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Buying a used car – Important things to know (Tamil)

Buying a used car –  Important things to know (Tamil)

Buying a used car –
Important things to know When inspecting a vehicle that you are considering to purchase,
make sure you sight the vehicle’s identifiers on the actual vehicle. Locate and sight: the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Compliance and Build Plates. Ensure that they match: the advertisement, registration documents, owners hand book and any service records (if they’re available). It is also important to confirm correct identifiers to achieve accurate results during essential searches such as with the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). By taking the time to do a quick check you can protect yourself
from having the vehicle repossessed by a finance company, should the previous owner have had a debt
on it which they have failed to pay. It is also recommended that you check with the PPSR to check whether the vehicle had been reported stolen or has been declared as written off. The seller may advertise a vehicle claiming it has registration
for a certain number of months. It is best to confirm this by going directly to
the Roads and Maritime Services website (RMS) and checking when the registration expires
by entering the number plate of the vehicle. Before you buy, NSW Fair Trading recommends
the vehicle be inspected by a qualified licensed mechanic. Language assistance 13 14 50
(ask for an interpreter in your language)

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