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Buying a used car – Check safety features (Tamil)

Buying a used car – Check safety features (Tamil)

Buying a used car –
Check safety features Check all tyres for their condition. Bald tyres are illegal and dangerous. Tyre tread depth must be no less than 1.5mm,
which is roughly the size of a match head. Uneven wear also indicates incorrect wheel or body alignment. Check that all the exterior lights are aligned with the body
and have no cracks or discolouration. Examine all seats for wear. Excessive movement is a safety concern. Bring this to the attention of your mechanic. Seats must be freely adjustable. Closely examine all seat belts and ensure that they fully retract. Frayed seat belts are not safe and may fail in the event of a collision. Lock all seats belts into their latches confirming
that they do actually lock properly. Check pedals for wear. In this example metal is showing through the rubber grip,
which can be slippery and dangerous when wet. This can be replaced at very little expense. Visually check all fluid levels including engine oil for level and colour. This shows a low oil level and could indicate a serious engine problem,
resulting in expensive repairs. Dark coloured oil may indicate irregular oil changes.
Bring this to your mechanic’s attention. Remember, never remove the radiator cap while the engine is warm,
as the coolant would be under pressure and could cause serious burns. The ignition key must not be able to be removed when ‘not in off position’. If it does, it could indicate a worn ignition or a worn key. Switch on the ignition so all the applicable warning lights
are displayed on the dash. Such as: Air Bag, ABS, Traction Control and Oil lights. Let your mechanic know if any failed to appear. Before you buy, NSW Fair Trading recommends
the vehicle be inspected by a qualified licensed mechanic. Language assistance 13 14 50
(ask for an interpreter in your language)

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