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Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Buy a Bike Rack for Your Car

Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Buy a Bike Rack for Your Car

Hey this is Jeff at the Two Wheeler Dealer,
today I’m going to talk to you about purchasing the correct bike rack for your vehicle. There’s
a few different kinds of racks. First thing would be to start by determining how many
bikes you’re trying to carry. Most bike racks will carry at least two bike racks, on upwards
of, you know, four to six. So determine which size you need, from there probably how much
you’d like to spend. Kind of on the entry level we start with this clip on rack that
will strap on to the back of pretty much any vehicle. They’re very universal and adjustable.
It will sit right on the trunk with straps that will come back over the back of the trunk
lid or window to attach, as well as some on the bottom to go underneath the bumper. This
particular rack will carry three bikes. Basically they just lay across the top, they strap down
over the top tubes to secure them. These types of racks sell for about one hundred dollars.
If you want to carry more bikes, or would just like the ease of being able to leave
the rack attached to your vehicle, you could get a type of rack that will slide into your
receiver hitch. This particular one will slid in any two inch receiver hitch. It will fold
down so that when it’s not in use it’s not sticking out the back of your vehicle. It’s
easily done so just by flipping a lever and drop that down. If you need to get into the
rear hatch of your SUV, you can also flip this one and it will fold forward to allow
you to open the rear hatch. Very easy to pop up for use in bikes. This particular rack
will carry five bikes, no problem, and you can also lock these to the vehicle so they
can’t be stolen when not in use. So you don’t really have to worry about them. The other
type of rack would be a roof rack. The, you know, they’re basically made to fit every
different kind of car. We do keep most of them in stock, it’s just a matter of determining
what vehicle it’s going to go on and picking out the right clips to attach it, and there’s
many different variations of styles and roof racks. If you’re interested in one I’d recommend
going down to your local bike shop and discussing what your different options are with them.
And that’s how to choose the proper bike rack for your vehicle.

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