BMW X6 (E71 E72) – #tips when buying used BMW car

hi guys my name is #Martin Pohanak and I am from and yes this is our very beginning of our new blog and Vlog
and from the start I would like to be a little bit personal with you, so i have
decided I will invite you into my living room this is the BMW x6 my daily car but
don’t worry I’ll be not telling you how this car drives or if it’s a family car
or not really there are plenty of videos like this on youtube but what I will
tell you today are tips in case you are trying to buy this car for example it’s
April 2016 and this car you can buy at this moment for anywhere between 18,000
to let’s say 40,000 euros and this is a hell of a lot of car for this money
shall we begin first thing it choose wisely the engine there are
several options out there you can buy petrol you can buy diesel in several
configurations there is also an hybrid it’s not
really common but you can find one into the big SUV – s my preference is to
put diesel is just simply because of the bigger torque and if you are
thinking well have you seen a truck with the petrol engine right this is a
3-litre diesel 6 speed automatic gearbox I have an option to drive a four
liter diesel and i have to say if I will have a chance to buy a 4-liter
instead of three liter i will do it I know it’s still a 3-liter with two
turbos but it has 8 speed automatic gearbox and it’s a huge improvement to
it you don’t only have a bigger power but also the consumption is better and
the process of the gear changing it’s much smoother and if you’re thinking
about the huge petrol engine that M has well I think twice because the the fuel
consumption its astronomical there and the the range where you can get is roughly
around 400 km which for me it’s a big no-no unfortunately this is the
period when Mike stops working but tell me who doesn’t like to do the
same things for two or three times right anyway when I was trying to say here is the suspension is alpha omega of this
car before you buy one make sure it’s in the top condition these things can
get damaged really easy on the best quality roads and of course I don’t have
to tell you this is bmw so it will lead to are really pricey repair one thing I
regret here I haven’t bought a car that has pneumatic suspension all of the BMW’s are
pre-set up to be really hard to be really stiff on the road and pneumatic
suspension it’s something that can lead to a much smoother ride there is one
negative it is additional thing that can get wrong and unfortunately this is
something that gets wrong on the x5 and x6 of these models pretty often last
thing here is the rims and tires these are 19 of course I’m a young guy i
love to have big rims in an even bigger tires but don’t forget this car is
running on a runflat tires that means that is not the most comfortable thing
you can buy on the market but of course my preference would be 21 inch in this style what you think for the next few tips we need to go inside of the car
first thing here is steering wheel at the beginning of the production line BMW
was making a cars with something called basic power steering wheel it means if
you turn on the engine you will notice that the steering wheel
goes around pretty hard this is something I do have my
recommendation here is in case you are buying a car for a girl or you are not
really a strong person by a car that was equipped with something called advanced
power steering wheel how you notice that a car has one is just
simply you will be able to turn the steering wheel very easy it only let’s
say one finger another thing is a navigation here are
two things rule number one if you’re buying a luxury car by one with a
navigation because otherwise you look like a tight ass and you know the rule
tide ass people my ass second thing is worth to check what is the last update how to do
it simply go to the navigation click options scroll all the way down to the
system update and you will see what is the last update of the maps why I’m
telling you this is because when you go to a dealer the update can cost you
something between 300 to 500 euros which is pretty much but hey there is an
option on the internet you can find in roughly about 100 eurs but i haven’t
said that a thing is a tip from the back seat basically the car was designed to be a
four-seater in later stages you were able to buy a car that was having fifth seat
over here I think that price was roughly around
1,000 euros extra the thing is I don’t care that much about backseat passengers
bad listen to this this is simply the result of the financial crisis in 2008
the car industry is just geving us a cheap plastics if you don’t have here
the additional seed basically you will have their plastic squeaks and rattles
doing your trip so I do recommend you to buy or try to find a try to buy it with
an extra passenger seat the guys hopefully you found this tip useful in
case you have some additional tips to share it with me and I will add it to the blog
and don’t forget to check out the youtube channel next week i’ll show you
what i do drive during weekends and this is a small photo teaser so enjoy today have fun #martinPohanka

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