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Buying a used car: Preliminary Used Car Inspection (2/2)

Buying a used car: Preliminary Used Car Inspection (2/2)

Hi everyone and welcome to another video from Car Inspected. I’m Sinan K. taking the car for a drive
to check out if there are any problems and trying to listen for any
noises, if there are any, on the vehicle as part of a preliminary inspection.
before you start driving, I suggest that you get into a very comfortable position.
It is clearly not gonna be your car. You can fix your mirrors, and make sure that
you’re comfortable and safe. so here, it’s the same BMW that we did in a previous
video. This is a manual transmission so put into first gear and we’re going to
test the clutch. So right now we started moving lower than Windows always. just to see if there are any noises that come out, in this case we don’t have any any
issues with the vehicle we’re switching gears and we’re checking the condition
of the clutch as well. check if all of your meters are working. so the
speedometer is working. the RPM, and the fuel, and the heat in this case. So now
we’re on the road and this is a bumpy road in this case. and we’re just
listening for any weird noises. Another thing is, we’re coming to a
stop sign, so one important thing to look out for here is the brakes. you want to
check their car breaks evenly. this is just to give us an idea about the
condition of the calipers if any of them are seized. then the car which tend to
pull to one side or another while braking. another point would be to just move the
steering wheel site-to-site just to listen for any noises that could give
you a good indication of the condition of the tie rod. of course do this in a
safe environment. so make sure you’re in the parking lot, where it’s empty. be
cautious when driving. Specially that the vehicle that you’re testing. You’re not
adjusted to it. So you don’t know how it would react in different conditions. Hello everyone, i’m Fabricio. so we are here on automatic car. so setting to drive. if you listen some different noise or if you have a big
difficult to move to the drive, then pay attention to the gear. let’s go I don’t have any noise and I don’t have
any movement. different movie on the car the car is moving very smoothly. without
any any difficult before you go to drive the car. I suggest you to do your
homework. check if you have automatic transmission. the regular one or if you
have a CVT, or you have sequential double-clutch transmission. so they
automatically gear… you can listen to it changing the gear. CVT is constant. the rotation form the engine keep constant and of the sequential you can
listen as well the change of the gear, but it’s much
faster than the Automatic transmission because each one have a different
behavior and you have to be careful because it’s not an indication that the
car have a problem I suggest you to have a specialist informing you.

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