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Buying a Used Car | Federal Trade Commission

Buying a Used Car | Federal Trade Commission

You need a car. Where do you start? Here? Actually the best place to
start researching used cars is online. So you know exactly what you
want and what you can afford. The more you know going in, the
better you’ll feel driving out. At the dealers there are a
few other things to know. Dealers have to put a buyer’s
guide on every used car. The buyer’s guide will tell
you if a car has a warranty, or is being sold as is. But that’s not all
you need to know. Ask the dealer to run a
car’s vehicle history report, or get a copy yourself so you
know where the car has been. Ask to get in the car inspected
by an independent mechanic, and check to see if there
are any recalls on the car. It will all help avoid
trouble down the road. You have a right to know the
facts about the car you buy. If the dealer isn’t
honest, let the FTC know. Want to know more? Visit

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