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hello welcome to north and south mike and I I am megan travel sometimes with our nine kids and live in a rv

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  1. do u guys let all those kidos learn or speak there own maternal language??👍👍👍they’re bountiful pretty much you look as a teacher so intelligent 😘😘😘😘😘subscribe

  2. ive always wanted to live in a van (and not because of the girl with the snake), but i would want to do it because living in a large house just wates SO MUCH SPACE! Its amazing how this family of 11 lives in a little van! ❤

  3. 9 kids wow 😮 That’s the reason I always pay my cable bill on time so I got something else to do rather than making kids. Lol 😝

  4. This was Awesome! Big Motivation. I Love Living the RV Toyhauler Lifestyle, so seeing different setups is the best combo. My wife & I tour coming soon!

  5. yall stop commenting about jennelle, us og viewers want to see fun funny comments about this vid and yall covering it all with jennelle comments..

  6. Every since I watched Janelle and Alfredo video . These videos is all I’m seeing in my recommendations

  7. One question: how do you guys created 2 girls and a boy looks like Asian? Dang scrolled down some comments n I knew they were adopted. You guys are awesome giving them a life that better than their parents.

  8. Best RV I’ve ever saw I watch a lot of random RV videos because I think RVs are super cool and I love how everybody’s is different and all that but you guys have the coolest one I’ve seen so far I love all the space all the storage especially all you guys ideas for making more storage great video definitely will be checking out more of your videos also your family is very cool an interesting I’d watch vlog from you guys I’m subscribing!

  9. I never understand how people could have so many people in their home and live in a tiny home or even like a small van or RV I couldn’t do it but if I had like two kids I would probably do it in like a RV or a converter bus or something but I just don’t know how people do it

  10. You 2 are great human being enjoy life and the fact that you adopt a lot of kids proof it. BTW yours children are amazing.

  11. i have 5 siblings and i have a pretty big house, like 5 bedrooms and 2 living rooms and more than average homes.. but let me tell you it is so chaotic and just crazy 🤧

  12. are some of their kids adopted? not to be rude. cause they all look like asians.. and their parents are completely different.. maybe im wrong. im not sure. 😂

  13. Do you all remember where you purchased the couches? The white ones… I need those SO BADLY!! Safe travels 🙏

  14. Some people r getting van tours all ova their recommend but I don’t so i need to search these bus/rv life vids up

  15. The nine children are precious, living with them would be easy. Living with the mother would probably be a nightmare. Someone else commented “she’s the one who asks to speak to the manager”she does give off that vibe.

  16. Very nice – and very clever use of space (the title says 9 kids, but I only saw 8 beds for the kids). I personally could never ever live in such tight quarters with a family of that size, but this family looks uber loving and patient and it seems to work very well for them. Kudos to them!

  17. My wife and i have 4 kids and are very interested in that life style. I think it would be fun and educational for our kids. But the one thing i am wondering is what do you do for school for your children? My wife is sold on your adventure but i want my kids to have an education thats all i wanted to ask what do you guys do.

  18. Super fun video! Thank you for sharing. I did want to put out a PSA to other viewers.. my daughter and I BOTH literally got motion-sick from watching. I couldn't even finish watching after about half-way through; I had to excuse myself to the bathroom. I was very close to becoming physically ill and she and I were both nauseated the rest of the evening. Neither of us has any kind of medical issue that would cause this, other than being prone to car-sickness, but never severe.

    Anyway, in case anyone DOES have a condition which this might aggravate, I thought I'd mention it 🙂

    Your family is beautiful! Many blessings!!!

  19. I just watched one video of that dorky girl with her white snakeu and now i legit have all these van life video recommendation . Loving it!
    Lovely family 🥰

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