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Best Copyright Free Music for YouTube Videos — Top 3 Sites

Best Copyright Free Music for YouTube Videos — Top 3 Sites

– So finding high quality
music for your YouTube videos can actually be a huge challenge. On the one hand, you’ve
got copyright issues with a lot of the good music,
and then on the other hand, a lot of the free music
is just terrible, right? So what are the best sites
for a copyright free music and royalty free music? In this video, I’ve got
three of my favorites and we’re gonna jump into that right now. (upbeat music) Hey, what’s up? Sean here with Think Media,
bringing you the best tips and tools for building your
influence with online video. On this channel, we do a
lot of tech gear reviews as well as YouTube tips
and strategy videos just like this one, so if you’re new here, consider subscribing, at any point during the video. Also check out show notes and links in the the description below. I’ll list out all of the
royalty free music sites as well as any other tips
in the YouTube description. Let’s jump into the video. So finding great music
for your YouTube videos is very important. Music creates energy, it sets
the tone, it sets the vibe, and it really can be the difference maker between someone really
enjoying a video or leaving a video and clicking
away to something else. But, music is tough on YouTube,
specifically ’cause a lot of us would probably
love to use popular songs from top 40 artists and Billboard charts, but the problem there is you’re gonna run into copyright issues. If you upload videos with
copy written songs number one, you might just lose monetization. The monetization will go
to the artist and so now, that money won’t be coming to
you on your YouTube channel. Number two, it might not be
viewable in some regions. If it sees there’s a copy
written song on your video, then maybe certain countries can’t see it, so that could affect your viewership. And number three, the worst
thing that could happen is you could get a copyright
strike and potentially get your channel in bad standing or even have videos deleted or taken down. So you really wanna be
careful when it comes to copy written music on YouTube. So if you’re looking for
music, the two terms to look for are royalty free music
or no copyright music. Now, there’s actually a lot of good sites that you can pay money to
get songs that you can use in your videos and they
give you the permission and sometimes, they can be great quality, but this video is all about free sites. So everything we’re talking about is 100% not just royalty free but
also free in the sense that you don’t exchange
money to use those tracks. So with all that said, let’s
jump into the best places to get good music. So my first recommendation
for finding great music that you can use in your
videos with no issues is the YouTube Audio Library. And if you’re logged into
your YouTube channel, you can just go inside
of your Creator’s Studio, go down to create in the
lower left hand section on desktop and just
click the Audio Library. Then it opens it up and
what’s cool is you’ve got all of these different
tracks that you can download to bring into your editing
software for your videos and you can sort them by
the genre, by the mood, in case you already know
what kind of vibe you want your video, even by the
instruments, by how long they are, and things like that. Actually, YouTube just uploaded
a whole lot of new tracks which is very, very cool. Now as far as the music
quality of these tracks, it’s kind of hit or miss,
but there’s definitely some gems that you can find. In fact, check these out. (lively music) And so I’d love to hear what you think about those tracks that
we just listened to, but those are from the
YouTube music library. And again, on this channel,
we do a lot of hip hop music as well as kind of chilled,
laid-back, kind of sample music and things like that. But again, there’s all kinds
of different genres here, so even if you wanted more
like a poppy, happy vibe, you’ve got that as well. (happy music) Then one other thing to note
about the YouTube Audio Library is they also have a lot
of free sound effects that you can use in your videos. So if you just go to
the sound effects tab, you can look through here,
download whatever you want, and then make your videos cooler than a polar bear’s toe nails. (cymbals crashing) That was a sound effect
from the YouTube library. Now the second set of sites
that I would recommend for finding some great
music for your videos are these YouTube channels
like NoCopyrightSounds. Now this is a great channel. It’s got a lot of EDM vibe type songs like this one right here. (lively music) And there’s been a lot of
high quality YouTube channels like this that have
been popping up lately, including Trap Nation. This has got a great playlist
of songs that you can use here, again, kind of more trap music, EDM. There’s Base Nation, so
great songs on there. And then there’s also this Audio Library, so some of those other sites, again, are gonna be a little more EDM, upbeat, which is great for
maybe a lot of the Vlogs and videos you wanna edit. But Audio Library no
copyright music channel has got a lot of cool songs
for some variety of styles. So if you kind of like Casey
Neistat’s kind of music vibe. A lot of those style of
songs you’ll find in there or even just more upbeat, poppy and not necessarily all EDM. For example, I love this
song called Rock Angel and this actually was used on a video on my Sean Cannell channel about my top seven
personal development books. So what are the best
self improvement books? In this video, I’m gonna
