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Best Types of Cars to Modify | The Build Sheet

Best Types of Cars to Modify | The Build Sheet

– On last week’s episode
of The Build Sheet we had Dakota here, and he was just a little bit angry. – Ka pow! – He yelled. He made people cry, and probably scared away
half of our audience, but that’s okay. It was a tough subject that
he had to go over, ya know. The worst cars to modify isn’t really the easiest
thing to talk about without triggering quite a few people, but since we did the worst
types of cars to modify we thought we would
come back with somethin’ maybe a little more
positive on today’s episode. So on today’s episode of The Build Sheet we are gonna be going
over and taking a look at some of the best types of cars to modify. (intense music) – I’m Gels from Fitment Industries. Wheels, tires, suspension, that whole thing, and if you’re watching this on the day or early in the week when this comes out and you haven’t picked up
one of these t-shirts yet, brother. You might want to hurry up. We’re sellin’ these
things so friggin’ fast that we just have to keep ordering more to keep them in stock. And if you’re like, “Gels,
bro, it’s just a shirt. “What’s the big deal?” Well the big deal is that if you snag one, you automatically get entered in to win a free set of BC Racing coilovers, so yeah it’s kind of a big deal. So anyway, don’t forget to subscribe and let’s just get right into it. So last week when Dakota was here talking about the worst
types of cars to modify he touched on a few things
such as the rarity of a car having a impact on making
it difficult to modify. Some things like the reliability and the difficult of actually
modding certain cars, so what are some of the key things that make a car an actual
good platform to modify? Well I’m glad you asked. If you’re in the market for a new project or something just to tinker with the last thing you want to have happen is not to have any options when it comes to aftermarket parts. And we actually see it
happen more often then not. When someone picks up a car that they thought was really cool because they’ve never seen any one really do anything with it before and they thought they
were gonna be different so they pick on up, and then they come to find out that there’s only one brand out there that actually makes after
market parts for that car, and you have to buy them
through Facebook Marketplace and it’s gonna take three months for you to actually receive the part. And, yeah. I mean, nothing on those guys
who do that kind of thing like make actual custom parts. People it’s really cool. You keep doin’ you. That’s not
a dis or anything like that, but it’s one of those things that if you’re not ready for it can get a little
infuriating and frustrating when you’re tryin’ to figure
out where your parts are at and why you can’t get
anything for your car. So keep aftermarket support in mind as one of the huge obstacles or huge things to look at
when getting a different car. Cars like the classic
Honda and Acura lineup with the Civics, Integras,
RSX’s, and even Preludes are all going to have an absolutely tremendous
aftermarket support. Cars around the similar price range such as early generations
Miatas and Volkswagons are gonna be another great option if you’re lookin’ to
have one of those cars. That’s gonna have a lot of
different parts to choose from. If you’re goin’ into something
a little newer then cars such as the ’86 platform
like the FRS, BRZ, Subarus, Evos, Mustangs,
and three series BMWs are also fantastic platforms to start just throwing parts at. Moving out of the next thing
that would classify a car is a good car to modify, it would be the ability to
make a decent amount of power without having to change
literally everything about the car or it’s engine. A fantastic example of this would be the MK4 Supra with a 2JZ. If the car itself isn’t iconic enough the engine more then makes up for it. If you can find a car with
an engine and drive train that can handle a good bump in power without breaking or having to
upgrade a ton of components, you’re gonna have a good time. The Supra for example
can become a powerhouse, and I mean absolute powerhouse with some upgraded cans, a single turbo conversion, and a good flowing exhaust, and a tune. Other platforms such as the
R32 GTR, although expensive, and not a lot of new after market support, makes up for it in the ability to produce some serious horse power
with those engines. And although the JDM
Legends are a good majority of the cars that have
this attribute on lock, we do see some cars today that won’t cost you a ton of money for a 25 year old car. Cars like the GTIs or Audi
S4s, and some older AMGs are capable of bumping
up some serious numbers with very little mods. Now of course you have other popular cars like the Subarus and the Evos, but as we all know,
reliability starts to become a little bit of a factor. Which brings us to our next point. There is nothing worse then lookin’ forward to
doin’ somethin’ to you car, you finally saved up enough money, so you have the money to buy
wheels, tires, and suspension from and having something break
before you can even do that. Not much more to touch on
with reliability itself. It’s just if you’re lookin’ for
a car just do some research, and see what common problems
there are out there, and decide if that’s something that you’re willing to work around. Or if you can find a car with that issue already resolved. And then the last but
certainly not least point we’re gonna be talking about today and the journey of the best
types of cars to modify would be choosing a car that is timeless. Alright, what do I mean by that? Well there are just some cars out there that no matter how old they get they just look good, and they don’t fall out of
what we like to call trend. If you look at cars like
the BMW E30 for example or even the Honda S2000, if done right, those cars will look good for
many, many more years to come. Even though they are already pretty old. This is definitely important
if you’re one of those guys or gals out there that
doesn’t go through a new car like every other year. And are one of those people
that want to hang onto something for quite some time. Now trends will come and go. That’s just how it is, and that is especially true
within the car scene nowadays. However, if you start with a platform that is already timeless,
that already looks fantastic just by putting on some lowering springs or coilovers or air suspension,
on some new wheels… (clicks) That is what will make
a great car to modify for many years to come. Now let us know down in the comments below what makes a car a good
car to modify in your eyes or a car specifically that
you believe to be the top dog when it comes to modifications. Don’t forget wheels, tires,
suspension and don’t forget to grab a shirt cause it’s the easiest
way to win a free set of BC Racing coilovers. I don’t know what else you want. We’re to be doin’ a giveaway
at the end of the month, August 30. Tune into the live stream. It’s gonna be on YouTube.
It’s gonna be a good time. It’s gonna be some kind of competition between me, Dakota, and Alex. I’m sure of it. We always seem to do that. I don’t think it’s gonna
be hot wings this time. I can’t take it anymore. I can’t do the hot wings anymore. – [Man] No more hot wings.
– No more hot wings. (laughs) But it’s goin’ to be a blast. I’m Gels from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe. We will see you later. Peace.

