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Breaking Down my Turo Insurance Claims (Turo Carsharing Power Host)

Breaking Down my Turo Insurance Claims (Turo Carsharing Power Host)

hi guys hope everyone has been well I’m sick in bed today so it’s finally given me a chance to make some videos and share some content that I’ve been dying to share with you guys I know I have a ton of videos that I need to get out there answering a lot of questions kind of completing some stuff that I’ve started talking about but today I want to talk to you guys about something really interesting that I’ve been experiencing and a whole new segment to my channel that I’m going to start and that’s gonna be a claims segment so basically I’m going to try to document all the different claims that I experienced with my cars the different damages and accidents how Tura handles them what the settlements end up being and what the timeframes look like I would say probably in the last month and a half I’ve experienced more in terms of interactions with the claims department and Tauro support than I have in probably all the years that I’ve been doing this and if you watch some of my older videos that I put out when I kind of first started the channel you’ll definitely see that I would talk about how easy the claims process was how great the insurance was and how kind of quickly things moved along now as time has gone on that has definitely changed so there has for sure been some sort of a shift in the way that Tarot operates that I’ve noticed because that’s just no longer the case claims has now become something that’s really difficult it’s something that is starting to take so long and it is really detrimental to the business there seems to be no urgency on their end when it comes to resolving these claims as a host it takes up a lot of time especially if you have a higher volume of cars and you have multiple claims going on at the same time you’re dealing with different people different claims agents it’s a lot of follow up on your and following up with them like hey hello what’s going on what’s going on is there an update you know where the estimates at so there’s been some sort of a fun if that has gone on with Tarot that has completely changed everything and definitely not for the better and I want to share that with you guys I want to share with you guys every claim that I’m experiencing what the timelines look like what I’m getting back from them because it’s it’s it should be a big part of your decision when going into turn knowing that this is a part of the business and really kind of on there and you know how they’re approaching this and I think this is a fundamental sort of thing for them because this will I think ultimately be a big game changer on whether or not they have good retention for their hosts so one of the things that maybe some of you experienced I’m not sure is I deal with VIP claim support so one of things that Toro offers is if you’re a host and you do more than I believe it’s the last I checked nine thousand dollars per quarter you get assigned to VIP support and VIP claims so I guess supposedly they have a dedicated team that will handle your stuff I’m really interested in hearing some feedback from you guys for those of you who don’t deal with the VIP team and just sort of have access to regular support how your experiences are different or maybe similar and so I’m gonna start putting out some videos explaining what’s been going on lately what I’ve been experiencing and you can find a whole new segment on my channel called called claims where I will share different instances and what went down and I hope that brings some insight to you guys thanks guys

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21 thoughts on “Breaking Down my Turo Insurance Claims (Turo Carsharing Power Host)

  1. Hey I have to say I think this is a great idea, Turo told me they would be covering me in full for a claim whilst it was in a repair shop, gave me authorisation on the phone after a week of waiting. After they had gone ahead with the works they turned around and said they would only be paying half of the work and this was due to "miscommunication" on their end. Hardly fair!

  2. Get well soon! Thanks for putting out great videos and showing how Turo really works. I'm almost ready to put a moderately priced red convertible on the platform in Miami, and am trying to learn as much as possible before I take the plunge. Any tips are appreciated.

  3. It’s funny you put this video out because I’m a new host and my 4th rental texted me Sunday with pics of my car supposedly being struck while parked in front of their home. It’s drivable but the initial body shop estimates are around 3000 for the front end. I just got assigned a case person today so my fingers toes and eyeballs are crossed that this will go well and speedy. Feel better 😎

  4. Hi Saimah! Hope you feel better quickly.
    So, is the claims issue a Turo issue or a Liberty Insurance issue?
    If Liberty, then it sounds like getting commercial insurance would be a beeway to go. However, issues with claims seems to be a common hassle with insurances.
    Do you think that you will stay with Turo?

  5. It’s horrible and I just got a threat, telling me I have too many claims. I’m like I only claim when someone damages my car. How else can I claim. He was a supervisor and basically told me they are a for profit business and cars are going to get scratches on them. I told him, I pay for superior insurance so that I can fix any issue that is on my car when it comes back, that was not on there before.

    They are very big about denying claims. As they did this time. I told them to send it to arbitration and he basically threatened to ban me from TURO. It’s sad that they handle business this way and I was very surprised that they basically threatened me, when my camaro came back with road rash that was obvious on my pictures, but told me they weren’t going to use those pictures to support my claim. They have become crazy. I believe they are losing money on the claims these days, as they are very expensive

  6. I had my car impounded last Friday because my renter had a weapon in the car. Turo within 24 hours paid me back for the impound fees and for the tow. I’m surprised how quick they paid me.

  7. I have 4 cars on Turo and have been a host for 2 years . I had one of my trucks rented for 3 weeks and the guy totally trashed my vehicle! Body damage, interior damage, smoked in car, Toll violations, etc..Totaling $4,000.00 It was a total nightmare, It took 5 weeks to get a payment and a partial payment at that. The hood was damaged and needed to be pulled and repainted, Because the hood had some little nicks and scratches prior to the damage they said they would only pay for half of the hood damage, they called it BETTERMENT! They just don't care and if you don't take pictures of every inch of your car prior to renter taking possession and it's damaged it's not covered. I now take an average of 85 pictures per trip. The end story was after fighting with TURO they ended up paying $3200.00 of the $4000.00 worth of damage. Just think about it your a V.I.P. imagine the rest of us dealing with regular claims..I have to much vested in Turo now but if I could do it all over, I would run the other way! Feel better Saimahs..

