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Bonnie and Clyde The Highwaymen – Final shootout Last Scene

Bonnie and Clyde The Highwaymen – Final shootout Last Scene

We need you to identify these two 4 v8 IVY! Get out there! You better look Yeah it is Clyde! Hello, you need some help with that? Stick ’em up! ??? “People shouting”

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100 thoughts on “Bonnie and Clyde The Highwaymen – Final shootout Last Scene

  1. Bonnie and Clyde were viewed by some as folk-heroes of the depression. The money wasn't as important as robbing the banks and getting away with it. The murders were part of doing business, and they had not compunction about taking other people's lives, destroying futures, families and the like. Taking it in the context of the Depression, it's tempting to think they offered something to the public. In reality, they were simply thugs who killed and robbed, and for no purpose or reason. Their deaths were brutal, but they needed to be culled from society. What's strange is how people will gravitate towards the celebrated people who hurt them the most.

  2. Frank stepped out into the road and shot them both one time each they died. The car lurched forward and the rest of them opened up.

  3. this is how All street gangs, MS-13, and cartel members should be treated when In the USA. We should have zero tolerance for this types of criminals

  4. I know they were criminals but this

    Break my heart into 1 million pieces

    My stomach feels blue and sad

    Bonnie and Clyde

  5. Один хер полицаев тоже потом перестреляли….с Арни пулеметом из леса выйти и схуярить этих тварей в шиесе как в терминаторе вот славная охота была бы

  6. Clyde was all brave and all when facing unaware officers, but the look on his face when he was confronted with no advantage for him, was priceless, besides his death as well. Got what they deserved, no remorse there

  7. This is so brutal!! I hate to see how they died 😢💔. Been shot multiple times and yet we see people grabbing and touching Bonnie & Clyde. So sad!

  8. 邦妮·伊莎貝拉·派克和克萊德·切斯特納特·巴羅是美國經濟大恐慌時期著名的鴛鴦大盜,他們的幫派活動於美國中部,他們以搶銀行聞名,但是他們更常搶劫小型商店和郊區的加油站,他們的所作所為吸引了美國媒體和讀者的關注,在 1931 到 1934 年,也就是所謂的「公敵時期」,他們至少殺害了九名警察。 維基百科

  9. they should still haul dead murderers as a public spectical, it would make people think before commiting horrendous acts…

  10. The died just like they killed. Innocent people in the road by surprise. WELL THEY were not the only ones that applied that Method too

  11. According to all I have seen and read, this is the most accurate depiction of how they really died.
    And to those who want to glamorize these two murderers. I say go talk to all the children and spouses of the ones they murdered who had to go through life without their loved one because of the likes of Bonnie & Clyde.

  12. Police had several BAR's, Thompson's and M1's pointed to their faces and they still try to draw their guns off ?
    Good that things finished for those 2 in such a brutal way, they totally deserved. They killed a lot of innocent people on their way.

  13. when I can have a 6 lb rifle with a 1 lb mag full of 60 gr softpoints or AP steel capped ammo, a silencer and a .22lr conversion unit for cheap practice, wtf would I settle for a 19 lb, cumbersome 3006 auto with ammo and mags that weigh twice as much? No thanks, when I can brain a sentry at 50m, BB gun quietly, take the gun apart and conceal it in a pack, attache case, gym bag, grocery sack? When, with a scope and match bthp ammo, anti-cant bubble level and trigger job and be every bit as likely to hit a man at 1/4 mile, or use it effectively with just one arm, as I help a loved one walk, carry a child, drive a vehicle? No thanks, you can have that obsolete old clunk.

