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Buying a Car at an Online Auction

Buying a Car at an Online Auction

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m
going to show you how to buy an auction car online, I recently bought this Toyota
Tacoma online and I’ll show you how I did it and how I got it for $1,400, I
just went to Dashhub salvage and used online auto auction, I looked at Texas
where I am and I looked up Toyota pickup trucks and in this case I found three
toyota trucks that were for sale let’s say you’re interested in this Toyota
Camry let’s click more information, you get all these little pictures you can
click on to look at closer, so you can look at the engine, the front, the inside
of the camper and if you’re not happy with that vehicle,
they got related vehicles in your area too, let’s check out this other camper
well they’re honest about it too, they say it’s been flood damage and it’s only for
export you can all use it for parts in the United States you cannot title this
vehicle so unless you move to El Salvador someplace, this truck is not for
you so we’ll go back to the original one didn’t look too bad and if you want to
bid on it it’s an auction site, you just click on offer now, now I don’t have any
money in the account now because I already bought the vehicle I wanted, but
if I did it would show the offer up on the bid and then you would continue to
watch it just like an eBay bid until the time is up and then you see if you’ve
won it or not and they also sell boats and classic vehicles electric vehicles various motorcycles and even trailers if
you’re for a life on the open road on an 18 wheeler, if you’ve got a car that’s
been in a wreck or has a big problem, a lot of guys will go out and buy one of
these salvage vehicles and use parts of it to fix their car and save thousands
and thousands of dollars, but me I bought a pretty good trucker $1400,
it’s a nice bed liner that’s all in one piece
and it’s got freezing cold air conditioning, which is a big deal here in
Texas, so if you’re looking for a good low price vehicle, why not give Dashhub a try and remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer

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100 thoughts on “Buying a Car at an Online Auction

  1. Sounds okay I guess, I'm kinda old school and like seeing these vehicles in person so I can really check em over for condition.

  2. Some states do not require a title to register an older vehicle. I am in Maine. I have a 1994 Celica, it did not need a title to register here. I know in my neighboring state of New Hampshire any vehicle 1996 and older does not need a title to register. So, I could have bought that 1991 "no title" camper and registered it here 🙂

  3. hi Scotty
    I don't know how the Car Companies can use the steering wheel to control all the functions, like Radio, Cruse Control, and other things. Could you explain how they do it?
    I understand in the beginning of cars. The Horn button was just one wire. How do they do it now?

  4. does his $1400 included the fees? for NJ its showing $712 in fees. plus estimated $200 for shipping. so thats $900 right off the bat for any car. all dealers in nj have expensive DOC fees $300+ so not terrible. i know on average dealers put 1500-2000 into cars to fix them and sell them on the lot. i wanna flip some cars myself

  5. Is there an online auction that sells cars that aren't cars that have been totaled in accidents that the general public can bid on?

  6. Problem with this is that nothing beats being able to pop the hood and check the oil and other fluids yourself. Also starting it up etc.

  7. This Site is owned by him..
    Whenever You place a Bet , the system will automatically Bet againts you untill it reaches the Price he actually wants to sell it..
    100% SCAM

  8. Is there any way to get one of these cars and use as a daily driver? I'm interested just don't know a lot about the inner workings of the site

  9. Their auction + transaction + documentation fees are ridiculous. And the higher the bid, the more you pay in fees.

  10. Site looks good but no way I am giving up my phone number to register. You must register before you can look at any search results.

  11. I guess it's "safe" to buy a car on an auction site, if you are a mechanic, and know how to fix things yourself but chances are if you are not you might be buying a lemon for cheap but in repair very costly…

  12. Hey what's your opinion of buying my son a 2006 Lexus is250 off of copart from a insurance company like state farm on their website

  13. Hey Scotty I found a car that I really liked on dashub, and if I were to put in a bid and lets say I won the bid. How long would it take for them to deliver?

  14. Love your channel Scotty. Just a quick question. Did you buy the truck sight unseen or did you go to the person, look over and test drive, and then buy it? Im looking at a couple of cars online that are out of state. Thanks!

  15. I bought a truck on eBay and saved a bundle. I wonder what the differences are between eBay and Dashub

  16. Just tried it. Site didn't work.
    says " totally awesome idea still being worked on Check back later."

  17. Scotty
    this is one of the most irresponsible videos I have ever seen. you know full well Scotty that you can get royally screwed buying from an online auction and at auctions in general. I Hope payed you well to mislead people.