  8. Do you know how the basic host insurance works where Turo only takes 15% of the rental? The basic host insurance has a $3000 deductible. How would a host recover the $3000 in damages from the guest? Turo terms said you cannot ask for damage payments "directly" from the guest. I asked Turo support this question and they refused to answer it. It seems like if you have the basic host insurance and a guest does $3000 worth of damage, the host will have to bear the cost with no recourse to recover that first $3000 in damage costs…

  9. When we stopped talking to a real person at Turo, we stopped being a host. It took too long for anyone to get back to us.

  10. Claims process is a great topic to cover…Btw you should ask the Viewers to Like Comment & Subscribe at the end of each video to help grow the channel.
    You put your time into creating content for us, so you should be rewarded for you're efforts.

  11. Saimah, it seems you've managed to build a nice business on Turo, which is great. The thing that is important to be mindful of is that all these "sharing economy" services all fundamentally work the same: Make sure you have repeat customers, even if it means losing a host. Hosts are expendable. There are going to be a lot of customers, and while a shortage of hosts limits the number of customers they can service, it only further cements in customers minds that their service is in high demand, and facilitates them raising prices.
    There will always be another host, and when a host gets screwed, its easy for customers to point the fingers at other customers or simply walk away from the problem.

    It's probably a very good idea to slowly transition your cars off of Turo and start your own rental company with your own insurance and gradually migrate to your own business fully.
    You'll make more money, you'll have more control over the business and policies, and you can decide what things you want to claim on insurance or not.

    All these apps like Turo, Uber, Lyft, Air BnB are all not sustainable, because you're adding a 3rd party that also wants a portion of the pie. The only way they work for cheaper is either at a loss to the company, or at a loss to the Host, and as they get bigger and garner more clout, they will stop taking the loss themselves and start screwing over their hosts.

    For example: Say what you will about Taxi services, but a lot of them (especially up here in Canada) are very strictly regulated, and the pricing is set very specifically to insure that the drivers can actually have an income, and that riders get good rates. Services like Uber and Lyft were a Trojan Horse, they lure customers in with an unsustainable low price, and churn through hosts like crazy, because the hosts quickly find they can't make a living off of their income. This happens all the while these app are destroying the very regulated market the entered into unfairly (and in many cases illegally). Their goal is to supplant their old school competitors with their own service that will eventually start costing consumers more than the old system ever did (there is an extra person in the loop that's looking to get paid after all), and over time will pay hosts less than they would have gotten paid in the traditional form of that business.

    These "sharing economy" businesses are just a way for a 3rd party to skim some money off the top in exchange for a centralized marketplace.

    A centralized marketplace is a great stepping stone, but eventually, you want your customers calling you by name.

    All this to say… You successfully used Turo as a great stepping stone, something most people can't do. Now, it's time to transition to your own rental business where you are not bound by another companies terms who's only looking out for themselves and not you, otherwise I think it has a high chance of going south, very quickly.

    That's just my two cents worth. Take it as you will.

  12. Thanks so much for all your videos I’ve learned a ton from you. I have some other questions about a couple things would you be able to message me your email and I can ask you these questions?

  13. I hope you get well soon.
    I have a few question, maybe you had answered in past videos but I didn’t find. Do you have a Company? If you do, what is the main purpose of your
    business? Do you use your own insurance? I tried to get some information from my insurance agency here, but they never heard about turo lol. I’m from Massachusetts and the laws here is a little different than yours. Thanks for your time!

  14. Does anyone know what insurance companies offer commercial insurance for Turo? The closest I’ve found are a couple that just started offering it for Uber and Lyft, but I’ve googled this to death and can’t pin a company down. Their insurance is definitely a for profit, major profit company, as another person said. They essentially have every car triple insured (Turo host provided, Turo driver provided, and possibly the drivers personal insurance which they say they will claim with before using any of the others!) But even though they are double or triple insured if sounds like they have made a common practice of trying to pay out 50% of claims if they can get away with it. This is insane and I’m surprised their haven’t been any class action suits challenging this.

    But for me, Im looking to put a convertible on turo but am paranoid about the insurance liability and specifically for bodily insurance… I feel like if there was a terrible situation 1 million doesn’t cover a life, and I would be worried about them leaving a host high and dry especially when we are talking big money. I’d feel more comfortable with my own insurance but can’t really find any… I asked Turo who they see people using for commercial and they asked me how many cars I have and then they said I should go with theirs bc it would be more cost effective with so few cars – but not at the end of the day if they don’t have their hosts best interest. If they are becoming the insurance company as well that seems like a conflict of interest. They should have to stay neutral so they can work on your behalf to get paid out from Liberty with their goal to get full insurance pay outs for their hosts – but of course if they are the insurance company they are going to try and cheap out and you have no one left to fight for you except you ….

  15. Where I’m living we have to provide our own insurance. Is this an option for you? Our insurance company is not difficult to deal with. Maybe going with insurance outside of Turo would be easier.

  16. Turo Claims is the reason I'm 1 foot out the door! I've been dealing with these odiots for multiple incidents and only 1 out of 5 went just okay. I lost money in all others especially when they didn't cover my car in a total loss accident that occurred by my guest. Geico had to step in and I eventually lost Geico insurance and now paying double for car insurance with another agency. They also take at least 5 to 7 days to respond to each question and will not talk over the phone. I lost more money then I made in the past year due to 3 car accidents in total losses, which turo denied to cover despite having their premium insurance. They also did not cover windshield damages even when the guest had premium insurance coverage. I am just about to sell my cars and get away from this mess. It's not worth it for those looking into it!

  17. Asking them to put a new email address on my new account and that takes close to a week now. So that does make me question their ways already.

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