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Buying a Used Car (advice from a former salesman)

Buying a Used Car (advice from a former salesman)

now of course they’re gonna come up with
all kinds of reasons why you shouldn’t be focused on that sales price that’s
not what they want you to do hello car buyers of America it’s me Sean
with car buying tips online If this is your first video or the first time
watching one of my videos I do make videos like this quite frequently about
how to get a good deal on a new car or a used car or how to get the right
financing or any kind of questions that you may have about buying a car what I
want to talk to you about today is something called the Four Square and it’s
it’s something that dealers use people would say to rip you off others
would say because it’s to keep you focused on what’s important to them and
that’s really it is about that it’s about keeping control of the sale
keeping control of you the customer and keeping you focused on what they want
you to focus on and not what you should really be focused on and what I mean by
that is the Foursquare is broken into four sections I’ve seen six squares and
eight squares and different kinds as well but the bottom line is you’re gonna
have a sales price you’re gonna have a trade-in you’re gonna have a payment and
you’re gonna have a down payment and then what they’re gonna try to do is
they’re gonna try to get you to focus on one of those squares in the Foursquare
in other words they’re gonna get you to agree to the sales price however they
get you to do that then they’re gonna work or they’re gonna move over to your
trade-in they’re gonna get you to agree to that number then they’re gonna move
to your down payment and they’re gonna get you to agree to that number then
they’re gonna move to your monthly payment they’re gonna get you to try to
agree to that number now typically speaking only one out of a hundred times
is something you’re just gonna agree to everything and then they sign the
forward Square a four square and then they’re off to the finance office to
make a car deal or they’re paying cash but usually the Foursquare is used in a
finance situation now what happens though most of the time yes
you’re not gonna agree to something you’re gonna say whoa that’s not enough
money for my trade or whoa that sales price is much higher than I thought it
was gonna be or the payment is higher than you thought it was gonna be here
just what happens most of the time and that’s on purpose because they want you
to focus on that box or you can say I don’t have any money down point is most
of the time you’re not going to agree to all four squares in the four square and
that’s exactly what it’s designed to do it’s designed to isolate what it is that
you’re objecting about meaning it’s either the price the trade-in value the
payment or your down payment and that’s what they want you to focus on the
reality is a little bit different obviously you’re thinking about a lot of
different variables as a buyer you thinking about your budget concerns
you’re still probably thinking about is this car going to address all your needs
or if you’re someone who’s just trying to get approved and you’re thinking
about you know is any of this gonna matter because once they run my credit
am I gonna actually get it approved for these terms or this long so back to the
Foursquare what the salesperson is gonna try to do is they’re gonna obviously try
to isolate one of those squares that they have to overcome meaning they’re
going to get you two to basically tell them that you are focused on this one
particular box or square in the Foursquare meaning like okay most the
time it’s not going to be the sales price unless you’re a cash buyer because
quite frankly most buyers do not concern themselves as much with the sales price
as they should most and I’m saying this from 15 years of experience 80% of the
time you are going to focus on the payment okay now I know that you know
what you can afford on the monthly basis I can also show you calculators that you
can use to determine based on what you think that your credit score is and what
you think your interest rate is going to be your final interest rate
there’s tools and stuff out there online calculators that will help you to figure
out how much car that you can buy and still be within your budgeted payment
now going back to the Foursquare what the dealerships gonna want to do is
they’re gonna want to prey on that even if you’re at a a good dealer who’s not
really preying on you per se but they’re still using this tactic to keep control
of the sale and that means keeping you focused on one thing that they have to
overcome to get your business so that’s why they’d use a store squares because
like I said they want you to focus on one square so most of the time you’re
gonna go to the payment so what does the salesperson gonna do okay well will
mister customer if I can get this payment within the range that you want
let’s just say you’re like every other customer in America and you want to be
$300 a month or less or the magic number of 250 which has been kind of bumped up
a little bit but let’s say you tell the salesperson I know the payment on these
four squares four hundred thirty dollars a month with a fifteen hundred dollar
down payment and then there’s a sales price and then there’s a trade value if
you have a trade however you’re gonna tell that salesperson well I don’t like
that four hundred thirty dollars a month I really need it to be here I want to be
around three hundred dollars a month and you just gave away all the valuable
information that that sales person needs because he’s gonna run back to the sales
desk he’s gonna see he wants to be or this customer wants to be at three
hundred dollars a month what you need to focus on in the way that you deal with
the Foursquare is you focus on the salesman you might think that four
hundred and thirty dollars a month is too high and it may be too high for your
budget but like I said you’ve before you went
into the dealership I recommend that you use these loan calculators to find out
what amount you can actually finance at what interest rate you get to the
payment that you want to get to so in other words let’s say in this situation
you’ve already figured out you’ve calculated that your amount financed has
to be ten thousand dollars a month in order for you to be able to have a car
payment of three hundred dollars a month if your interest rate as at 13 percent
now those numbers may be different for everybody oh they will be different for
every but you need to know those numbers
before you go into the dealership whether it’s a used car or a new car you
need to know those numbers and by knowing those numbers you can stay
focused on the one square that the dealership does not want you to focus on
and that is the sales price because if you can keep them focused on the sales
price and you know where that sales price needs to be in order for you to
have the amount financed number that you need to be at in order to get the fight
or the payment that you want to get at your desired payment so by having that
information you’ve empowered yourself to be in a much better position to
negotiate and you can just keep them focused on the sales price you just tell
them right away say well I’m not concerned with these other numbers
because they’ll fall into place once we get the sales price in place or at the
desired amount you and you’re going to know what interest
rates you need to be out to get to your desired payment so when they whip out
the floor square on you and they start folding it in half and doing what we
call whatever it takes to earn your business you’re gonna be smarter than
them you’re gonna tell them I don’t care let’s go right back to that number one
square room floor squared let’s go back to your four square and let’s go back to
the box number one that’s sales price you go back to your sales manager and
you tell them it’s gotta be at this number or less and you know what that
number is out there America because you did your research so I hope that this
video has helped you and empowered you so the next time you see the fourth
square you’re gonna know exactly how to deal with it you focus on the sales
price America well I hope you I wish you good luck shopping thank you for
watching my video if you’ve got anything out of this video today please like the
video if you want to see more videos like this before you go car shopping
subscribe to my channel thank you Mary

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