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100 thoughts on “Best Types of Cars to Modify | The Build Sheet

  1. Best cars to modify, late 80s 1.8 Corolla, mid 90s miata,79 monte carlo,jeep wrangler,95 civic
    Must be 5 speed and a coupe!

  2. What do you think is the easiest car to work on? If you've been working on your car add it to our gallery at!

  3. When i look at your website the konig ampliforms only come with a +35 offset, correct me if im wrong but that is a basically flat wheel with no concave

  4. I just got a 1992 Lexus SC400 and it’s surprised me how much aftermarket it has… thanks to the MK4 Supra being so closely related.

  5. Looking for a future classic? MR2. Fantastic handling for a cheaper car. One trip to FI should eliminate the worries around snap oversteer in a jiffy and get a fast, affordable midship that looks pretty good regardless of generation (yes, even the ZZW30).
    Miata what now? Cant be bothered to look it up, Mister Two is the only automotive companion I'll ever want.

  6. What if I buy bc coilovers and a tshirt at the same time can i get a refund or do i get a 2nd set of coilovers

  7. Evo x is fantastic, if ..IFFFFF you arnt dumb and tune right after you put parts on, I’ve seen to many people destroy theirs because they avoid a tune

  8. 6th gen Honda Civic EX/Si especially hatchbacks
    Fox body and SN95/Edge Mustangs
    C5 Corvette
    E30 BMW
    GT86 platform
    Terminator Mustang
    Mk5 GTI/R32
    996 Porsche 911 after you take care of the IMS
    FD RX7

    I've owned/helped modify on 7 of these platforms and they are all great platforms with plenty of room to get your hands into their engine compartments and parts are reasonably priced. If power is the name of the game, the FD and Terminator are the best.

  9. I'm enjoying my elantra sport right now. So far it's been easy to get that areas I need to. Havnt messed with internals yet but that's a beast I'm not ready for yet. Here's hoping I win the coil overs, I hope to turn my lowly elantra into a track weapon

  10. Just got done with a head gasket change on a civic. Honestly super easy, never been in an engine before. Gonna do a complete oil change tomorrow, filters & all. Can't wait until it's done. Need some fender and I'm golden.

  11. in the past 3 years ive owned 3 cars. started off with a e90 328i, didnt like it cause it wasnt sporty and lacked basic features a BMW should have, then got a 346 328ci, still have it and enjoy it as my daily cause its automatic. also currently own an e30 325i as my project car that ive been obsessed with since i bought it

  12. The best car to modify? Whatever you have. I'm modifying an Infiniti Q70. I'm sure everyone will think I'm nuts.

  13. Dakota is the truth and yeah, sometimes, the truth hurts. Can't make everybody happy. Honda has plenty of choice and aftermarket parts. Check out the JDM scene with me!

  14. Honestly my favorite car channel on youtube. You guys make excellent content every single time ! Do you guys have a video explaining all the little math details about coil overs? And if not that would be amazing

  15. Is300 is a great car to modify, lots of options with engines and transmissions plus the frs/brz is an easy and affordable torsen lsd for the is300. Oh and please do a so you want an is300!!!!

  16. Sorry Gels but I doubt majority of us can’t go get a supra that has a 2jz or skylines that aren’t beat to shit sadly /: now supras and r34 cost almost close to 60k


  18. The wrx/evo reliability argument is greatly amplified by the fact that people will jack up the boost without adding any supporting mods Or correctly tuning the engine, then blame the car when their engine blows. 80% to be exact

  19. Hey guys this might be weird and unethical but I'd appreciate the help If you would, if not it's no problem.

    help me get my first car please

  20. Any car can be good to modify…if done right.
    The worst cars to modify are the ones that modifications devalue and are guaranteed to increase in value if left stock.

  21. The ford mustang had the most aftermarket part companies making custom parts then any car ever made chevy trucks #2 honda civic line is #3

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