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BUYING ALL NEW CARS! NEW UPDATE! (Roblox Bloxburg) Roblox Roleplay

BUYING ALL NEW CARS! NEW UPDATE! (Roblox Bloxburg) Roblox Roleplay

( intro music ) hay guys and today we are an roblox bloxburg and they had a mad update which i am supper supper happy about and the and i am supper exsited because they added some new cars So here we are finally on bloxburg for with their new update and I’m super super excited to see it They’ve added new places as well like a camp site an observatory So I’m going to check all of these items out in today’s videos. I hope you guys are having a great Saturday And yeah, let’s just gonna do this shall we or we she’ll and I apologize for my aweful bun skills and stuff like that But yeah, I’m just having a lazy day, you know So we’re gonna go ahead and click on a play and we’re just gonna open up my main house You know, I’m gonna check out these places. Shall we? Oh we shall but here we are and okay Whoa, I see something over there already. Okay. So here is the map they have at it. It is hugemoungus I can’t say Okay, they have a literally change the whole map layout like this is insane okay, so usually there’s only this part and then there’s houses on that part, but now they mean like a They made more houses can more people join now or something? Okay, we are gonna take my car. We’re gonna look at these places And then we’ll go buy the new cars, you know. Oh my gosh, this is exciting. You guys new stuff on the map I’ve been waiting for this so long, but I was waiting for a school to be honest But you know a campsite and an observatory is fine. We can go camping now. I mean we made a camp am I stuck? I’m stuck Like Irby made a camp and I we recorded it out of a card up there if you don’t check that video out But now I mean we can literally just use the map that me nothing about the camp that they may have on On the map but and we are a little is that where we need to remove you just go away shoo We’ll just open another who’s just get another car. Okay. So here we are and this car here. Why is it? Why is it being so difficult to drive? Okay, I don’t know what’s wrong with it driving. I feel like it’s more difficult I don’t know. But okay. So here are the houses and usually there’s like a Coldest sack here, but now that it isn’t a sign here. Okay Oh Looks okay. So it’s not like a neighborhood then it’s so cool. But I think that driving is kind of weird It feels kind of weird when you drive but here are the stoplight. So here we go. We have some speed limit fast So, oh look a street light called Dominus We don’t really care about the street lights, you know we can we can just run those over it’s fine and now they have a welcome to a Blocksberg sign the best town in roblox a population of 50 people. Um, that is so cool Now, it feels like actual town, you know, I love it and they also have a gas station here now So like do we have a good guess I don’t think you do Um, I just don’t like the driving of the cars. I feel like they changed that it kind of feels weird But here we are at gas blocks fresh apple if they have an ATM as well. Can you like buy money? Oh, yeah, you can buy money. That’s so cool I mean they also have a mailbox here. But now you can buy stuff here. Look maybe the ID more jobs here I’ma do to order food. Oh my gosh, we can order food from here This is like, you know gas station food. It is so cool Let’s go ahead order some coffee because you know, it’s been a long day Let’s go and drink that coffee cup cup cup cup we are energized and ready to see some more area so let’s go ahead and grab our car again and Go see some more places like so far. This is pretty cool. Not gonna lie I really like the the signs that the editor as well feels more, you know Tony but here we are coming up a billboard Oh special special. What about billboard? Is this I wanna check it out Oh, is it hears that bilborough’s for ice cream? Oh, that is so cool. Come chill out with us I like that too. Um voted best of bye. Bye. Bye town. I think it’s this town It’s kind of glaring because of the side bends ice cream. That is so fun And I think this is gonna be the campsite area because there is a dirt dirt dirt road here So we’re gonna check out this area. I really like it I mean the map was so small and now the map is huge and gigantic and you can actually add a house It’s over here too now There’s a tunnel over there almost there’s so much stuff to look at I can’t wait we passed the campsite, okay? So here we are at the campsite over here. So here let’s go to park. All right there. Oh I wish you’d get tents at our At our houses. I think they’d be super fun, but you are at the campsite I think we can go inside as well kind of like a, you know, a little campfire bonfire thing, you know We can go camping. So that’s that we have a camp site. I do want to see the observatory And of course the rest of the place like this is gigantic now I never knew that they would have make the map bigger to be honest because of How much stuff they already have and if you like it would like people if they made the map bigger But it’s actually