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BLOGGERS IN CARS: Rachel Pitzel x Porsche Panamera | The Fash Life Series Ep.13

BLOGGERS IN CARS: Rachel Pitzel x Porsche Panamera | The Fash Life Series Ep.13

Hi babe! I’m on my way! I’m so sorry what? I don’t get this. What problem are you having with the kids? Okay I never heard of that. Okay so you know what? I’m gonna go ahead and call Kim K, have
my assistant go over there, get a nanny … I’m gonna be over there in 5 minutes okay? Mmhmm, I love you! muah muah muah bye! So, you got that right? We’re just gonna call up Kim, she can send like maybe like 1 or 2 nannies over there. And then we can just like go ahead — since she can’t seem to find a babysitter right now Who can’t find a babysitter? Would you like anything to eat Gizelle? What time is it? 2pm You know I don’t eat after 2. What is wrong with you? This thing is spilling all over me! Happy pill? I hate waiting on people. Why do people do this to me? I’m already like hot. Refresher? Get out of my face! Hello! Is this taken care of? Of course! We have the whole damn troop? Everyone’s coming. Thank you Tweedle Dee — you know who you are. I want to be there in 5 minutes! Hello?!?!?! Thank you. Tweedle Dee … you know who YOU are. Hi doll! How are you? muah muah. Here’s a little greenie for you. Thank you! Oh wow, this looks amazing. It’s skinny cooler … it’s got jalapeno in there? Mui Caliente! Loooove jalapeno. It really gets that you know stuff out. Oh? Skinny … Whoooo! But to replenish you, here’s some macarons. It’s gluten-free and it basically just like evaporates in your mouth, so it’s not like it actually has any kind of sustenance. Just kidding, no it’s fabulous. I just can’t have any cuz I can’t eat after 2. I’m on like this liquid diet where I don’t eat anything solid after 2. Wait, so you won’t have one with me? Um, I love watching people eat. So if you will eat one I’ll just watch you eat it and thoroughly enjoy you … um … I’m just gonna drink my charcoal lemonade because I need to whiten my teeth too. And it’s also really good for me. Mmmm … I love life. Thank you so much for helping out. Of course! Glad it worked out. Seriously because I did not think I was gonna get to come today. Ready for Face Haus? I’m ready girl! Let’s go! Alrighty. Have you ever been in a car with an Asian? I am kind of a car enthusiast FYI … Hey! Get away from my car! So I’m a little heavy footed, but it’s okay cuz this thing only like stops me at 161 … miles per hour that is. You go and 161 with your kids in the car? My kids don’t get in the car. Duh! I mean these are leather seats what are you gonna do? Wait, so your kids never drive in your car? Um … sometimes. Like maybe on Sundays. Sundays? Well you know it’s just like Sunday is kind of our day to get all togeter, and then I hang out with the kids, we have our special day and they look forward to it! Wait you only hang out with the kids on Sundays? Not just on Sundays Rachel, duh. Um … Monday Wednesdays too. Yeah, usually we play every day but
I totally get that. That sounds really nice! You play every day with your kids? Yeah! They like to play games. Like yesterday, Harper made a little kitty fort. She becomes a kitty named Meow-Meow. And then she makes like a little fort and then we go in there and we meow at each other. That sounds sweet. I … I don’t actually know what kind of … um … noises that Isabella makes. Like animal noises …. What do you guys do? Ummm? Lots of stuff! We …. what do you do? Tell me what do you do? Yesterday we went on a bike ride, we went to the beach, we buried Harper in the sand. Then we went home … and then Grayson really wants to learn how to ride his bike without training wheels so he’s working so hard at it. Do your kids ride bikes? I think so. I think they do. Yes. I’ve seen bikes in the garage, um … I’m pretty sure … we did this photoshoot one time where we are all on our bikes and I’m pretty sure Lucas was like on his own. So we just kind of make life as part of Mui Caliente! Got it, so then you don’t actually bike ride with your kids, they were just in the shoot right? Well we did bike ride with them. In the shoot. Got it. Mmm-hmm. You do it like on your own? Yeah, like we go to the beach, we’ll go to the park, we’ll have a picnic. You take pictures while you’re at it thought right? You have like your photographers and like … Not when we go to the beach. Why not? That’s like the perfect time! You show off like your little cute summer ready-to-wear … You have car seats in your car? Yeah, of course! we have 2. How does that look in your pictures? Umm, we don’t really shoot in my car. What about like the cute car selfies? I’ve never done a car selfie. Do you do a lot of car selfies? That’s like when I show off like my nails and stuff like that. By the way, did you know that Botox is not just only for the, you know, moneymaker? Did you know that you can actually Botox your vajayjay down there? And it puts everything back into — Wait a minute … you Botox your lady parts? Do you not Rachel? Are you serious? It’s like THE thing to do after you have kids, especially after kid number 2! I don’t think so, uh-uh. We gotta Caliente that too. Wait, isn’t that painful? Listen, there is no pain that can scare me off when it comes to taking care of you know, girl stuff! It’s like you just do it. It’s like … okay baby comes out doctor comes in. Wait, you did it after you delivered? I mean if everything is already kind of like throbbing anyways, why not just like get it all over with? Wow, I was just so focused on like meeting my kids and like nursing them and it’s like so busy … and wow that’s … your amazing girl! I mean … now that you mention it … I feel like maybe I should have … um …. probably enjoyed that moment a little bit more with the kids… I mean it was so magical! Like meeting them for the first time, and like … for 9 and 1/2 months I’m like what are they gonna look like? What’s gonna happen? And like who are they gonna be and who’s this person gonna be and then they give them to you and it’s just like soooo incredible. Am I a bad mother? N — no!! Of course you’re not a bad mother! No! I mean … you see them every Sunday … I do! … I do! I see them every Sunday. But you’re like talking about hanging out with them on days not on Sunday. Tell me, how are you balancing? Like what do you do for your time? What do you do to be YOU. Well, after I drop off the kids, I like either try to get to the gym 1 or 2 days a week. But then I have to like go to the grocery store, then I have to clean up the house a little bit, then I’m working, getting my blogs done, doing invoicing, then I’m editing photos, I’m turning around content, and then pretty soon it’s time to go pick up the kids you know? And then I have to do homework with them, and then they have all their ballet and gymnastics and soccer… It’s a lot. Wow. You just … so you don’t have like help? Um, yeah! My husband helps. But you do like, you just listed off like 70 items, and you were saying like, “I do this I do that…” Yeah everyday. That’s what mom life is. it’s just balance It’s just balance, I mean it’s so … it’s a lot … but it’s amazing! Girl! Being a mom is so much fun. You get a mini, and you always get to hang out with your bestie! Yeah … I should probably do that more often … By the way, do you see this like straight path right now? Did you know that this car, this Panamera, it’s a 2011 model. It’s actually a V6, it’s almost like if you
had the V8 engine, split into 2. It’s just minus the 2 cylinders, so it’s
basically the same as the Panamera S. It still goes 0 to 60 in like 6 seconds. It’s like … BOOOOOM!

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