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Hey guys, what’s up? I’m sitting in my bed for this part of the video because I wanted to use my computer for a minute And I don’t have a desk anymore I got rid of my desk to make more room for my animals, so I’m in my bed now So I was browsing the internet looking at Animals because yeah, not not only do I talk about animals 24/7 in my videos. I think about animals 24/7 Always, so I was looking up websites and I came across this this odd one in my opinion at least Solara why did you do that? Why did you do that? Do you know why she did that Gus ? No? Really Hey, hi. Why did you why did you throw your food on the ground? Okay. So I was browsing the internet when I came across this website that sells exotic animals, it’s very vague It’s just says exotic animals for sale, so it has no specific type of exotic animal so I looked into it and it’s basically like a Craigslist But for exotic animals so so I’m just going to go through it with you guys and show you what I found on here Baby female owl monkey for sale. six thousand dollars or trade for female Capuchin who who has a female Capuchin? Which is a monkey by the way and is looking for a baby female owl monkey and just wants to trade. So Obviously, there’s a lot of monkeys because I guess people want to own monkeys. Which is stupid. A kangaroo So if anyone has 1,200 dollars you can just have a kangaroo in your house if you want I guess. I kind of want to email every single one on this website and just inquire. Female lynx Why would you own a wild cat? Like yes, I own exotic animals, but come on come on where’s the line? There has to be a line somewhere between What you can keep this pets, and just what you shouldn’t and I feel like a lynx is one of those things that you probably Shouldn’t keep as a pet. Just a crazy idea that owning a wild cat will not be a good decision on your choice. Can y’all hear that? That’s my mouse. Comes with baby supplies?!?! Why would you want a monkey? Why do you want that from everything I know. I can’t say I speak from personal experience, but from everything I know monkeys Shouldn’t be pets. What is this for trade thing? like do you want my monkey in exchange for my rhino like why do people trade animals? I don’t like my child anymore. I’ll trade you for your newborn baby, but I want an Asian baby I’m tired of this white baby. Do you want to trade? See, I do like Tenrecs though this would be something, I think is pretty cool because Tenrecs are like hedgehogs, but nicer and they live a lot longer Monkey. Monkey, Bad Kinkajou! That’s a terrible way to get someone to want to buy this animal buy my bad album, watch this bad video… Out now. We’ve owned this kinkajou for less than a year she was aggressive when we bought her She isn’t fix, but we were told that getting her fix would help her aggressiveness. She is almost 3 years old, but bad behaved. We attempted to take her out and play with her so She’d get used to us, but she was more interested into getting into things that she wasn’t supposed to get into. Maybe because, just maybe, maybe, maybe because she’s a kinkajou. And not a dog. She eats plays and uses the bathroom. She is friendly when she wants to be, but hates being told no. This is a camel. And it says we can ship with ease. How do you ship a camel? How do you ship it with ease? you put in a box? I’ve seen small animals and I’ve seen reptiles ship before I’ve seen fish ship before they don’t, they come in little bags. They’re insulated or little boxes, whatever, but a camel How do you ship a camel? So these kinkajous. um, have financing options available… so if you want a kinkajou But can’t even afford to buy the kinkajou you can finance your kinkajou Even though you probably should be able to afford a kinkajou if you want to buy a kinkajou you should probably wait Because if you don’t have the money for a kinkajou, how do you have the money for everything else? elk herd for sale. Have you been looking for 50 elk? Well look no longer leland cox has all 50 of them for you I wonder if she ships. can you ship all 50 Elk to my door thank you. Let’s keep going. white Buffalo herd. It’s the same person Leland Cox She has a herd of white Buffalo and a herd of elk just chillin at her house that she doesn’t need. don’t you just Hate when you have herds of buffalo & elk that you don’t want just chillin at your house such a nuisance That thing is adorable. oh my God, that’s like the most random thing to own as an animal like what Oh that’s nice, a dead one. Thanks that’s what I wanted Google How come whenever I look up an animal on Google like one of the first few results on any I look is a dead one Used to look up Hedgehogs picture one run over by a car would come up. I look up paca I get a dead paca Google, but they want me to be sad They want me to know like don’t don’t you dare want this animal because look it will die and it will look like this Oh my God Zoboomafoo is for sale on here seriously He has a leash and he just sits in the backyard on the pole- that’s sad come on Why is why is Zoboomafoo just tethered, to the a pole? The Kraft brothers would be very disappointed right now. Why am I on pole I should be running around doing Zoboomafoo things I would love that I have a very nice and healthy zebra Would consider trading for female camels, man. I’m tired of my camel I hope someone will trade me for a zebra. first off, Why would you trade a zebra for a camel? I’m sorry, but zebras, zebras camels zebras camels Zebras second of all, why do you have zebras? how does- how do you get in these situations or you’re just like man I really don’t want the zebra. I wish I would of- I wish I had a camel instead Why do I have this zebra? You know sometimes I get clothes that I don’t like and I think you know I thought they May look cute but once I get it I’m just like eh. Don’t really want it, so I sell it online But a zebra is that the same thing? Do you go about it the same way where you get a zebra & you’re just like eh guess I’ll sell it online Submit an animal you want. Looking for a hard-to-find animal? I’m wanting a human. Hello everyone, I’m on the hunt for a blue Homo Sapien I will also consider A. I will also consider other morphs that are available if you have any Just send pics, LOl. I am Looking for one that is cheaper. That is cheaper than $8 I will also trade my white homo Sapien for A blue one My white Homo Sapien is 8 years old, only gluten free Homo Sapiens, please. I will ship This is a very very good description very very good detail I also found a list from the black market About all of the animals you can get on the black market and for what prices they are sold for on the black market There’s a queen Alexandra butterfly for eight thousand dollars and then a chimpanzee live for fifty fifty bucks for a chimpanzee And then there’s um five thousand dollars for a dead tiger, fifty thousand for a living one, the tiger remains Seventy thousand, Tigers skin Thirty five thousand, for some reason a dead tiger is five thousand dollars but tiger skin is thirty five thousand dollars. Can’t you just pay for a dead one and then Cut it? I definitely need some fish bladder I’m guessing these are all like used like for medicinal purposes and like see rhino horns ten bucks ten dollars For a rhino horn. This is just messed up four hundred thousand dollars for a gorilla, but but only fifty for a chimpanzee. So thank y’all guys so much for watching and I guess y’all will see me next time cause I won’t see you and Yes, I know I need to announce the winner for the giveaway So I need to pick a winner and then contact the winner and make sure that they are eligible to receive the item and then I will post the video announcing who won, so yes, I need to do that. It hasn’t happened yet I’ve had a lot going on. Give me a break Am I talking too much? I think Kida wants me to shut up so yeah, bye guys.

