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Buy These Cars NOW…Before You Can’t Afford Them

Buy These Cars NOW…Before You Can’t Afford Them

This is a 1991 BMW e30 318 is it sold for? $25,000 a few years ago But an editor at donut max botany 30 for $200 in 2010 a running ether tea for $200 Even though max is e30 has its flaws It has increased in value and is worth way more than he bought it for what happened in between that made these cars so popular And valuable it’s hard to predict which cars are going to become classics in 20 years But in this video we’re going to go through some key traits that might add a value to a car Trends to look out for and finally you’ll hear some of our picks for cars within your budget You should buy right now before rich guys ruin it for the rest of us. Let me get the scraps Before we get into it, I want to fake omae’s for partnering with us to bring you this video Are you like me? Do you dream of owning and driving an exotic supercar? But you know, you’ll never be able to afford one Well, you’re in luck thanks to a maze You can win some of the sickest cars out there everything from an Audi r8 to a Tesla to a BMW m8 You could win the car of your dreams all while supporting a great cause though maze doesn’t just give away cars they offer Once-in-a-lifetime experiences to raise money for incredible charities as well so Please support the companies that support this show go to omae’s comm slash garage and enter to win the ride of your dreams today there are so many factors that affect a car’s perceived value from Popular features dying off the people just not knowing about how cool they are. It might seem like a crapshoot I mean who expected Integris to become $70,000 cars? It’s ridiculous but there are patterns you can look for that might hint that this car is gonna be heavily saw after in a few years and Before I get into my picks for future classics. I just want to be clear You should never buy a car with the intention of making money off of it. Okay? I cannot stress that enough Cars are a terrible investment unless you have millions to spend on a one-of-a-kind Bugatti atlantic like your Ralph Lauren or something 99% of the time you will lose money so buy these cars because you love them Even though it’s probably a bad you okay? Now that I have that out of the way, let’s start with an obvious thing to look for Following trends current trends are a great place to start when trying to predict which cars are gonna retain their value for example right now Crossovers are by and large the most popular type of car out there But can you really see cars like the Honda HRV being a collector car in 20 years? Maybe I don’t really know the CRV isn’t really that saw after so I don’t really think so But you can still find manual Porsche Cayennes food relatively cheap which are fun cars That’s one to look out for but it’s not my pick I still can’t afford one of the cheap ones My pick for future classic crossovers is the Subaru Forester XT This turbocharged greenhouse is capable off-road and is pretty quick for its time the second gen Forester XT shares the same turbocharged engine as the Subaru WRX but there aren’t as many hardcore forester fans out there as WRX fans, so you could still find really clean versions of it on Craigslist pretty cheap Another car that has the same engine is the Saab 9-3 X arrow Although it’s considered more of a wagon slashed hash back than a crossover I would still buy one if I had the chance. In fact Jesse’s selling his right now So maybe I’ll talk to him and actually know I don’t want to deal with the ej20 If you are gonna buy a older Subaru be wary that the boxer engine particularly ej20 Does have issues just because the way it’s designed the head gaskets can corrode? from just different fluids sitting on them when it’s parked that is something to look out for it is ridiculous since people want like 15 grand for like a prime early 2000s STI, but it has like 180,000 miles on it’s like that is a time. You’re buying a $15,000 time It is only a matter of time before that thing fails It’s ridiculous crossovers might be popular now, but they might not have the lasting power like a slightly different group of vehicles suvs SUVs have been trendy for a long time now They’re so hot that they’re in turn making older SUVs popular again when older things become popular again, it’s called retro You can find it basically everywhere right fashion music cars retro comes in waves of 20 years generally sometimes longer retro waves are Perpetuated by people in their 30s who finally have enough money to buy things They wish they had when they were in their teens like sick cars when I’m thirty. I’m gonna buy so many downhill long boards It’s gonna be crazy. No break all my collar bones. My kids are gonna be like Dad, why are you so? Stretchy Oh SUVs from the 80s and 90s are already super popular You see plenty of super clean Broncos and old Range Rovers and discoveries and XJ Cherokees selling for crazy numbers that train has already left the station But you still have a chance to scoop up SUVs in the early 2000s that might become sought-after in a few years, of course Hummers and Escalades are gonna be snatched up but I’d wager that the hideous Chevy Avalanche is gonna become a very hot commodity It’s not my pick my pick for an SUV that will see an uptick in popularity is the Lexus GX Series these SUVs are luxurious Fairly plentiful and they hold a little secret They are rebadged Land Cruisers and that means they’re amazing off-road The best part is no one who bought a Lexus GX bought them two off-road them people bought them two hog Groceries and go to Nordstrom Rack great deals You can still find many of these things in great condition with nothing, but city miles on Plus They probably have a great