67 thoughts on “BUYING BOOZE FROM AMIS – TOWING BY A GREEN CAR – My Summer Car UPDATE #142

  1. Po co kupować od niego wódę jak można ją mieć zabijająć pijanego kierowcę zielonym autem i on upuszcza wódę albo tam gdzie rąbiemy drewno

  2. My summer car as a new update Girls new citys new maps new cars fletaari house airport train station finland citys motocycles 4×4 off road vehicle I'm waiting for this update

  3. You know what would be cool, is if Topless gun added a way that when being towed by Mr Hitler here, you can drop her In gear and hill start it in a way.

  4. MSC wikipedia says:
    "The player can purchase a bottle of booze from him while he is present at the dance pavilion. The initial price of the bottle is 1,000 mk, but it can be haggled down to 600 by pressing the speech key near him (default K). The price gets lowered in increments: 900, 850, 750, and finally 600. Trying to go any lower than 600 will cause him to refuse the offer and insult the player."

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