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Buying and drifting an AE86 in Japan – Noriyaro Ep. 2

Buying and drifting an AE86 in Japan – Noriyaro Ep. 2

hey Kenickie these are the photos that I received in an email from a friend which basically said hey Alexi do you wanna buy a hachiroku and I thought yeah why not I’ve always were the one so I met up with him handed over the cash and ended up with this before we get too far along I will have to admit it is actually an 85 but never mind that it has a genuine hachiroku engine and all sorts of parts on it it also has a few other cool little things on it like this digital – Japanese spec wiring and of course rust but overall the car was in pretty good condition and most importantly ready to drift so all I had to do was head over to my favorite tire shop for heads to get some tires and borrow some wheels however they do video it’s good to do Ghana ah these are the wheels I borrowed a pair of longchamps and I’m not sure what these are and the tires only just barely fit with the tires sorted out and a quick oil change the car was done or at least that’s all I was going to do before taking this to the circuit though there was another event I wanted to check out this is what the car park looks like an eight-six style an event held every year at Fuji Speedway and as you can see it’s absolutely full of 86 s both stock and modified everyone well this is pretty cool to see it’s not the reason I came here over in the display array behind the grandstands it was pretty much the same story 86 and BRZ parts race cars demo cars show cars time attack cars even a police car replicas are made by Tomica again cool stuff but not what I came here to see so with all that new eighty-sixth uh better way ever look at this gayjisu cheers pop version special 86 come on hit it all okay it was then I found out that the relay 86 display was on the other side of the main street over in the pit there are even a few privately owned replicas of the initial D tofutti and hero car on there was an official car there but I thought this one was a bit more well done actually owned by a girl – with low mileage the correct paper cup and the dashboard signed by the guy who did the voice of parang runs a pretty common at the bedside owners can drive their own car around the Fuji Speedway surgeon it was one for those new cars and one for the old cars led by kiichi cheer himself because I had to get a quick photo please no thoughts of death I’ll be good attending this show just made me even more keen to get out there in my own car all I had to do was wait a few more days this is another annual eight-six only event well though this time it is actually for ae86 s it doesn’t matter what sort of car you have as long as it looks like either this one or this one and has one of these or these in the engine bay the venue was sports land Yamanashi a small circuit about two hours south from Tokyo it’s hidden up in the mountains looks like a mountain road that’s perfect for small low powered cars like these since the car was pretty much ready to go when I bought it all I had to do was put on my special compound tires stick my helmet on and head out onto the track for my first time drifting in ae86 over this gonna get past because he’s a very faster than me like son really yeah forgot for yeah Oh my throat’s all dry what it’s really good fun all right sure I was starting to understand the appeal of a scars all already have to do was just put my foot in the accelerator and Steve chuckle run with a bit well oh that’s so much fun yep it was fun it was the most fun drift car I’d ever driven I was starting to wonder why I’d never bought one before the car was performing well and I hadn’t gotten into any sort of trouble so I headed out for the final session of the day next session it’s going to try and go faster uighurs go to the window look at an end yeah really good better let it cool down a bit because the oil is at about 115 okay it’s just what’s the trip Daniel man so much fun I’m mad puffs going on on my shoulder muscles you’re talking need power steering is a tryst car it’s for girly men well I think buying this car maybe finally understand why I began to understand why these cars which aren’t really that fast powerful or good-looking are still so popular all around the world it’s because they’re fun they’re fun to drive

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100 thoughts on “Buying and drifting an AE86 in Japan – Noriyaro Ep. 2

  1. Before you write an "Itsuki" comment, the engine, drivetrain, brakes etc are all transplanted from an AE86. The number on the chassis doesn't mean anything.

  2. is there actual tire rub going on at 5:07 ? looks awesome but i wonder if they ever rub the actual fender/wheel wells. Legitimate question too, I'm fascinated by this culture and love Toyotas!

  3. It's kinda funny how in japan a lot of letterings and words on their cars are still in English instead of Japanese.

  4. The part where the mechanics come out and compliment the car and got so excited to see it was pretty wholesome, not gonna lie.

    Surprised nobody mentioned it.

  5. I really enjoyed the video but I disagree on your view of these cars not being that good looking. They're gorgeous in my opinion.

  6. Not good looking? Man they look like what an SS Torana would have been if they continued making them past the LX into the 80's. Pretty nice as far as hatches go.

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  8. I’ve been trying to find a AE86 in the states for almost two years. I found one but it was beyond repair

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