48 thoughts on “Boy trades Xbox to buy mom a car

  1. How much is that gaming system to get a car? Anyways, that son is so precious, and what a cute dog, but i have to ask, where the hell is these kids father at, his ass should be providing and make payments on a car with that many kids

  2. Good for him !! — I am going thru the same thing right now. My parents were both on SS with a two income household. Sadly my father passed away leaving my mother with only her income. I have been without a job for several years but my own SS will begin soon. I have moved in with her so she can keep the household together. The household budget takes up at least 90% ( if not more ) of our combined SS incomes. But I will do what I can to keep a roof over her head , food , utilities , etc. We need more young people like this young man. After all , our parents gave us Life. As for my family , we are "Family" — we have always taken care of each other. So it is a good change to see that there are still Family values left in this world.

  3. Uff this hurts my heart that good kid. Probably have no father at home. But that car is not safe somebody needs to help that kid out, hopefully they will be a follow-up story.

  4. Lovely story and truly amazing young men, but I wonder how they have money for Xbox and not for a car which is by far more important? The priority order is different in America I guess. Much love for this young men and his family.

  5. Решил просто взять пс4, на боксе эксклюзивов нет просто. 😀

  6. Great for what the child did, but I mean if mom does not has money how they afford to pay the residential??? Just dont understand if they where in cheap residential I could understand how hard they live

  7. You know how stuff like this happiness is when the adults are not doing what their suppose to be doing. Their is no reason why a child should be selling his stuff just so you can have a car. It's your responsibility to as a parent and the father of these kids to make sure they have what they need and the kids can get around

  8. I lI’ve in fernley and go to school with this kid and he used to get in a lot of trouble and that’s really nice what he did for his mom 😇 we’ve gone to school together since 5 grade and used to be a huge trouble maker but it’s so nice to see he’s changed he used to go to silver land middle school with me until a couple months ago he go suspended

  9. I'm in the UK. struggling terribly due to cancer . If a go fund me is set up. I'll still donate a little so this young MAN Of the house can hopefully have a xbox

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