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Welcome back to all my Kats, Rah! Let’s go family! Today Is such a Beautiful day and it’s also one of the Biggest Days Ever for me and you’ll soon see why. Baba I’m taking you on a Father-son trip today. [Okay] You know where we’re going? No idea? [No idea, wherever.] You’ll go wherever? [Yeah.] Okay. First things first you cannot get your day started Especially a day of this magnitude without getting your iced coffee It’s the end of the day what are you talking about. How is it the end of the day? It’s 1:30 1:30 p.m. Is the end of the day? [Yeah i think so.] Okay my dad Is a early bird he wakes up early so to him 1:30 in the day is the end of the day, I don’t believe that. Oh it’s my best friend Baba these are my best friends. Hey papi! And I know you guys are wondering if she remembered so, what is the drink? [It’s a venti sugar-free vanilla iced coffee!] Yeeaahahahahahaha. Everyone has been asking me! No this Saturday I will not be going with country to watch Mcgregor Mayweather But! The bet is still on so if you watch the episode on project butterfly the bet is still on and i got good news For you guys because me my dad and my Brother are going to vegas for one of the biggest fights of this Decade next month so stay tuned. So I gotta ask my dad baba Mayweather or Mcgregor? [If] Mcgregor could have a way to knock out Mayweather in the early rounds fine if the fight goes over five Rounds it’s Mayweather by decision or Knock Out for sure. So baba and I are about To drive 60 miles An hour and 18 minutes away and my dad has no idea where we’re going he’s just trusting me. You ready for this baba? Have nothing to do. So baba what do you think? [That’s what you brought me for.] Yeah! My dad is not having it. I haven’t even said a word yet I just pulled up here and he’s already having feelings about it. Welcome to the McLaren dealership. My Dad Like he might not be too happy right now but I promise at the end of the day he’ll have a fun time but before we do anything let’s look at the cars. All right baba which one do you want? I brought you here to get you a car which one do you want, pick any one. [I don’t want] Anybody to hear me I don’t want to say nothing.] What that means is he has a lot of negative things that will come out of his mouth if he were to speak. But baba If you had to pick one like right now you had to drive home in one of these cars which one would it be? He’s literally not speaking. He literally is not speaking. All right well my dad cannot speak, me and you will have fun looking at the cars. So this right here is a McLaren 570 S Now this is in the price range and equivalent to the R8 and the Huracan. So this right here is a 650 S and as you can see it’s in fighter version. Now this personally right here is a Beautiful machine to me, like if had to pick this is where looking at. Do people buy those cars? Absolutely, absolutely. All the time. Absolutely. The thing is though so this one got replaced by The 720S so now that they have a McLaren 720S this one Is Below that one but still this one is beautiful to me and it might just be because it’s the drop top spider version. Want to see how the doors open? [Yeah I ask him to open the door.] Okay you go open it. Pull it right up my friend. Just pull it right up. There you go. Keep Going. Excellent. How about you grab a seat? [Get in baba.] I don’t think he’s gonna like it, my dad has never been a fan of sporty type cars. Baba how do you feel? [These seats are hard so if you go long distance *mumbles*] No this is a commuter car baba. This is for the whole family we’re all gonna fit in here seven people. So obviously shopping for cars like these, you know it’s not about like, I’m not going for Coomfortability or practicality if I’m going with a Mclaren or if i’m going with a Lamborghini this is your sports car That you can still drive every day. But it’s not like a car you have to worry about taking your family in or anything like that. You know why you’re getting this car if you’re getting this car. My dad had his fun now I’m gonna get in- oh my gosh before I even get in look at this. Look how beautiful this looks to get in. That is beautiful right there. Oh man never in my life guys I’ll be honest I’m not gonna pretend like i’ve been a McLaren fan my whole life. Never in my Life have I thought I would ever be in a McLaren, like ever. Wow this looks absolutely Nuts so it’s a much different Feel than I felt in the R8 because you got into the R8, it felt like luxury. You had The top that you guys saw you had the same finish across the car. This one is completely different This one’s leather across the board and I’ll just let you guys see for yourself. So this Is a completely different Seating structure. One notable thing here is there’s no transmission to hold right here. So when you’re driving one of these cars you know I don’t know about you guys but i usually have one hand on the steering Wheel and I have my right hand right here but in this car i don’t have that Ability. Also I lose space right here so there’s not a lot of space to store your stuff. But again Going with a car like this like you can’t Want this car. But then say “but what am I gonna do when I take it to the grocery store and I go to Ikea and all that stuff.” That’s not what you’re getting this car for and you have to be aware of that. Now I don’t know how anybody in their Right mind can get tired of a door that opens up like this. That’s insane I don’t know about you guys but as a kid everybody always used to talk about Lamborghini doors everybody used to want Lamborghini doors. So the fact that you get a door that opens up like that with a McLaren Is a huge plus in my mind. all right Now it’s time to go into the 650s. I love this because of