share seven must read, personal development books coming up. (lively music) (camera clicking) And then another one to mention
is called VLOG No Copyright. So again, sites like this are popping up. If you go to the related channels, you can find some other
ones and we’ll also post all of the links to these in
the YouTube description as well as some bonus ones
that we didn’t mention. But now here’s a few
important distinctions when it comes to these sites. I’m on the VLOG No Copyright music site and on the about page, it says, this is great music
that’s free to download and use in your YouTube and Twitch videos, but always give credit to the artist. And actually specifically
what you wanna do is go into each individual
video, click on it, and then look in the YouTube description. And what you’ll see is it says, you’re free to use this
song in any of your videos, but you must include the following
in the video description, and it says copy and paste. And so then what you
would do is just select that information and make sure that ends up in your YouTube description. That’s typically what you
need to do for compliance but research each
individual YouTube channel and even track individually, just to make sure you get
the right information put into the YouTube description. Additionally, you might be wondering, how do I actually download the song. So in this case, there is
a link to the artist union, where you can grab this particular song, but also you might run into a case where they actually don’t
link to a place like that where you can download it directly. So if you ever want to
download a YouTube video and actually download the
video or just get the audio out of a YouTube video, my
favorite piece of software is called 4K Video Downloader. I just use the free version. There’s other, a few
sites on the web as well, so whatever you need to do. If you wanna just pull the song right off of the YouTube video, that’s one piece of software
that can help you do it. Now what I love about
these YouTube channels is that there’s a lot of songs, especially if you dig through here, that are absolutely incredible, that really feel like top 40 music, that have a really cool
vibe, a unique vibe to them. So they are a great
resource and not only that, the fact that they give you permission for Twitch use, YouTube use. Some of them say commercial
and that’s important to know. Some of the sites, they say it’s okay to
use in a YouTube video, but they might not give you permission to use it in a commercial video, meaning, right now Omar and the Think
Media team is shooting this and he’ll do commercial jobs where he’s getting paid
and charging a client to shoot videos for them. Technically, you couldn’t use that music for that paid project if you
don’t have commercial rights. But, what a lot of the artist will say, hey, if you’re vlogging,
if you’re just a YouTuber, you can use it, but it depends. So that’s why you kinda
gotta read the fine print, figure it out. A lot of these sites will
let you do YouTube use, commercial use, and monetize
your videos or monetize your Twitch streams in the process. But here’s the down side. The one risk you take with
this music is that if someday, the artist, Stronger by Lemon Fight here, wanted to add their song to SoundScan, which is how YouTube hears
music in your videos, if you upload a video with a Beyonce song or a Macklemore song and it’s like, you’ve got copyright music, it’s cause YouTube’s listening. If any of these artists ever
uploaded their song to that, all of your past videos with their music, could potentially be
demonetized or rather they would take the monetization over to that artist. So again, it’s not really a huge risk. I don’t want you to worry about that, but if there was a piece of
content you wanted to put out that you know would be yours for life, that you would always get the
YouTube revenue off of it, it would never have any issues,
these, you’re probably fine. I wouldn’t want you to worry, but you are putting their
music on your videos and they could shift those terms later. You never have any legal issues. They would never be able,
’cause you’re like I got it off a free site, I put these
things in the description. You don’t have to worry about getting probably copyright flagged
or anything, but again, specifically from a monetization point, that’s happened to me before. I used some music that
I had permission for and then actually, a couple years later, SoundScan, I got some emails,
and they’re like your video actually has some copy written music. The video didn’t get taken
down, it had no limitations, but now the monetization was
going to the other person. And if you follow Think
Media for very long, we actually don’t rely
on YouTube ads too much. We focus on monetizing in other ways. In fact, if you wanna see our
video on some of the best ways to make money on YouTube without AdSense, we’ll link that up on the
YouTube card and put it in the description below. But again, I just want
you to be in the know when using this music. I don’t think you have
anything to worry about. I think these sites are awesome, but if you use like the YouTube library, never have any problems. If you use these, you
might, you probably won’t, but you could have issues in the future. But the other thing I’ve
done for a lot of projects and a lot of videos is actually reach out to the artist directly. Now again, keep in mind
the difference between some of these independent, rising artists, versus main stream artists. Again, you can’t really
email G-Eazy and be like, yo, can I use your music, keeping in mind that not only
is he not gonna see that, but actually his music is