  14. Many guns are better for this or that, but then WOEFULLY lacking at almost every other task. Everyone wanted a BAR for a firefight, but NOBODY wanted to carry that sob and the ammo needed to keep it talking. the gun weighs 19 lbs, without the 2 lb bipod. Each 20 rd steel mag, full of ammo, weigh 1.5 lbs. At the 400 rpm cyclic rate, the mag is empty every 3 seconds and it takes that long to swap mags, too. So, let's say you want to carry 200 rds, in the mags. That's 15 lbs, and without the bipod, the gun is a very short-ranged tool. So you have to lug around 36 gd lbs, every where you go. Then, when the shtf, you can't even raise your arms, cause you're so gd tired. also, as you foot-slog along, you're so tired tht you dont see the enemy scout, the booby trap, the mine, the glint from a sniper's scope. No thanks. A scoped, 10.5" skinny barreled AR. with a silencer, weighs 7.6 lbs, with bipod, is very handy to use, cant be heard at half the distance a BAR can be heard, , has a .22lr conversion unit and 60 gr subsonic ammo, 30 rd box mag for the .22 that is BB gun quite. Also, the 223 60 gr softpoint ammo will mess up a "hittee" WORSE than 3006 ball ammo will. (inside 100m, at least) You need not CARE how quickly guys stop at long range, cause they will be unable to hit you after taking such a hit. You wont be racing out there to scalp them. Each aluminum, 30 rd mag for the AR in 223 weighs 1 lb. So for a total of 15.5 lbs, the AR offers MUCH more versatility. The .22 unit weighs 3/4 lb, and the 60 gr .22 ammo is 100 rds to the lb. You wont have Army supply bringing you food or ammo, folks. You'll have to have it cached, or carry it yourself. You aint got taxpayers funding everything, either. Do you want to pay 50c per rd for practice ammo, or 6c per rd? 🙂 The silencer renders the full power 223 ammo every bit as "tame" to use as the .22 unit without the can being mounted. A gun that you MISS with, or are too slow to hit with, or for which you've got no more ammo is worth what? Do you REALLY "think' that an iron sighted BAR is a lick better at hitting an individual man at 1/4 mile than a scoped, silenced shorty AR? If you do, then you're a fool.

  15. modern steel capped 223 will pierce a GI steel helmet, both sides at 1/4 mile, even from short barrels and will do so at 1/2 mile from a 20" barrel. A bullet hole in you is a hole in you, folks. You're going to bleed out and die from it. A hole in a gas tank, water container, oil drum, etc, is still going to leak. nearly all shots in combat miss their target. Being able to carry 2-3x as much ammo is a big deal.

  16. Crime will always be around, no matter what it is it will always be present in our society. Everyone has a fate and it should be decided whether they like it or not.

  17. And another Hollywood production that got it mostly wrong. First off, yeah they had Methvins truck half way in the road, but on the same side as Clyde was driving, and there was a log truck pulled off and stopped in the opposite direction. Clyde pulled alongside Methvins truck and Hamer did intended to yell at them to halt but Deputy Oakley jumped up from their hiding places in the brush and fired his Remington R8 until it emptied, killing Clyde instantly with a head shot with one of those 5 shots. A few seconds went by with Bonnie starting to scream wildly as she realized what happened, and the other 5 cops opened up with everything they had, including BARs and shotguns as Clydes car slowly idled past them into the ditch on the opposite side of the road. Hamer ran up from the back of the stalled car and emptied his Colt Monitor into an already dying Bonnie and the chase was over. The long guns were in the back of the car out of easy reach, they both had a pistol on them but never got a chance to pull them. Clyde never saw or heard the shot coming, but Bonnie did realize she was about to die. Hamer and the cops then proceeded to loot the money and valuables from the car as the guys from the log truck and other nearby farmers started to mill about the scene grabbing various items from the car. The BARs were taken by Hamer and never seen again, as many of Clydes abandoned BARs disappeared into cops hands and were never returned to the National Guard armories they were stolen from. The car was towed away followed by a huge contingent of onlookers, where the tow truck broke down and a melee ensued while they waited for another tow truck to take it to impound. Funny, history is always alot more interesting than Hollywoods re imaginings.

  18. 0:58 what me and my friends do in GTA ONLINE to other players, driving their cars, when they stole my personal vehicle…

  19. we dont live in the 30s and the odds are high that you'll be afoot if shtf. So the BAR is not what you want, folks. You dont want full auto at ALL, actually. 90% of those shots MISSED the robbers, at 10m and less! Wth is the point of MISSING, and/or blowing out your ears? You want a suppressed shorty AR, and hit with every shot you fire, or dont waste the ammo.

  20. I know Bonnie and Clyde were pretty messed up people for what they did and that type of stuff, but no one should have died like that. To be shot at more than 50 times is pretty messed up

  21. They didnt give them a warning. They literally slowed down to assist and Hinton fired the first few shots, then everyone else started firing. There was no warning.

  22. @1:21 <– that was really bad producing that the car didn't have exit bullet holes on the passenger side door at that point. Pretty unrealistic.

  23. They robbed banks becasue it was the Great Depression, the banks foreclosed everyone’s homes, no money was being made, they didn’t have nothing to lose. It doesn’t make up for what they did but they just simply wanted revenge against society for ruining their lives and everyone else’s.

  24. Lets be honest here .30-06 rounds to the head wouldnt have been just a couple of clean holes. It woulda blown their heads into smithereens

  25. Obviously they didn't need to shoot them that much

    " They wanted to because that was they're way of giving them 2 a big f** you!

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