service record. Here is your one owner clean Carfax 37 service records. I mean it goes on and on they just did everything I have a feeling that when more and more people find out about how great these things are off-road their value will start Don’t know one reason cars go up in value is because a particular feature is discontinued Maybe it’s a feature that helped make a certain car Iconic and sometimes it’s a bigger shift in the industry a great example is the disappearance of the manual transmission Muscle cars are really hot right now. That’s no secret And one thing that makes them so much fun to drive is a manual transmission there’s something so satisfying about rolling through the gears in a Camaro or challenger Mustang and as the industry moves towards electric motors and drive-by-wire systems and other things that kind of Numb the driving experience people are gonna start coveting cars that have more traditional features like manuals Look, it’s only a matter of time before muscle cars are only offered with an automatic transmission I mean look at the gt500. It’s got an 8-speed heard. It’s really good, but it’s You don’t gravity thing. So it might be a good idea to snatch these cars up while they’re still pretty common But it’s not just the transmission that can change the perception of a car sometimes It’s a beloved Legacy engine the e46 m3 has been skyrocketing In value for a while now And the reason is the e46 of the last gen to offer an inline 6 engine paired with a 6-speed manual These are two features that defined the m3 for the longest time with this generation being the last to offer a naturally aspirated Inline 6-cylinder. I predict efore T sixes are gonna continue to climb But what about cool cars that never really took off. Hmm? Sometimes a car manufacturer comes out with a car and even though it’s sick doesn’t really make an impact There are a lot of reasons that can happen No heritage to rest on car makers don’t really know who to market to doesn’t have any grace winds or people don’t buy it because the economy’s trash in the Mid-2000s GM wanted to compete with all the JDM cars taking the US by storm So they made a series of supercharged and turbocharged four-cylinder cars cars like the Pontiac g5 GT the Saturn Ion red line and the HHR ss turbo actually want one of these things one of my favorite cars that never really took off is the 2008 Chevy Cobalt SS turbo with 260 horsepower made into a 5-speed manual get red transmission. It was a fun car and I still want one of those today The cobalt SS was a weird move on GM’s part, but sometimes I want to look out for those oddball cars They’re usually limited to small production numbers and rare instances. They become highly sought-after Collector cars small production numbers give car collectors the feeling of oh snap they only made 500 disease Better scoop it up and I guess it gives those weird offbeat cars a higher perceived value the less well-known. They are the better They are for the buyer if you can get your hands on a homologation special or a one-off collaboration at peak Depreciation you’re in a very good position cars like the Chrysler TC that was developed with Maserati or the Mitsubishi Pajero evolution I’m not saying that you should buy those because they’re nearly impossible to find But I do have a few other suggestions one weird car that probably should have never been made is the Chevy SSR you’ve probably heard about this car or seen when driving around being like that thing is about oddly But did you know that these weird retro future truck hotrod convertibles? Has an LS in it. That’s right Later models have the 390 horsepower ls2 engine, which is also found in the c6 Corvette I will admit it’s harder to find one of those under $20,000. So they’re technically collector cars already But as other cars with similar styling starts become retro in the next 10 years I think the value will only go up. Do you think SSR owners dress any differently than Corvette owners? It’s weird to think that when those cars came out, they looked futuristic But we’re also retro and now they’re gonna become retro again. My brain hurts time is a snake eating its own tail. It’s called a Ouroboros, it’s a great song by Gojira Check it out. One car that our editor. Alex has brought up multiple times is the Shelby cxx VNT He’s obsessed with it. This car was the last model Carroll Shelby made with dodge in the late 80s It’s quick light and has an intense power band centered around a relatively low rpm the VNT stands for Variable nozzle turbo made by garrett the car was highly Technologically advanced at the time and was critically acclaimed but this weird 80s American tuner car has been forgotten with time So get one you can another she’ll be designed dodge That is actually really cool is the glhs or that goes like hell based off the Dodge Omni They only made 500 of these VW golf looking hot hatches They are pretty legendary already and I’ve seen a few of them on bring a trailer sell for a ton of money So good luck predicting which cars are gonna be valuable decades from now is really hard and I am in no way Trying to pretend to be an expert whatever you do don’t buy a car expecting to make money off of it by car because you can afford to and Because you want to drive the hell out of it and then go out and drive the hell out of it Thank you for watching wheelhouse. I hope that was a somewhat informative video. If you liked it, please hit that subscribe button It really helps us out. It really means a lot to us. Maybe hit that Bell follow me on instagram at nolan j sykes follow donut on instagram and twitter at donut media Feel free to light my ass up in the comments of everything I said was stupid. Thanks for watching. See you next time Thanks for watching be kind. I’ll see you next time