running pretty smooth not gonna lie But here’s something for the burgers if I would get ones price the double burger. That is such a rim Oh, yeah, remind me not to go there but let’s go and see what’s over here Maybe this has a sign to the observatory or something, or maybe this is another sign to welcome to Blackburn I guess Um, I think that’s what it is. Yeah. That’s welcome to Blacksburg again So let’s go over here to this side because I did see a little tunnel So it’s so long, okay, so here’s a the other part, okay. No. Oh yeah So here’s the other part and there’s the other part so basically didn’t change the way you can put houses They just didn’t don’t have a coal to suck anymore And now it just leads to other places so they actually have a child Schinkel through this is so cool again So what’s going through this tunnel and maybe this leads you to the observatory. I’m not sure. Oh, oh my gosh is the sub? Okay, so this is the other side where? The the ferris wheel and stuff is so let’s see if we can go inside We can actually sit on these these things as well, which is super fun. But let’s go upstairs and check out those plays. Oh, yeah Oh my gosh, that’s it I thought I wasn’t gonna observatory where you could see like go inside it like look like look at a telescope or something But no, it’s just like where you can sit and just relax, you know, have a great time with the view It’s a nice view as well This is so fun. Just these little tiny details that makes it more like, you know, like a town. Um, But yeah, I really want some spiral stairs, maybe more things to build with And maybe some things to do in the the lake maybe some kayaks and boating I think that would be super fun But oh, so here’s another okay. So there’s two neighborhoods now. So this is a Riverside estates This is I think this is urban place. Oh, yeah, this is Arby’s place. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. It’s a beautiful He’s working on a lake house. I think he’s gonna upload this later on there’s a I’m uh I’m gosh, I’m doing an update. I’m gonna do I’m gonna go back to my house. Oh, they also have this thingy Oh my gosh, let’s go back home and check out these cars because I need to check out these houses I’m not lease cars so bad. I’ve totally forgot about the cars. I didn’t go check them out So we we’re done with checking out the map let’s go ahead and go back home and Check out the cars because I am so excited to check out the cars remember back at my unfinished house. Don’t look at it It’s hideous. I’m trying to work my house out to Mike. Delete the whole thing not gonna lie Um, but here we aren’t my garage Let’s go ahead and buy some. I don’t think I can fit any cars in here to be honest So we’ll just put it on this side because you know, hey make a bigger garage girl. Yes, I do Okay let’s go ahead and go to a build here go to some vehicles and check these out so they have added the blocks of our 4×4. Oh you can pop them on you’re gonna pop the hood, which is awesome. So we got that What else is new is anyone mad? But mud no, two new cars block is TS. Where is that? Oh That is so fun, I didn’t even know they had this I don’t even know but we need $90,000 and we need three Okay, go buy some so I’m gonna go ahead and buy for the thousand dollars. Here is how I’m gonna go with that. Okay We’re gonna buy this That’s enough right? Yeah, that’s enough and then we’re gonna go ahead and why don’t have my money my money Oh, okay Your $50,000 perching is taking long and then usually the process because roblox servers are having issues leaving the game is to not recommend it Can I just wait seven hundreds? Excuse me? Did I just waste seven hundred robux? Don’t you dare just take my red sevens Roebuck and we’re gonna go buy some blocks bucks as well So let’s go a grab that we got the blocks bucks right away. I’m not sure why we didn’t get the um, Why we didn’t get the money, excuse me, don’t you dare steal my money Okay, we’ll just we’ll just wait till this upgrade up blows meet. My Roebuck sucks. You got taken out, too So I’m kind of freaked up now Okay, let’s go to my intimate or not manager if you’re gonna go buy it, so it’s gonna be close and bad this puppy Oh my gosh. Oh, look at that. Oh, we got the money. Okay, perfect. We got the money. There we go Let’s go ahead and buy our a beautiful Jeep here These cars they looking good. I don’t really like this one to be honest It looks get a weird but the Jeep is looking pretty. Okay. Let’s go ahead and color these up Shall we we shall so pastel pink? You know, we gonna be we gotta be Gucci, you know, we’re gonna get that white stuff as well. Yes, okay Let’s get some more white. Oh Look at that pink popping. This is a Jeep. So I’m gonna go with a red color, you know Yeah, you can make a new agate, you know, like a pink Barbie g-wagen but we’re gonna make a red. I’m stubby kill Isis the window, I think that is yes. So let’s go and do that Let’s go make this black and these are the seat that’s make that black as well and there we go We have our to a brand new cars looking good looking amazing. So we’re gonna go check them out So it’s gonna