Sharer’s here it is this is the inside
of the box fort car. We got the steering wheel we got the windshield we got the
gas pedal down in here this is the gas pedal and then this is the drift lever
when you pull this it drifts the car it’s really cool here we go Sharer’s.
Box fort car test-drive number one here we go oh yeah what is going on
Sharer’s welcome to the vlog, welcome to another awesome day I’m on the
hoverboard check it out ed Carter’s on the drift carts oh we’re
matching today sharers check it out the black share the love hoodie oh yeah sort
of get a little chilly out just in time for Halloween – we got the black share
the love hoodies oh yeah Sharer’s if you want one of these hoodies go to
and get some merch oh yeah Carter Sharer, you’re getting so good whoa you’re
getting so good at those things Carter oh no barter no you made a mess you
knocked everything everywhere oh I got an awesome idea what if we make a box
fort they mix it with the drift card maze I go to box fort car Oh bucks for a
car Oh like a 3-story box fort for a car that’s app Epic ID let’s do it oh yeah
and we have boxes down the basement car – lets go quarters wait there’s no
brakes there’s no brakes no brakes be careful oh yeah where’s all the
cardboard boxes oh yeah we’re set now let’s get started on this box fort it we
got the cardboard boxes we got the drift cart time to make this
what a box forr drift court a boxfort a car it’s gonna be awesome box fort a cart
let’s do it oh sure I can always solve the pumpkins over here from the nerf
versus pumpkin look at the damage three two one that’s a really deep hole even
when there’s like flies in there oh oh that’s gross oh and look at this bug
right here what is that it kind of looks like a ladybug but it’s yellow
sure it’s coming right now if you know what this bug is a yellow ladybug
looking thing start with our first box let’s open it
up and figure out how we’re gonna do this thing yeah should we just wrap
around the sides first I mean it’s got a nice frame we conduct it to the frame or
how do you want to do this Carter I’m not sure see if it’s got look awesome
but can’t just look like a box where it’s gotta look like an an actual car
let’s cut the first box open just like this voila nice and open
now we got to figure out how we’re gonna lay this thing yeah for the back we can
use it like this we can wrap it around oh oh that’s perfect that looks so good
we also got a box fort the front I got the tape let’s start taping we got one
side of the front of the box fort tapes now we just got to cut around the
steering wheel yeah let’s do a cut like this it’s gonna be awesome
oh look at that perfect the steering wheel now let’s tape the other side we
got some tape on there now we got to flip this thing up well all the way up okay now it should be a little easier to
finish taping yeah now I’m thinking we could tape underneath and strap this
thing on really good so it won’t ever fall off let’s add some tape to the
bottom we’ll strap some one right here and we’ll stick it to the frame right
and there just like that there we go look you some on the other side we got
the first piece all taped up was lower back down whoa whoa okay I’ll go from
this time I go from this side let me lower end so heavy oh there we go okay
really cool yes that’s gonna be the front now we just got to do finish the
front nose and then put something on the back see my thinking for the front we
fold these flaps in like this that make a nice flat front yeah that’ll look
really cool so cool put a piece of tape right there
yeah it looks good strap it on we got one we’re gonna need a few more you need
one on this side oh yeah there you a long one all the way across like this
boom we got the front of the car done check this thing out this is starting to
really look like a car box fort car coming along nicely now would easy to
figure out the back in the doors now I’m thinking for the back we’re definitely
going to use this big piece and we can wrap it around the sides like this oh
yeah that’ll look really good pull this down and fold it around so it’s like
yeah what do you think perfect let’s tape it on it looks good let’s do it got the backside taped on pretty well we
gotta flip it up again Carter so we can finish taping underneath
okay let’s flip it which way flip it your way come this way and grab there
and flip it up and over and just a little bit hold it I’ll tape it while
you hold it ready here we go oh my gosh is it breaking uh do you like just quick
okay I’m gonna go where it is okay put it down Steve okay one side down other
side to go let’s do this go ahead lift it okay take quick shares this thing is
so heavy to hold these trip carts weigh a lot okay looks pretty good yeah this
thing is really starting to come along and come together pretty nicely yeah I’m
gonna tape these roof pieces down like that and then there’s a little bit for
my head to stick out right here and I’m thinking we got to add some doors on the
side and then we should be good to go I got this piece let’s cut in half and