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100 thoughts on “Buy These Cars NOW…Before You Can’t Afford Them

  1. I just entered my teens and my dream is to buy a Miura, when I finally have enough (if I have), I don't know if there'd be one alive…

  2. I still have my first car that I had in high school, 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo. I was offered $15k which is the same price I paid 30yrs ago.

  3. the prophecy, it will change how you see life and the future.

  4. Nolan, You disappoint me. You were my favorite person in Donut. But after shit talking the glorious avalanche… i don't think this relationship can continue. im sorry. its not me, its you. But i'm willing to take you back on one condition. Let me send you a picture of my avalanche. Better yet, check out my instagram and tell me my avalanche. If you still think it is hideous. I don't think we can continue…. i'm sorry….

    (@winters_overland hit me up bruv.)

  5. I love my 2002 BMW 540i with 102k miles and 6 speed. My friends parents in highschool had one and I couldn't believe the sticker price they paid for it. Yes, I've had to rebuild the engine but mechanically, it should last another decade.

  6. I don’t know but I’m hoping my 96 Cobra will appreciate over time. I feel it’s been super unappreciated until recently, and the prices are starting to uptick, just not that much yet.

  7. Honestly miatas in general have been getting more and more expensive and most of them are even nice. It's been harder to find them stock to. It was a dream car of mine but who knows if I'll ever own one.

  8. I guess another one that will become popular is the Audi TT, given that they've stopped production on that line…

  9. Im sitting in my cobalt ss 2006 supercharged right now. Now the crazy part it has 462222 miles on it. Runs good still and it is the original motor and transmission. It is also a non interference motor which is key to the miles. Timing chain went at 401890 miles. If it was the 2.4 ss you are pretty much done because of the time and labor for getting your motor fixed. Bent valves anyone?

  10. I think crossovers wont last and will just be a fad from this era but people may want them out of nostalgia the same way a lot of people like those boxy 1980s wagons

  11. If you can find the rare 3rd gen manual ford explorer it will probably be pricey. They made only a very few of them and only in like 02-03. Also the 4.6 explorers from the 3rd gen they took excess 4.6 engines that were left over from crown vic and mustang production and stuck them under the hoods of explorers so it eliminates the crappy v6 those explorers were known for and makes them quite reliable. Plus the 3rd gen was the last real body on frame explorer. A 4.6 manual explorer is a unicorn its so rare.