the drop top. How the hell you open? oh. Babal you’re telling me you can’t see yourself on a nice sunny day driving In this and having a good time? [That’s my image you know.] Why? You’re so young why are you gonna act old?! *mumbles* Maybe it’s for you not for me? That’s probably true maybe it’s for me and not for my dad. See now there’s always like a YouTube video like bought my dad this car bought my dad that car. If I bought my dad a Mclaren or a Lambo or anything like that He would literally throw the keys back in my face and say go return the car so this is not like doing a justice for My dad he would not be happy with one of these cars. Me on the other hand! Baba check this out. See I’m a drop-top kind of person so I love all spider versions like is McLaren considered a spider do you call it a spider? Okay so I love spiders on all cars so I absolutely love that. And i noticed is it a hardtop? Okay that’s that’s a big difference. Yeah that’s the best part. WOW! I haven’t even driven the car yet and already The-the exoticness of this car you know you have an exotic feel that I haven’t gotten so far From the porsche 911 or the R8. This is my first real taste of Something where when you see it on the street even if you don’t know anything about cars you go “what was that.” And that’s obviously that’s a cool thing it’s fun. So the R8 and I believe correct me if i’m wrong The huracan have 610 Horsepower. This one is at 640. 641. [And then we got our sports series the 570 at 562 horsepower.] 562. [That’s right.] So what car in the market is this car beating in a race. [The aventador, the] 488 no problem at all.] This car is gonna walk [The Audi R8 v10 and The 911 turbo S.] You’re telling me that this car right here will surpass an Aventador? What’s the zero to sixty? [Under three seconds but the quarter-mile is about 10.2.] But the R8 is a two point. It’s the quarter-mile that really matters. No, no the R8 isn’t a 2.6 R8 is like a 2.9 the porsche 911 Is the 2.6. [Now again this is only supposed to do the zero to sixty in about] 2.9. But the 570 ran a quarter-mile in 10.3. Which the Turbo S cannot touch. I see, so what are we driving today? [We’re gonna drive the 570S. which is right outside.] Okay. So there’s a difference between the 570S and the 650S. [Absolutely.] So how am I going to get to experience the drive of the 650. Is there- there’s no way? We could do something like that, yeah absolutely. Okay. [We got a black 650 right over there.] Oh you do. Why don’t we just drive the 650 then? [I thought you wanted to] [Drive the 570?] Not after what you just told me and that being a spider and everything. Why am I going to sit in a 570 if I can drive the 650? [Let’s do it.] Let’s test drive the 650! [Let’s do it.] All right baba I’m gonna go on a test drive. [Okay.] You want to go in the trunk? C’mon. All Right. Wait I know how to do this. Here we go. So he gets to drive me to the switch off point and then I’m getting behind the wheel and we’ll have some fun. That was not fair, that was not fair. All right we could be safe, we could be safe. [You wanna be safe?] Yeah I wanna be safe. Oh My God!! My legs are shaking. We just started this ride my left leg is shaking out of fear. I have never felt that in my life. Thank God there’s a car in front of us. My leg won’t stop shaking oh my God. Oh my God my legs I think I just pooped my pants. Stop that! There’s cars on the road! Oh my goodness. [All right we’re gonna be good.] Ooh, I’ve never felt this in my life I thought I felt something in the R8 and the Porsche. [No man no. Not with this.] Not like this. Oh my God. By the way you owe me a dar- a day at the salon you messing up my hair. I’m messing up his hair oh my goodness. I can hardly feel my legs. I can hardly feel my legs! It’s not funny! And now it’s my turn to get in this car baby. Look that car on the side of the road literally just stopped and this car right here just to look at the car. Two people stopped just like- So that’s the difference here between like an R8 and this. This is gonna turn heads Night and day. I want to be a little more forward. Thank you! Man people are literally honking just to thumbs up this car What the Hell! You guys probably have People driving by just to do that on purpose. [Constantly, constantly.] Let me go Automatic Sport. [Automatic and Sport?] Automatic Sport. You know what I’m gonna start you in comfort mode first. [Comfort mode, smart-smart man.] You’re gonna go through some back streets, you don’t have to even do that. If your seatbelt is on. [Yeah.] You put yourself into gear. As long as your seatbelt’s on you hit the gas pedal- So I’m not on park anymore? [You are so you see this light if it’s on.] Yeah. [That means your brake light is on. But if] You’re in drive and you seatbelt’s on if you hit the gas pedal it’ll release. How much- how fast did I go there? 26 miles per hour of straight Adrenaline. I already know just by stepping on this and going 28 miles per hour, that If i press even a little harder, we’re gonna go flying. Yeah, yeah! Absolutely! 