we’ll do a door on each side oh yeah we’ll put one piece here tape it on just
like this oh yeah yeah let’s just take it to secure it in place we’ll go right
down the side just like this we ran into a slight problem on this side it’s not
exactly the same as the other side so we’re kind of having to push this box in
a little bit like this it’s not gonna be the exact same but hopefully we can get
the tape to stick without the whole box car coming apart I’m gonna pinch the top
together a car delay some duct tape there let’s hope this holds put another
piece of tape right here to finish it up secure it in place
Oh looking good oh yeah it’s looking good it’s holding so far so good oh I
think we’re good to go let’s give this thing a test drive oh my gosh it’s done
okay it’s all done we just got it I don’t even know if I can fit what it’s
gonna climb in oh yeah step one can you even fit can’t climb in through the
front only box fort car is it gonna work okay I got it like squeeze in
oh hey it’s a bar scorecard no once that was gonna be easy to get into Oh perfect
spot for your head your head six out the top this is perfect I gotta turn it on
and let’s go ooh a little bit oh yeah sure this is gonna work coming right now
hashtag box fort you getting this box fort car is gonna work car do you think it’s
gonna work I don’t know I’m thinking it might yeah okay but let’s just try it
let’s go box fort a car here we go I got a backup for a new test reverse first
here we go backwards is it working I got a pull no I got a pull the brake Oh got
the drift lever now let’s try backwards oh it’s dragging a little bit oh oh keep
going keep going oh oh put the lever back down and go oh it’s working oh my
gosh it’s actually working it kind of looks like a boat that’s awesome it’s
gonna look so weird when you start drifting with that thing oh yeah who
shares throw me I’m the slow one on these hoverboards but I’m winning for
once let’s keep the lead let’s go let’s go let’s go whoo come on car chairs here
it is this is the inside of the box we’re car
we got the steering wheel we got the windshield we got the gas pedal down in
here this is the gas pedal and then this is the drift lever when you pull this it
drifts the car it’s really cool here we go stairs the students box for a car
test drive number one here we go oh my gosh Boxfirt car is crazy
yikes car don’t wipeout that was on the chairs go backwards whoo see if I have all drifted out I’m
getting dizzy you gotta give this thing a try it goes
so fast Oh see before you ride you gotta get your race gear on catch whoa okay
race gear on let’s go this thing is like a small Box fort car
but Sharer’s I promise this thing goes so fast and it can drift that’s the
coolest part I’m gonna try to do a 360 turn here we go well I think like so
cool Oh pull the drift lever whoa that was so crazy whoa this is like a
dragster it looks like a drag racer goes so fast oh you’re like squeaking the tires yeah
you’re going so fast the tires just squeaking and all there’s a burnout on
here washer look at that he did easy look a burnout on the ground whoosh air
is coming hashtag #boxfort what if you would drive this thing Wow
Oh Steve that 360 was so cool yo that was a sweet skin what’s your guys’s
names my name is cliff what’s your name what’s your name Sam oh sweet I saw some
pop tags up there boom boom sweet we just met some more Sharer’s and Stephen we
got to finish this thing up let’s see what you got yeah show him a skin see
didn’t compete here he comes whoa see if you’re going fast 360 whoa
yo cliff you want to see it again ride a hoverboard yeah all right let’s see what
you got all right sure is what do you think can you ride it first try whoa
okay that was easy whoa come on you got it go go all the
way through and back up to the road sure if you think we should make another
box fort course so we’re gonna have a box fort car race comment hashtag #boxfort
right now Oh careful see there’s no brakes on that thing there’s no brakes
careful whoa oh oh that was so crazy crazy
moochers okay well this was our cardboard box fort it
oh yeah this thing was so awesome and it’s so fun to drive the thing is
seriously super fast you can skid you can drift what can’t you doing this
thing I don’t know it’s amazing yeah this thing is seriously amazing chairs I
want to build another one so me and Stevie could both ride in one we can
have a box record race if you think that’s totally awesome it’s such an epic
idea common hashtag box fort it right now oh yeah battle of the box fort cars well
that was your awesome and epic vlog today we’ll see you on Friday
3:00 p.m. set your alarms turn up post notifications let’s do this who’s gonna
get first comment and YouTube play button keychain oh and we have an
awesome surprise we’re gonna show you next vlog yes next vlog Friday through
p.m. get ready for an awesome surprise so until then you know what to do stay
awesome and share the love peace

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