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Buying a used car – Test drive (Farsi)

Buying a used car – Test drive (Farsi)

Buying a used car –
Test drive Once you’ve done the relevant checks and are satisfied with how the car looks,
you need to test drive the vehicle. Before getting behind the wheel, ensure the vehicle is registered and insured. Remember most faults are found following a reasonable test drive
so it’s important to go further than around the block. If suitable arrange to have your chosen repairer available so you can call in
at his licensed premises during your test drive for a brief inspection. Try to operate the vehicle under various conditions. Drive the vehicle around back roads as well as the highway. Try reverse gear, perform “U –turns”, heavy braking (where safe)
and varied acceleration to test engine performance. Also travel along various road surfaces to test for rattles. Drive with the air-conditioning on to check operation
as well as performance under load. Check the steering for veering or wandering on flat roads,
check for vibrations and shuddering with and without braking. Check that all the instruments are working including
the odometer and cruise control, if fitted. Bring any concerns you have to the attention of a qualified mechanic. And then allow the engine to idle for 5 minutes or so –
while checking for any noises, smells or smoke. Before you buy, NSW Fair Trading recommends
the vehicle be inspected by a qualified licensed mechanic. Language assistance 13 14 50
(ask for an interpreter in your language)

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