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buy a used car

buy a used car

ezza go number one my name is Derek a Fosse I’m the owners elite business insurance over here based in tampa florida today’s topic i just want to briefly discuss commercial auto insurance for your business and why you may want to utilize our company for the best quality cheapest auto insurance auto insurance grades out there whether you’re in the state of florida in another state essentially whenever somebody you know calls our office they want to make sure they’re the commercial autos are properly covered because God forbid there’s ever an accident or you having a driver and they think they caused an accident that could single-handedly liquidate a business if you do not have your insurance coverage set up the proper way another thing is you want to make sure that you’re paying the cheapest possible price one of the things that we have here at elite Business Insurance is where deemed an independent insurance agency meaning that we have hundreds of the top carriers in the state and in your area to make sure that you’re getting the highest quality the highest quality type of insurance at the cheapest possible price so you know it may be you know company Abbe XYZ as opposed to ABC but it all depends upon your specific situation depends upon their specific autos you know how many you have what type of coverage you want and we’ll make sure your become educated in the process and make sure that you’re getting as many discounts as possible um you know the correct way so that you have to pay the cheapest possible price you know at all times and one of the other things that we have and I’m visited with the website right now its elite business insurance com is we had this little little tab over here that let’s say if you you know you have a busy schedule and you just you understand threat your day you’re going to be available at a certain at a certain time you click on this little icon over here and you could actually set up an appointment with one of our specialists and you know help you become educated and help you get get the proper coverage and just understand that at any point in time whenever you need us that’s when we’re going to be there you know we’re there for your benefit leverage us as much as possible you know we’ll get you a quote we’ll get you the cheapest possible price with the highest quality and you know once again my name is Derek of Fozzy elite business insurance you give us our call locally 8139 2 230 55 or our toll-free number 1 800 850 8819 thank you very much

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