. Dude. I don’t care about the bed. I care about your fingers Do this for you no Dude I’m cutting my life Get this merch cuz it’s hot she where decision bend down to Cheetos then back up I mean here you try. Okay Todd ception, dude. We got a Todd on at odds by Showing your merch Jason Jason, let’s show chickie instead chickie tegus down. What’s that crap? Moy gordita or no wait that means fat muy Gordo There no no no no bonito bony burrito bonito bonito me bonito bonito Did you just assume his bonito, it was Jason. Where is Jason. That’s it. He’s probably over here in his room Jay sir Yes, Jason, that’s my gun this was cropping crop tops with Todd and Scott Finish the rhyme, it’s just a bitch Who leaves their shoes here like that? Is it over. Oh my god, I missed the whole fight things dead you got enough snacks yet here Wow that was a lot of action for the morning we’re gonna need to turn the AC on after all that heat we just filmed All right Zane can you get out of here now listen? What are we gonna do about Zane being here all the time? I am so Do you hurt wrestling David Scott missed all the action, I did not I actually filmed it on snapchat I missed it on my vlog though Zan your your buttons are on set if you really hurt why do you wrestling to the either human shape? It’s all true what’s that movie Cosford? Talk really Actually for something that’s so fun. We just used it for something my blog Alright, that’s it for today’s vlog Please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe to my channel if you’d like to see more from me in the future Today shadow goes to yanari. You know are you a Qunari guess what I’m crappy in the streets and spooky in the sheets. That’s dope here’s your rap name You in Murray you don’t like the rep. I’m sorry I can use a Bloody Mary wow that’s sucked all right cool

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100 thoughts on “BUYING HER FIRST CAR!! (hehe nice)

  1. My friends: What’s a vlog squad?

    Me: First of all there a *who*. (Respect my parents) second of all, they’re the people who single handedly cured my depression thats who goshdangit

  2. “There’s no real cure for depr—“

    Me: “WHOAH! Have you forgotten about The Vlog Squad? Mhmm thats what I thought”

  3. I love when they were done talking to chickee Todd said thank you chickee and Scotty said Grassia’s

  4. I think we all know the only reason why David is wearing Kristen’s merch is cause it’s black 🙂

  5. I clicked on this video and it said 999k views I thought. “It’d be cool if I was the millionth view” the views ticked over to a million when I started watching it. Pretty cool

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