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BMW Car Design Process

BMW Car Design Process

we do not design cars we trigger feelings every line we draw every detail we debate every form we create every model we finish everything we do has one purpose we want to release emotions our automobiles are not just the end of a creative process but a beginning the beginning of adventures and memories the beginning of unique dynamics the beginning of unforgettable moments and recurring beauty the beginning of passion dedication love BMW design the beginning of an emotional experience when we design a car we start by drawing the car we want to make sure that the first vision that we have of the car is translated onto paper with basically the movement of the pencil the movement of the hand describes the line and we make sure then that exactly what we have as a vision is translated into two dimensions these two dimensions are drawings when we design a car we focus on very high quality aesthetics we make sure that the way we draw cars is also one-to-one the way the line works work on the car the first contact that the designer has with the project is a piece of paper and a pencil the later process will be done in jindo world but the spontaneity of the drawing which is done reality with real pencil real paper shows exactly the emotion and the spontaneity of this concept the linework of a BMW can always be described in the true side view in a true side view you can control every line of the car and make sure that the three dimensions that these lines create are also controlled every line every emotional line every movement that the whole interior has will be described in front from lines and those lines will basically be an information for the modelers to build this model when we work with car design we work with clay we make sure that the material that we use is a material that we can work with meaning when we have a three-dimensional surface in clay we can add material and we can take material away making sure that every line is exactly where we want it to be we strive for perfection and surfacing and we make use of the computer technology to verify that every curvature is perfect the fascination that the designer put into his design basically comes to a point when this model is developing in clay and also crafted by hand in a clay model craftsmanship has a lot to do for us and claimable is exactly the right tool to bring perfection into our designs the B&W design has a lot to do with form developments and for inter design especially it’s always was extremely important to develop all the surfaces we have all the line movements we have in the whole interior in 3d and especially in a flammable we use silver foil then applied on top of the clay surface to verify how this surface then looks as if it were painted the silver material helps us describe how a surface changes from light to shadow interior design is not only the sculptural part of it but also how materials and how those materials are reacting with the people sitting into the car that’s reason why the material process and design research process already starts exactly at the same time as the designer starts sketching on a piece of paper the emotions we haven’t sketch those emotions have to come also through the material quality we have the craftsmanship and all the details that is into your hands to enhance the perfectness of the interiors we are doing we pay a lot of attention choosing the right materials also putting them in the right place material decision is done also within the time whether clay model is developed and we pay attention to that the best materials are the best place are coming together it’s extremely important that the match between each others you

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75 thoughts on “BMW Car Design Process

  1. Syukri could you make some basic car sketches tutorials? I personally know a bunch of fans who would die for. we have been following you and trying but is a bit advanced these (at last for me) to catch up with. I am an economist starting my second degree in Industrial Design.

  2. Excuse me,I love car,actually I'm an Industrial Design student(freshman),and I want to know where can i get some useful resources or basic course.introduce me some website,thank you very much.

  3. Why do people seem to like all these smooth, blobs of cars. what happened to actual passion for the design for cars and not just making them look like every other single modern car in existence?

  4. Hi i have a good car desgine, but dont know how to give life to that, if can anyone if ur able try helping me with that.

  5. Actually I am to passionate towards cricket.After seeing this video I really wanna become a Anil Kumble as he a cricketer and a mechanical engineer

  6. I have a number of designs and I want to show them these designs are for my car {taous motors}, a model I made my passion for super cars and I have no one to support me to continue with I have several other designs for those interested to send me a message on my email (anasattaous @
    Note: I am determined with competence, accuracy and psychological confidence

  7. Are you kidding?????? i thought they design in computer using auto cad or designing software….never in my dream i thought they use clay …….its shocking

  8. but these days BMW does not make as beautiful cars as they used to make during the 90s and 2000s ,they lost the kind of sleek and clean design they worked on!

  9. You do the same cars over and over again same models shape can we see something new it's like y'all are stuck in a loop all of your BMW model cars are the same can we get out of this primitive look

  10. Amateur car designer myself (so not pretending to be anywhere professional), I just wanted to mention, in my experience, the whole "all the emotion is in the first 2d lines drawn" concept is definitely not the only way to be doing a decent car design. I myself work purely in 3d (using subdivision modeling in Blender) and start off with a poorly drawn simple boxed out car shape (my sketching ability is amateurish to childish) and then work by extracting the stronger curves and proportions I notice that "work" and bringing these out and further strengthening these. So working like a sculptor that "liberates" the beauty from a firstly blunt and empty shape. While people observing the first stages of my work might consider it (and in this stage they are correct) without "vision", "strength" or "emotion", the work after some hours converges to become a lot more esthetically pleasing. Just wanting to encourage those who would like to embark on (amateur) car design and have no good 2d skills like those shown in the video!

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