also owned by record labels and different people. So you actually would have to get rights from multiple different people. In the case of a lot of
these independent artists, they own the music
themselves and if you ask, a lot of times they’ll be
pretty agreeable to let you use their music if
they see your inquiry. For example, one of the
artists I like is Peter Kuli or Kuli and you can see
his SoundClub page here and he’s got an email
that says, all inquiries. And so he let’s you know
where you can email him, but he’s also got a Twitter account. So I actually tweeted
him and I said, you know, hey Peter, love your music. What are your terms of
use on social media? He replied to me, just tag
me somewhere in the tweet for credit and you’re all set. I was actually asking about
doing it in a Twitter video, so you can fire off an email, reach out to that person on social media. I found that a lot of these
artists that are kind of on the climb and wanting to
get exposure for their music will, a lot of times, be
willing to collaborate, especially with content
creators like yourself. So again, I ask for
permission, talk to the artist, and once I got the approval, I was able to make a super cool video. And in this case, we used
one of Peter’s tracks in this video that we did
at the Seven Magic Mountains here in Las Vegas. (upbeat music) So I think that this method
of finding cool music and really unique music for your videos, is great as far as reaching
out to artists goes. But again, the downside there is that the same thing could happen. Yes, you get permission. Yes, maybe they just say, put my link in the description below. And you may or may not know
if it’s gonna be, again, in SoundScan or not. Again, if I go down this
path, I’m usually not wanting to bank on being able
to monetize the videos. Typically, there’s no
issues, but there might be, and it’s that artist
prerogative of whether or not they upload that to
YouTube’s SoundScan or not. So again, if you don’t wanna
bank on any monetization, you get permission from the artist, incorporate it into your video, and you’re good to go and
you’ve got some great music. So really quick, let’s recap
what we’ve covered so far, but I also have a few
other tips and things you might wanna consider when it comes to finding great music for your video. So the first one is, again,
if you want complete, no strings attached, no
worries about any issues at all and the guarantee that you’ll be able to monetize your videos, really for life, then the
YouTube Audio Library, as far as free sites go,
is probably your best bet, not the best music necessarily, but there are some great tracks there and so something to consider. Secondly, those other sites
offer a lot of great music. Or asking the artist themselves. Again, really cool music,
probably no issues, and it’s something I would
definitely recommend, but you might encounter
some problems later. Which brings me to my bonus
tip and that is actually that if you want some great,
unique music that also has no copyright issues
and that can be used in your YouTube videos, you
actually might wanna pay for it. I don’t mean, again, downloading
a popular song on iTunes for a couple dollars, but
typically you will pay either for individual tracks from a royalty free music
website or you’ll pay for a subscription service. Now, we’re gonna actually
do a full video about this in the future, but just to
touch on it really quick, my personal favorite site
is actually Audio Jungle. There’s a lot of great music here. There’s music packs. A lot of the music that you
hear in Think Media videos or on Video Influencers
videos came from Audio Jungle. So I definitely recommend
checking out their library. I’ll link to that in
the description below. Then another option that is really popular with a lot of YouTube
creators is Epidemic Sound. Again, a site like that’s
pretty cool because you can actually license tracks
individually and a lot of times, they’ll be like about $100 each, but you get the rights to
use that song in your videos. But they also offer
subscriptions to YouTube creators depending on the size of your channel. So if you have less than
500,000 subscribers a month, it’s $15 a month and
then it goes up to $30 or if you had a huge channel, $150 would be the most
you’d pay per month. So again, a pretty big investment, but if you’re really
taking YouTube seriously, and you want some high
quality music that you know you aren’t gonna have any
copyright issues with, and basically makes you immune to what potentially could happen, dabbling in some of that free music, using paid music is
definitely a great solution. Again, if you wanna check
out a free trial with that or check out Audio Jungle, we’ll post links to everything
in the description below. Question of the day. We discovered some of my favorite sites for royalty free music, but
I’d love to hear from you, if you have any recommendation
for great places to get great music that you
can use in your YouTube videos. So definitely post those in
the comment section below and remember, some of the
best tips and feedback come from you, the Think Media community. So definitely connect with everybody in the comments section. So thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe if you haven’t
already and to check out other videos in our best, no copyright music for YouTube series, just click or tap the screen right there. For another video from Think Media, click or tap the screen right there. Until next time, Think Media
is bringing you the best tips and tools for building your
influence with online video. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon.

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