640 horses man, it’s ready to go for you. And this is full comfort mode. This is comfort mode. I’m following your lead so when you want to adjust me when you want me to do something else that’s when you do it. I’m gonna wait till you go to another turn then i’ll put you into sport mode. [Okay.] And when we get onto the highway i’ll put the power training track on. [AHHH!] I love being able to just like. [Put your hands up?] Put your hands up! [Rollercoaster?] Yeah. And what I did notice also Like I’m being blunt I’m being- [Go for it!] The R8 Being naturally aspirated in The V10 Sounds much louder. [Absolutely It’s a It’s a turbo, this is a Turbo d’etre naturally aspirated engines are always louder.] Yeah. And that’s what happens when you do a turbo you compromise the sound. How was the 911 Turbo S when you driven it? It was a lot of fun. [Of sounds.] It wasn’t the greatest sound. [Exactly, turbo cars.] But the R8 doesn’t do that. Let’s make a left over here. WHOO! Okay you’re in sport mode. A sport automatic? [Sport automatic.] Okay. [Now if you look in your rear-view mirror.] Yeah. [You’ll see the wing is up a little.] Oh yeah I do. [Okay so right now that’s gonna stand 15 degrees.] Should I go? [Yeah.] Oh look at- oh man. Think that’s a red light there. Dude screw your work for the day, let’s just keep driving. [Let’s go, I’m down dude!] Oh my God! Guys this is my- believe it or not- I think- I always say stuff but I might be wrong, I think it’s my first time Ever in a Drop-top. On a car like this, yeah. I’ve always wanted to be and it’s just such a beautiful feeling. It definitely is, it definitely is and Because it’s- we’re in this carbon fibre tub. [Yeah.] You’re not compromising any handling *incomprehensible*. Which back in the day you remember if you would get a convertible car- It wouldn’t handle as good Yeah baby! Teach me how to do manual sport. Manual sport? [Yeah.] So we already got you in sport. [Yeah.] So we just push this manual button here. [Okay.] It’s gonna require both of your hands on the steering wheel. [Okay.] All right now these are not connected to each other. Which I mean sorry they are connected to each other which means If you pull the left side. [Imma down shift.] You’re gonna down shit but you get To push the left side too if you’d like to up shift so you can upshift And downshift- [Oh from the same side.] So push the left side. Push it don’t pull it. That just upshifted for you. So I have to- you reach with my thumb like this? [Well if at any chance you’re like oh] You know you’re changing the radio station or something like that and there’s only one hand on the steering wheel [Yeah.] You need to do something. You can do it one hand. Let me down shift now. [Go for it. Do it one more time.] I didn’t even know where we were anymore I thought I was in a different country. [Right.] I like lost sight of Where we were I was like oh we’re test driving a car right now! This 650S. [650S spider.] Versus a 2017 Spider Huracan. [*mumbles.*] This Walks The Aventador. You don’t believe me? You’re a YouTuber and you haven’t watched it? [No I didn’t say I don’t believe you. I’m like shocked.] All right family just left the McLaren dealership and now the Moment that not only I but you have been waiting for-for over three years. I saw a comment on the video that said “Bruh this whole thing started because of your lamborghini dreams. How in the world Are you not gonna test drive a lamborghini. So Kats Family for the first time ever. I’m gonna drive my first lamborghini. Kats family so I know Test driving cars and picking out a car has been Consuming my life I know that’s all these videos have been about but I Promise you it’s going to be worth it. Not only for me but for you as well. Now I’m not gonna explain it today, i’m Going to explain it tomorrow. But let’s just say because you have been so supportive And you’re helping me buy my dream car at the end of all this. Not only am I gonna give away my D.O.F. mobile to one of you guys. I’m also gonna be buying a car for one of you guys. Yes, two cars giving away the D.O.F. mobile and buying a brand new car for one of you guys. Now you guys see YouTubers buy their dream cars day and night. And now you guys know I love to give back so the biggest giveaway of them all That I can do is gonna be Supplying you guys with two cars. I know a lot of you guys struggle I know a lot of you need help and I want to Be able to help in the biggest way I can Possible. When I do- do the giveaway it’s not gonna be about thumbs-ing up it’s not gonna be about Commenting something. It’s gonna be about who actually Needs the car and who wants the car. And i’ll tell you how i’m gonna pick the winner at a later date. But! Here’s what I want to tell you guys. In this video right now, in every video I post until next Wednesday. You are eligible to win a Brand New iPad. I will be buying a Brand New ipad to anyone who thumbs up this video Leaves a comment down below Subscribes and turns on their post notification. Next wednesday I will look through all the videos of the week and i will find one Comment to pick as the winner. So don’t forget to thumbs up. Another reason you should thumbs up this video is Because this video is actually a two-parter. The next part is me test driving the original dream car The reason I’m even looking at a new car. The Lamborghini Huracan. I didn’t want to put that in this video, because that video Means something more to me, it’s what started all this and I just didn’t want to overflow you guys with cars. So as you guys know Saturday and Sunday are Taken for me to post videos on. But the video will come out Monday unless! Unless You guys are able to get this video right here 25,000 likes by the end of today, I will post the lamborghini video tomorrow on Saturday. Two days earlier than expected and then on Monday. I’ll post a different kind of video for you guys. I Love you guys so much. Thank you so much Kats family I’m so excited. This is only the beginning of our grind here on this Channel. Once I get this car we’re taking things to a whole new level. You guys are just gonna have to wait and see. I love you, we might be a small family but we are one of the Strongest Families out there and I promise you I mean that from the bottom of my heart. If you’d like to check out my social medias click the links in the description below. Don’t forget to subscribe, leave a comment, press the thumbs p button and i’ll see you guys tomorrow. RAH!

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