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100 thoughts on “BUYING EXOTIC ANIMALS ONLINE (Weird Pet Trade Website)

  1. Why not. As long as you have your permits and the money to spend, you should own whatever you want.
    I do 👍🏼
    I treat my Fox better than some people treat their dog or cat.
    It's irrelevant what species you own, just like you own a hedgehog and keep it in that tiny cage.
    My Fox has the run of the house and backyard, is spayed , microchipped and UTD on her vaccines.
    Cry me a river 😂😂😂

    Btw, you have a natural beauty about you, lay of the make up and stop dying your hair.
    You'll thank me later 👍🏼💋

  2. Ok so like I’ve always loved ur channel and all but like okay.. before you would rant hard core about people selling illegal animals and now ur actually giving in? What the fuck bro. I’m really disappointed right now

  3. I loved this video crazy but i have been online looking for a easy 1st pet for my grandkids that live with me. Its crazy out there

  4. Everyone else is talking about the trades but all i can think about is the fact that their selling a tiger penis for $1,300…

  5. I'm selling a very rare pet rock he doesn't really move or eat we think he might be dead. so if you want it call me at 123.

  6. I’m willing to take a minimum of 100trillion dollars for a BAD-garden snail she will eat you in your sleep and attract lemon key she will never be free and she is a killing machine thank you

  7. Shipping hooved animals is quite easy, trailer train them from birth and theyll walk right up a horse trailer. Theyre often trained animals. Especially zebras since they can interbreed with horses or donkeys for interesting hybrids. Ofcourse the morality of this can be discussed but its all quite simple.

  8. I think you should search on Google exotic animals for sale and keep scrolling untill you see this web sight that says exotic animals for sale and if you see the web sight you will see a lot of cool snakes for sale that are cheap and they will look nice please check it out and make a video about please there are super cute and beautiful snakes on that website please again

  9. This site is made for zoologists and permit holder so I think sit really annoying that she keeps saying why would you own this or why would you trade this

  10. I am selling a pink rhino, gluten free. I'll take 900,000,000 bucks for it. Although I've been pondering about trading it for a blue cheetah, I'll gladly take a red hippo for it. I ship directly to your door, and though the rhino will probably have destroyed your house into sand cakes and ashes, you bet your green chimpanzee it'll be there waiting.

  11. Ok I'm a huge animal activist and some of these just…. tick me off. Also like a Zebra? A Lynx? Hello???? THEY ARE WILD ANIMALS. WILD. ANIMALS. WHO COULD BE DANGEROUS. 🤷

  12. My friends grandpa has a bunch of zebras and they used on of his zebras for the movie I bought a zoo or something like that

  13. Hello I’m trading my rare most exotic pet paper ever he has rare black markings and looks very cool will swap for a Rudolph the red nose reindeer or will sell for the small price of 80,000,000$

  14. This is is basically the black market for selling wild animal's what's next I can buy kids and trade them in if the out grow their cage or something💀

  15. I have about 30 pets looking for separate homes, most purchased from breeders. They include reptiles, exotic fish, and rodents.

  16. I have an ultra rare elsa towel pet for sale. Shipping costs one dollar and a free, live t-rex will be put into the package aswell. Elsa Towel by itself costs 392838202847. DM me for info!!

  17. I have a pet African pygmy hedghog she is six months old but I have to sell her as I am alergic to her 😭😭😭😰

  18. As an Australian, seeing a kangaroo for sale breaks my heart. Yes, they can be housed as pets if you rescue one as a baby and bring it up as a domesticated animal but they should not be used as pets, they belong in the wild.

  19. I paid $75 for my cat’s adoption fee. I’m starting to feel ripped off knowing I could have gotten a whole chimpanzee for only $50

  20. My hedgehog also dumps his food while I'm trying to sleep so then I have to listen to him digging through his bedding to find the pieces of food

  21. I Have a exotic shoe for sale, Cost 70,500 dollar I'll trade for A Paper Sock my shoe is very Hangry she also is a nice breeder doesn't take much. To care for. Hate's Eating with other shoe's. Attacked Other pair so. We have to sell my shoe if you would like her. And do not have. $7,500 dollar I will trade for a 2 female socks Thank you I will ship with ease. Only shipment around North America and maybe Greenland. And Australia. Thank you.

  22. can u be more stupid!! this is for ppl who own farms or zoo keepers … and what do u have against monkeys … they’re intelligent clean and friendly

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