  18. I have been looking up videos from random car channels to find new auction sites and it is awesome because you can look at more cars just by looking on different sites and im finally finding cars that have legit titles at a fair price.

  19. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣im from el salvador n i know for sure they make this look like new 🤣🤣🤣👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  20. Hey there! really enjoy you videos. I am a college student and am looking for an entry level job. I found a car at an online auction ( for $175 and it looks like it was kept in great shape i checked the carfax report and the maintenance report on it and its all clear and everything looks like it was changed and replaced every 50k miles. Its a '95 pathfinder with 145k miles. It also says that the vehicle is DONATED(is that another thing that they try to use to get you to buy it?, or is it something real. Let me know what you think about the car in general and about the research i did. Thanks so much

  21. Man, I was pumped to check out Dashub after watching this video — but there is so many problems with that site. For one, the search/filter is so awful; you can't narrow down the listings by city, let alone, zipcodes — this really sucks for someone who lives in Texas… I only want to see offerings in Houston, not in West Texas or the pan handle, over 600 miles away. You can't order them by price either. Then, when you do find a good deal, there are so many fees; on a $1,000 car, you're going to end up paying $587.00 in fees over the bid (a transaction fee, $203; a documentation fee, $299; an auction fee $80).

  22. Guys be Careful with this Website, I tried loading and reloading Butt it always seems go to American cars so its not really much use, I was gunna Assk Scotty Whether he meant it was worth importing these yank cars Butt Beware parts may be difficult to get and Overly Expensive, Also these imported yank cars may need someone familiar with yank technology, Alooooooomin-Numb etc, Good Luck xxxx

  23. I want to cry, in here Turkey, we can only buy your Toyota's tires for 1400. And our government is still looking for opportunity to increase taxes. I should have some green card stuff to get there and have some fun with cars.

  24. If your a regular person on a budget looking for a cheap reliable car to get to work do not buy from an auction. Look at his video on the rusted frame of this "great deal" lol

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  26. They will scam you. Demand to see your copart invoice they will pay far less for the car they brokered for you and charge you more on top of their fees. Michael Lederman, Stan Johnson and Leif Causey are thieves. Email [email protected] for more information.

  27. my friend bought a nissan frontier online and the whole frame was rusted to nothing. had to be scraped. wasted 5k.

  28. Scotty: why do electric vehicles depreciate so fast? My neighbor just bought a 2016 Chevy Volt (54,000 miles); looks like new-he paid $18000. I have heard that used teslas are cheap as well-are they money pits?

  29. Ummm Scotty why would you still have this video up seeing as you just made a video talking about how it had a rotted frame and was a pos… And also you were talking how bad it is to buy cars from a auction but yet you have this video on that people might use and get a vehicle like you got stuck with… Huge fan of you Scotty and just noticed you still had this vid up and it kinda is the opposite of what your most recent video said to do lol slacking Scotty

  30. I purchased a vehicle using EBay auto auctions and did not bid on the vehicle. I emailed the seller and purchased it directly without bidding. The seller had it listed as no reserve and I offered him Kelly Blue Book private party value.

  31. Scotty, I like your videos- but today you just released a video on why not to buy from auto auctions. ( 1 year after this video).

    You mentioned this Green Toyota Truck you purchased for your son.

    You said as soon as the truck arrived. The entire frame was rotted, the alternator was rusted (worthless )and the belts on the engine were missing.

    You mentioned nothing of this in this video.

    I consider that a lie to your viewers.

    It is hard to believe you don't just follow the money anymore, Scotty .

  32. I guess he made this video before he found out the alternator was rusted solid and the frame had lots of rust.

  33. 1:16 it’s funny because I’m from El Salvador haha but that truck in reality cannot be titled in El Salvador either.

  34. Forgot to mention that most of these auction sites require a bid pass. That can go up to $300 on top of a while bunch of fees added to you bid that can run up another 3-$400

  35. Lovely Video clip! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you ever tried – Tarbbatigan Vintage Sales Tip (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a good exclusive product for finding government and police auctions for cars trucks and SUVs minus the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin at last got excellent results with it.

  36. Wow, this was nothing but a fukkn commercial. "How much for that Scotty in the window". youve been bought bro.

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