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BLOGGERS IN CARS (with macarons): Matt Sarafa x BMW i3s | Ep 6

BLOGGERS IN CARS (with macarons): Matt Sarafa x BMW i3s | Ep 6

oh my god! Hi babe! Fabulous purse! You know, the new new! I’m with the fabulous Matt Sarafa. You might best know him from Project Runway. And we are gonna talk everything fabulous about cars! First of all, thank you BMW for this i3s. By the way, this bad boy goes from 0 to 60 in 6.8 seconds. It’s got 184 horsepower, it’s got LED lights — Okay, enough about cars. You’re boring me a little bit baby. You got the wrong bitch talking about cars in here. If you want to talk about fashion? I’m your bitch. Alright … so we’ll talk fashion. Of course I know you have your own line. MY line is coming out at Nordy’s very soon, and I’d be happy to talk more about that with you. Yes! So let’s get going! Let’s get it crackin’ I just need to know how to turn this on …. I can’t help you with that … Let’s go! Vroom vroom!! Now, has anyone ever told you you kind of look like … um … Miley Cyrus? She sings that song that’s like … you know … knock the walls …? Knock the walls?? Oh my god, you funny. First of all every day of my life I get told, and on Instagram, probably every 5 minutes. And second of all, “Wrecking ball” is I think the title you’re looking for. Right … Wrecking Ball…. Yeah I could pull off some Miley Cyrus cosplay. Spare me your red lipstick and your clutch and I’m Miley. Miley’s in the car, I’m ready to go. Now, like I said I’m starting my own line as well. It’s gonna be coming out at Nordy’s … and you have yours … Tell me, how is it going with yours? Girl, it’s been going super successfully. We’ve been having stupid sales. You know, just launched 3 new collections. New jewelry line coming out next month. Sales have been through the roof. It’s been on and poppin. Do you like … do your own designs and everything? Well you know, I’m pretty much a one-man show. I do everything from the design — I’m trained in sewing and pattern making. I do have people that help me out from time to time with quantity and volume? But you know, for the most part I like to put my mark on everything that I put out. Oh my god, so you know how to sew? Of course! Yeah! I mean, I might not be the very top best at it and that’s the reason I got eliminated from Project Runway. But I know my way around a sewing machine. Oh? Well, I will get my assistants to sign me up for some sewing lessons. Oh? You don’t know anything …? Oh …. Um …. Do you know what a bobbin is? Yes. That’s like those bobbin toys? Those bobbin head toys …? Oh lord! Sister! Sis!!! Oh no …. Those are the cutest things! Oh honey, so you say you don’t do the designs for your line? Yeah, like who has the time to go and like … make a pattern and put the thing together? I outsource that. I do have time for that! Sweetheart, I can’t. I’ve got like the whole blogmosphere going … Okay, you’re too booked to be bothered? Now, don’t you do the same thing? No! I’m quite the opposite actually … I like to do everything from start to finish. You know, I’m just that type of bitch though! It’s not for everybody… Mm-hmm right, that’s sweet… Um … so where do you find the time? Like what are you doing? Cuz I’ve got like a whole empire to run. Well, you know 9 a.m. my ass is in school. I’m a full-time student at UCLA. You’re in school? I am! Wait, are you in like, a Master’s program? Nope, just regular-degular college. Straight up, 4-year education. How old are you? 21 … So this car has … full LED lights … and it’s got custom coloring … wait, so you’re 21 … Yeah, years young. … years ………. young. mmhmm. That’s … (sniffs) … sweet … um … 21 is a very good number. When I was also in my 20s … like 25 … that’s when I started like building my own brand I draft up my business plan I went to the bank, got a loan, sat there for 2 years building this whole thing, so … you are … ahead … But you know about the come up — that’s good. You know what it’s like to be a hustler just starting out … Yes. Okay cool, so you know I could learn some pointers from you for sure. You definitely can, of course! And I think it’s like wise, I think it’s definitely a 2-way street … I think we can definitely help each other out … Yes …….. um ….. By the way, Twitter is where it is at today because of ME. Oh is it really? I haven’t used Twitter — or really anybody that I know! We really haven’t been on the Twitter wave for a while …. Well, it’s still …. in. It’s still Lit. “Lit” now? It is like L-I-T … Lit. I don’t know if that’s the right use of the phrase? But you know, I applaud you for trying and that’s what matters. Well, I know that’s what all the people are saying these days. Like one of my biggest age groups is 18 to 24, so they always comment on how … um …. “Lit” you are? Right! Exactly! You know, you got it. Right! Yeah …. yeah … I’m with it, and Lit. Super Lit. You’re very very lit. Right, mmmhmmm…. especially for somebody of my …. youthful age … Oh yeah yeah … in your 20s right? Mmmhmm… And on top of Twitter, the other fabulous thing that I basically started was the pink wall. Oh …? #PinkWall, #GizelleMuiCaliente. I think I took a picture there like 10 …15 years ago? Mmmhmm …. Well um … it was … and is STILL a very popular destination for a lot of you — and us … Instagramers! Hmmm, you know I follow a lot of influencers, I haven’t seen that pink wall in a hot second but that’s really good that you’re kind of like … almost like the founding father of pink wall! I’m honored to meet you! Thank you for your service! I am an OG. Where you are where we all are is partially due to me and my crew, and my clan that we’ve worked very hard to get to. Because without us breaking the ground on the whole social media thing that wouldn’t even be a thing called social media, there wouldn’t even be a thing called influencer. So you know what? You’re welcome! I will take that! Well, on behalf of me and the new wave of the fresh, young, youthful new influencers I would like to bow down and thank you Yeah … and … um … you’re welcome. Um … Matt! Tell me about how you got booted off of Project Runway? Ooooh! The shade is real and alive today! Haha … I just want to know! I’m curious! No, we’re just keeping it cute, we’re just keeping it cute. Um, you know Project Runway was a great experience. Amazing for business, amazing for my brand, And the exposure gave me a platform to live my dreams. So you know I really tried to take a negative and flip it and turn into a positive, which I have done so very successfully might I add. Yeah, did you cry at all? Cuz you know my kids cry when bad things happen. You know, I cried like a baby. But the money that I made after the show, I just you know blotted my tears with hundred dollar bills. Oh yeah, well let me know if you need like an investment banker because I know how young people are RECKLESS with their money and stuff like that.

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  1. Yikes this was not a good look for home girl. Way to promote your line by saying you’re too busy to care about it 😂 Bet Matt was thinking “wtf” lol

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