  12. If anyone thinks they can find a Forester 2.5 XT that's in good shape,under 200k miles and a decent price,you're dreaming. I've been looking for months and haven't found anything.

    PS:should've add the Pontiac G8 GT(GXP) to this list.

  13. I think the bmw m140i will go up in value after a while as it’s a RWD hatch back which as I know isn’t a thing at all in new gen hatch’s and probably the last ever 6 cylinder hatchback

    Also an added bonus is that it’s faster over the 1/2 mile than a Audi RS3 and Mercedes A45 as these are in the price bracket above but still slower the direct competitors to the 140 would be the S3 and the A35 pop purely based on price

  14. Wrxs from 1999 and early 2000s going for 15k+ due to movies and anime showcasing them. In addition to… Collin! Brap papapa

  15. By the way I am sure somebody is already mentioned it but the GX model of Lexus is based off of a 4Runner not a Land Cruiser the Land Cruiser variant is called a LX model

  16. The generation after the e46 still had a 6spd manual option I own an E90 4door/sedan there are E91 and E92 variants coupes and verts that are 6spd with inline6's

  17. Just because you in americans are not that smart but a SUV it is NOT AN 4X4 ALL TERRAIN CAR so land rove Discovery is'nt a suv a cherooke xj it is not a suv so go learn something

  18. GUYS !!! don’t forget the Mitsubishi Stairon even though I don’t know why Mitsubishi decided to run a crappy version Of their four-cylinder but….

  19. Acura TL’s should be on the list since the youtube car culture is starting to catch on how amazing those cars are since they’re bargains now

  20. You just saved me from buying that Subaru I went to see last week. The guy keeps calling me and today I just told em “not interested anymore”. Wow 👍🏽

  21. 240z- used to be ignored and rotted away. Now all the cool guys are on that bandwagon after picking up a super street magazine

  22. Infiniti FX50 5.0 V8 AWD..
    only lasted a few model years, strong performance, trendy styling, good build quality, relatively rare and affordable

  23. Trust me, the Cobalt is NOT the best car. My first car was a 2005 Chevy Cobalt. They are prone to thermostat failures and wheel bearing issues. However, they made a shitload of them. So, if you (for whatever reason) want one, you won't have a hard time finding one.

  24. Seriously – for us Aussies – Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores. Especially the super cab ute models and the Holden Crewman. The Ford Territory too since it's based off the Falcon mechanically.

  25. USDM STIs aren’t EJ20s, they’re EJ257s and the forester and 2006-2014 WRXs are EJ255s before that they were EJ205s in the US. Japan got EJ207s in the STI

  26. Yikes! Tons of misinformation in the Subaru section. After owning turbo Subarus the last decade, I disagree on the EJ20 headgasket comment – any turbo EJ25 is going to be be much more susceptible to headgasket issues. Second, the 9-2x (not 3!) was the "WRX" Saab. This never had the same engine as the Forester here in the US. The Saab was the EJ20 and Forester XT's EJ25.

  27. Little late to the party with the gx, they have been in demand for a while now. Really anything with the 2uz is appreciating

  28. I believe the last 2 generations of Panther platform vehicles will begin to raise in value, they have already in some instances, depending on condition of course.

  29. The first gen GS and SC. They have 1jz and 2jz in them….and guess what they could be quite affordable, but recently the gone up quite well for the SC line….and I think the GS will be too.
    Cool fact my uncle own a beat up 1st GS300 and they offer him 100 bucks man!

  30. My guess is the 2004-2006 generation 2 durango…great back story designs after the 47 power wagon and came with the 5.7 hemi with no r/t badges…

  31. 2:35 here in Indonesia the Toyota Avanza, a small mini-van, is so popular that used Avanzas actually rise in value even only after 3 years, so anything can happen even with run of the mill cars

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