check out the Jeep first because that’s what I’m excited about the most. So, let’s go to excuse me. Excuse me Um, so there we go. We can open the roof Look at me go It’s so much easier to drive the new cars to be honest Like the old cars feel weird when you’re driving with a new mechanics, I think But the new cars feel so smooth. The Jeep is so fun. I like the popped hood. It looks so summery Yeah, I love it. Okay, we’re gonna go back and get the convertible here and check that car out But I love the Jeep Jeep is probably my favorite right now Okay, let’s go ahead and check out this convertible here that I made it all pink and barbie-ish So let’s go and check this out. Let’s pop the roof on this. Oh look at me I look this looks like a Barbie car to be honest. Like you know, this Barbie car that you can buy Oh, my she looks like a Barbie car. It literally looks like a Barbie car. Hello. Oh, no, I whispered to her via loo Um, so my gosh, I almost hit that girl. I’m so sorry but Oh, Gosh, may I have your autograph? Um signs, there you go. That’s no survey on what current they like the the best more Um, do you I like the pink one or the red car better? Tell me tell me they like the pink car better. Oh, okay. I like the cheap I’m a because I just like jeeps to be honest and just like, you know regular time. I really want a Jeep in real life So, you know, maybe that’s why I like it. But oh my gosh, it’s so pretty Look at it. I just love it. It just moves So weird like not weird and move so smooth, but then the other cars don’t it’s so creepy But yeah, I added this don’t look at my house is so unfinished and hideous But yeah, we have some new cars. They look at spectacular. I just wasted a bunch of roebucks now I have no money to build anything else. Oh, oh Okay, I was doing my outro a bit early told me they added new plans and stuff on decorations Which they didn’t have on the list. So where can I check them out? Shall we we shop so it’s gonna gardening no, wait plants Oh on decorations Okay, let’s go to plans and see what they added. You guys know, I like my plan. So let’s guess those are so pretty Okay, let’s go check out these plans. I’m gonna go outside actually because and they’ll be better over here You know my new stuff over here. We got my Jeep and my convertible Let’s go ahead so they added a mini sapling plant over here. They have a humble plant What else is new they out of this have potted floor plant? I really like this one This one’s like super modern and pretty a real like that And then they have this elegant plant which is kind of cute as well. And oh I like this one too. Luxurious Plant, and then this one is kind of its kind of fat So the end of that and they also added some more decorations, right? so with our be telling me this I would have ended the video to be honest because obviously my outro and then he was like yeah divorce stuff and I was like So, let’s good and check they always add some secret items don’t they? I’m really bad at finding new things to be honest So I apologize if I miss stuff already. I’m not exactly sure what they add half the time. Oh, they added street signs oh my god, this is gonna be so useful to Irby because he literally makes like they you make sex stuff like He made Venice before so it’s gonna be so fun from they have speed limits low So they’re probably enough speed limit fast upside. And then I think that is it for the science. Yes Okay, so this is gonna be useful if somebody wants to make a town or something like that But let’s go and see if they have anything else. I don’t really see anything else. Um But we’ll see is this a new classic hat stand? I’m not exactly sure if it’s new I don’t know but it’s cute to be honest. It’s coyote is this Maybe this is new they have a fire hydrant. I never saw a fire hydrant maybe that’s new probably it is because I’ve never seen one so That’s new maybe With the ad in a mailbox. Yes, that is so cute Um, and maybe oh my gosh for my town we can make a post office now Y’all this is gonna be amazing for my town. Uh, I can use these signs from my time I could put fire hydrants in my town. My town is gonna be poppin and lit y’all. Okay. Why did I just like that? I don’t know. I’m just so excited for this new stuff for my town, huh? So this is the perfect time for them to add all this stuff because my town is on its work So if you guys don’t know I am making a town. I just started making a house I’ll be making more stuff later on but this is gonna be so useful around town So here all the plants over here all the new plants. We got all the new signs. We have a mailbox I don’t think you can use in there’s also a fire hydrant, so No, I think of that is all I’m sorry. Liberty was a I hope you guys enjoyed it for you know me looking at the whole place my ugly bun And I hope you just enjoyed me looking at all these stuffs. I hope you enjoyed. I love you all so so much Thank you so much for the support. I love you If you guys are new subscribe to the notification but on as well like the video I love you, and I will see you guys tomorrow with a brand new video

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