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Buying A Car In Australia

Buying A Car In Australia

Buying A Car In Oz
There’s no denying it. Australia is huge. And to really appreciate this, there’s only
one thing for it: a road trip. So we are here at Jobaroo to give you some tips in buying
your perfect car for your epic journey on the road.
Having your own car gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore Oz. This simply
would not be possible sitting on the back of a tour bus. And if you’re planning to do
any visa extension or seasonal work, then you’ll most likely be needing your own transport.
But this can be a big financial investment. So here are some advice to make sure that
your experience is as hassle-free as possible. Firstly, you’ll need to decide what type of
vehicle it is that you want. And that really depends on your needs as well as your budget.
The station wagon is the typical backpacker car. It is often the cheapest option. Station
wagons are a good reliable choice. And what’s great about them is that you can fold down
the seats in the back and sleep in them, too. Now vans are usually more expensive. But you
can pretty much live out at the back of them. There’s loads of room for storage and your
living area can be set up so that unlike station wagons, there’s no need to be making your
bed every night. If you’re planning to do lots of off-roading,
then you will be needing some sort of 4×4. And whilst these tend to be quite pricey,
they do offer you the freedom to go where most other vehicles simply cannot.
Once you’ve decided what type of vehicle you’d like to go for, you’ll then need to think
about if you’d like to buy privately or from a dealer. For competitive prices, looking
online at Gumtree can be a good bet. Also you check cost of motor sports as backpackers
at the end of that trip with flights already booked are often open to fair negotiation
on the price. If you’d like to have the peace of mind of all the correct paperwork plus
warranty, then you could go into a car dealer. If this seems like too much to take on, you
could always look at renting a vehicle instead. Australia has some great range of rental options
available. If you’ve found a car that you like, arrange for a viewing and give the car
a thorough inspection. Check that everything works. Look for any signs of wear on the tires
and also look to see if there are any leaks in the engine compartment. Then go for a test
drive to see how the car feels to drive. See how the car brakes and steers and that all
of the electrics are in good working order. Ask as many questions to the current owner
as possible. And don’t get carried away and go for the first car that you see, however
tempting that may be. Test drive a few and compare which vehicle offers the best value.
If you’re buying a car, also bear in mind that you will be selling at some point, too.
So try and find a vehicle with the lowest amount of kilometers as possible. And whilst
these do tend to be high in Australia, you’ll find it much easier to sell your vehicle on
if that number is relatively low. Every car needs to be registered to legally be allowed
on the road. And this is called rego. When you’re buying a car, look for vehicles with
the most amount of rego left as this is going to save you hundreds of dollars if you can
avoid paying for the renewal. Now paperwork. Ask to see the service history
of the car. Have a look at invoices to see what work has been done and what parts have
been replaced. The state in which the car is registered in will determine the paperwork
that you legally had to be provided with. Generally speaking, you will require a current
registration certificate and, where possible, ask to see a road-worthy certificate.
If you don’t know much about cars, you could always pay for a vehicle examination which
would expose any mechanical faults with the car. Whilst this does cost money, it could
save you hundreds of dollars in repairs in the long run.
When you buy a car, also factor into the cost the transfer fee for changing the name of
the owner, rego renewal, and any mechanical repairs that may happen along the way. Buying
a car is a big investment. But think of the bigger picture. Having your own transport
will undeniably help you in finding most harvest and outback jobs. And once you’ve got those
keys in your hand, you’ll then have the ultimate freedom to explore Australia.
I’ve been Molly from Jobaroo. And those have our top tips in buying a car in Oz. If you
would like to have the best experience in Australia, below this video you can opt-in
to receive more great information.

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