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Binging with Babish: Car Panini from Family Guy

Binging with Babish: Car Panini from Family Guy

Aw, yeah! Peanut butter cup, Doritos
sausage, car panini. Now let’s crack a Cadbury egg over the whole thing.
I’m just gonna use my spare glove compartment underwear as a napkin.
I can’t believe Randy Quaid gets to eat like this every day! Hey what’s up guys
welcome back to Binging with Babish we’re this week we’re taking a look at
Peters car panini by popular demand, and while we’ve got all the ingredients on
hand wait a moment, we need something else to be a little bit more accurate.
This is a car panini after all not a Babish home laboratory panini. So with
great difficulty we’re going to wrangle our ingredients, and head on out into the
great outdoors. But not the great outdoors as you might imagine it no no,
we’re cooking in my actual car which like all of my possessions I happily
sacrifice for science. So let’s get all situated in our makeshift kitchen here
and let’s get our ingredients going. We’ve got Vienna sausages in the can.
Make sure you drain off that sausage juice. Nice, and the next up we have to
butter our bread. Now I know that Peter didn’t butter his bread, but I can’t
imagine a panini without buttered bread I mean come on,
why else try and make a panini? So… Otherwise we’re remaining strictly
faithful to Peter’s recipe. So next up we’ve got a layer of peanut butter cups,
and then a layer of crushed Doritos. To me they look like Nacho Cheeseier Doritos from the clip. I’m sorry my hands in the way let’s try doing a one-handed
crumble…perfect. And last up we have the Cadbury egg which was very hard to find
this time of year and, would not crack like a traditional egg. So we’re just
gonna sort of mash it in there and then place the buttered top half of our
sandwich onto the top of our sandwich, and ready our panini press. Now I should
not have to tell you that you should not try this at home, or in your car, or
anywhere. Not only is this really gross but it’s also a multitude of fire
hazards, and you will inevitably spill all your toppings on your nice leather
upholstery. Don’t spill it, don’t spill it! Oh God I spilled it… Alright let’s try
that one more time this time taking the whole panini press down to make sure
nothing ends up on your car, just your soft human body. Not only does Peter do a sort of pull apart cross-section like this, he applies his spare glove
compartment underwear as a napkin, so I’ll do the same, and let’s see how many
bites I can eat of this thing. Here’s one, and chewing…chewing a little bit more,
and that’s enough. I don’t know how you guessed but this is a really gross
sandwich, so let’s see if we have better luck back in the lab. Same procedure here
just buttering the bread and topping with gross stuff, and then breaking our
Cadbury egg into fours to even the load on the top layer of bread. Then maybe let’s
try a slightly better panini press, maybe that’ll make the difference. You may
notice how exquisitely careful I’m being. That’s knowledge only gained from
dumping the bowels of a junk food sandwich into one’s own car. We’ve got
some nice grill marks which is helped by not having a windshield in the way. Look at that, this thing must weigh like a solid pound and a half, and at last we can get
a proper cross-section. Look there’s a little Cadbury egg stretch. Eww, gross. You can see my hesitation and having to take my third and final bite of this horrible
horrible thing in one day. A couple of courtesy chews, and let’s spit it out
because it’s really really disgusting. And I have to admit I’m stumped. Normally I try to make a quote/unquote “good version” of every gross food I make on
the show, but I can’t figure it out. That’s where you come in. Try to make a
half-way palatable version of this sandwich. Take a picture, tag me on
Instagram hashtag i don’t know, #BabishPanini? The winner I choose win a chef’s
knife, and we’ll have their recipe featured on a three million subscriber
episode. Good luck you guys this one is a doozy! And now it’s time to give it a Doug
Score. Starting with the weekend categories in styling, this sandwich
looks pretty good, but not great it’s nothing special or iconic and it gets a
4 out of 10. Next up is acceleration, which is virtually non-existent, and it
gets an automatic 1 out of 10. Handling is abysmal. This sandwich
deteriorates almost instantly thanks to all the chocolate and sausage, and it
gets a 2 out of 10. Cool factor is low. Family Guy doesn’t have the comedic
pedigree it had in seasons 1 through 4, and while this is a standout episode for
its lack of Manatee jokes, it still only gets a 3 out of 10. Importance is a
bit higher this is the first Babish episode to feature absolutely zero
actual cooking technique, and while that’s reprehensible it’s at least a
milestone, and it gets a 5 out of 10, for a total weekend score 15 out of 50.
Right between the Land Rover Evoque, and the Yugo GV. Next up are the daily
categories starting with features, and let’s face it this is not a
well-equipped sandwich. It lacks even the most basic roughage,
and cheese toppings standard on most modern sandwiches and gets a 2 out of 10. Comfort is decent, it feels inoffensive in the eaters hand and gets a 5 out
of 10. Quality is low. These are gas station
ingredients thrown together almost spitefully and it gets a 1 out of 10.
Practicality is also surprisingly low. Despite the ubiquity of most of its
ingredients I nearly electrocuted myself making a panini press function in my car
and the sheer seasonality of Cadbury eggs gives us a 2 out of 10. Value is
also not a strong point even though this sandwich cost less than two dollars to
make if you buy it in bulk you could spend your money much better elsewhere
from a sheer caloric / a survival standpoint it gets a 3 out of 10.
Add it all up in the total Doug score is 28 out of 100 besting only the Trabant
and the BMW Isetta and, inexplicably worse than the Hummer H2.

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100 thoughts on “Binging with Babish: Car Panini from Family Guy

  1. Ive never seen that family guy episode peter is a terrible cook though it looks disgusting
    Maybe if you remove the viena sausage and put bratwurst and instead of doritos use cheese and instead of you know what just throw the whole sandwich away this seems impossible.

  2. Hey Babish you should pan fry the Vienna Sausages first retry making this sandwich but instead of bread use strawberry and cream cheese toaster strudel instead of peanut butter cups melt some chocolate chips and put peanut butter in it drizzle it on top of the Doritos cut the Cadbury egg into fours put the icing on top of the toaster strudel .

  3. It’s because he used Vienna sausages instead of any other type of sausages. It looked like Peter used hot dogs. Maybe actually follow what is shown instead of using different ingredients which you do a lot.

  4. No fuckin way babish?! Are you seriously gonna make this?!! YOU REALLY ARE THE MAN BRO! p.s this looks utterly disgusting! Lol

  5. A toasted panini buttered with breakfast sausage, a cheese crisp, a slice of a cooked pepper with a sunny side up egg.

  6. You cant buy courage…. I would have been fearful of that toaster melting my dashboard (even with a towel below) 😉

  7. so he references a doug score, but his audi is an automatic? cmon babish, dont think we wouldnt catch that with a doug demuro reference

  8. I watch this video a year later and laugh endlessly when he gave out a doug score.. now that's what i call comedy out of nowhere.
    I wish doug would do the same.. revenge wise.

  9. Of course it was disgusting, you spreadeb butter on the bread. Who the hell does that to a doritos, peanut butter hot dog panini?

  10. I was going to pass the video when he said it is your turn but wondered what is there for the last 2.5 mins WORTH THE CHECK BIG DEMURO FAN AND I LOVE THE REVIEV

  11. Fun fact Cadbury eggs in america are made by Hershey…they also use Hershey chocolate and aparently they arent as good

  12. Just make it In to a desert!! Use short bread or pound cake, the hot dogs try some sweet meat in it and use sweet spicy chill Doritos and make sure he egg is white not caramel

  13. remove sausage and replace with lady fingers, remove Doritos and add crushed wafers. replace bread with pancake or waffles. Voila I give you the "death by panini".

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