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Buying a pre purchased car: How to Inspect a used car (1/2 Long Version)

Buying a pre purchased car: How to Inspect a used car (1/2 Long Version)

hello everyone and welcome to another
video from car inspected I am Sinan K. My name is Fabricio K. and today we’re looking at how to do a preliminary inspection on vehicle before calling the experts. We
have here is a good example for you. And we will concentrate on this car. What you
have to look for before calling a specialist for inspection. so today we’re looking at a 2005 BMW
this is the 3-Series. It’s a 330XI and one of the first things to look at, or to
watch out for, when doing a preliminary inspection is to pay attention to the
rust. there are a lot of points where they are very very common for all cars
to start developing trust like here, you can see. Just under the hood usually
that’s where water collects after a long time. You also look at the wheel arches,
because there are a lot of dust and stones that are being thrown around
while the car is driving so you you have to wheel turning and it hits the paint.
the wheel arches are unknown areas for rust on older vehicles. So you can notice
it here, and if you really pay close attention you’ll find it here as well also you can notice the “Fainting” of
the paint. and paint is faded away. that means as the clear coat that has escaped. This is due to sun exposure and it could be possibly because of a previous body
repair on the vehicle. another point would be to visually
inspect the paint to see if it if the car has been painted previously or not, and
if it’s been done un-professionally then this can be seen very very clearly. when we look at this
area here we can notice that here the reflection is very very shiny, it’s like
a mirror. But then as you get closer to this area the shininess, or the
reflection, of the objects off of the paint can be seen as distorted, and not
clear. This is a very clear indication that the vehicle has been previously
painted in that region and it has not been done professionally if we continue
to walk around. Pay attention to the alignment of the doors. you can see that
the doors are aligned. this is even which means that it has not
been damaged or repaired or replaced. As we’re walking around, we’re looking for
any misalignments on the panels, and you’re looking here as well, at the
windows, & where the windows are installed. and here as well, just around
make sure that it’s all sealed in. So now we have to look also at the windshield. A Windshield is one area that always have some issue, so pay attention, if have some
chips on the on the windshield, also you have to look at the Sunroof, if you have a Sunroof as well
then the back window. normally the windshield is the one that suffer more.
but pay attention and all the windows, or glass that faces to the
front of the car. and the rock can kick can reach that Part. Another
very important thing to look for is the tires, so if we look at this tire you
have to read the brand and the Sub-brand, and make sure that the pair is the same in the back and also read the front brand and Sub-brand and make sure
that the pair is the same at the front as well. if you have all four tires the
same. that would be of course better, that gives you better stability and better
traction on the road. the reason why we are checking the tires
is to make sure that the car has been maintained properly. some people can Cheap-out on tires and buy one tire while the other ones are different brand one
more thing about the tires we recommend that you turn the steering wheel to one
direction and then go look at the tire tread, and make sure that it’s not worn
out on the edges or on the center at premature wearing on the edges can
indicate alignment issue while premature wearing at the center of the tread,
could indicate and over inflation of the tire. you might also check the spare and Jack, if the car was equipped with one, so, in this specific vehicle, you look at the spare make sure that you still have tread on it, and make sure that it secured down, just in case when you take the car for a drive
some cars might make some noise when you go over bumps in people don’t know where
that notion is coming from and a lot of cases, it could be that the spare tire is
not secured down, you also want to look at the jack, and any tools that are provided in
this case this jack has never been removed and you can see from the
condition that it still has grease on the bolt. that helps lift vehicle. & look at the tools, if it has been used previously or not, and if it is in good working order. So now we
are inside the car and we have something that we have to look and have a very
good attention before call for inspection, so pick the key, turn on the ignition, but don’t start the engine, and check all
the lights, so now just after starting the Engine, the lights have to disappear, so you can see that have some lights
here the one is for the parking brake other one is for this seat belt. but all others disappeared, that’s a very good indication if you have some lights here, pay attention, because those indicate that the car has some major issue. Since we are inside the car, we have to look some other thing For example lights, check if this is working perfect. Some cars have any indication here that a light is not working. check the Signals, it’s working perfect. check the horn. Check other features that have on the car. here, we have the commands for the radio, for the phone, check if everything is working and if you have a good indication here. On the cars, look for the doors as well, this car is equipped with an electric motor to open and close the door. Press the button, check if it opens and closes also, the other doors, check the alignment Listen to the noise, if everything is perfect, the other doors as well test the keys, if the car is equipped with a remote to open the door. and also you can see the window if all windows are working. If they open and close without any difficulty. There are so many things to look for when inspecting a
vehicle. but we highlighted some of the key things to check, to do a preliminary
screening, when selecting your next car. thank you for watching hope that this is
very useful for you,. Until the next Video

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