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Best Champions TIER List – League of Legends Patch 9.14

Best Champions TIER List – League of Legends Patch 9.14

hello summoners and welcome back to another Pro Guides patch rundown my name is Christophe and I’ll be going over all the changes that were made in patch 9.14 I’ll cover all the details including a tier list for each role that was made by our in-house analyst and partnered pro players there were a ton of changes this patch which raised a lot of questions is Swain getting reworked is Renekton broken now are they you mean nerfs going to gut her don’t worry we got you all covered and we’ll answer all these questions in this video but remember since the patch just at the live servers please do keep in mind that these are purely predictions we encourage all our viewers to comment on our tier list down below and tell us if you agree or disagree on a specific champion placement also as a reminder there will be an updated mid patch to your list one week into the patch where we use fresh stats to give you guys the best and most accurate tier lists available also remember guys our analysts follow a general rule where we don’t place new or reworked champions in our tier lists and for that reason Malphite and Swain will not be placed this patch but make sure to keep you guys updated in our mid patch analysis video and right before we get started I want you to click the link below if you want to see massive improvements to your rank your programs we work hard at getting you guys to a higher division through great courses made by partnered pro players in unlimited 24/7 on-demand coaching with our instant pro feature over a hundred thousand gamers have used insta pro today and ranked up a lot so don’t miss out on the opportunity click the description link below and watch your rank skyrocket while you also have some fun now without further ado let’s jump right into one of the biggest patches in League of Legends history starting off we have 8 trucks a trucks has been one of the strongest top laners in the game and is receiving a massive nerf this patch his healing combined with his burst CC and mobility make him a highly contested pick in both solo queue and competitive play in patch 9.14 aatrox is ultimate world ender will have its revive completely removed however this is followed by a few compensation buffs to its cooldown healing amp and a shark’s is base HP regen overall this will make eight rocks a bit stronger during the laning phase but significantly weaker during teamfights eight rocks will be dropped to our a tier 4 patch 9.14 we’ll see if we can come back up into our S tier for our mid patch up day despite holding a 45% win rate in soloqueue Jay still has been very problematic in competitive play and is receiving a few adjustments to his kit in order to balance out his early power spikes and late-game carry potential Jake will have his Q’s ad ratio increased and base damage adjusted to be weaker early what’s stronger late on top of that JC’s base ad has been lowered by four but is compensated by a small buff to his a deeper level although his late game is much stronger now our analysts are predicting that this is actually an overall nerf the main reason you want to pick Jayce is to abuse his early game spike and bully slash star of the enemy laner now that Jason’s early game is much weaker he will be placed into our seed tier for this patch Kennan’s win rate has been steadily increasing for the past few patches and is receiving a few small adjustments in patch 9.14 his base ad in attack speed per level have been lowered by a small amount followed by a buff to his a deeper level in addition his e lightning rush will have its attack speed increased from 30 to 70 percent to 40 to 70% this means that on hit cannon will be much stronger when his lightning rush is available but is slightly weaker when it’s uncool down Kennon will be unmoved and is placed in our a tier Clyde is receiving a small buff to align with some of the other changes made to champions like Katarina his Q bear trap on a rope will now have an added Grievous wounds effect reducing all healing by 60% for 5 seconds if he Yanks his opponent although this buff is rather small it will definitely impact some of his matchups and we’ll make cled a lot stronger Kludd will be placed in our a tier this patch malfete is one of league’s oldest champions and is receiving a rework this patch his Q seismic shard will now have its low and slow duration increased followed by improved animations for all abilities in his kit his W thunderclap will be reworked and will now grant him 50 increased range and bonus damage for the next six seconds on top of that rock road cone will cleave enemies in a cone in front of him for the next 5 seconds while also having its mana cost increased by a small amount since Malphite is a newly reworked champion we will not be placing him in our tier list for this patch we will however be adding him to our mid patch analysis video next week so please keep an eye out for that ever since rework mordekaiser has been the strongest champion in the game and held a whopping 60 to 70 percent ban rate in ranked games perpetual 9.14 the riot balance team is looking to dethrone mordekaiser’s s+ status by nerfing a few parts of his kit his passive darkness rise will have its damage nerfed from 8 to 25 to 5 to 15 here’s the real kicker though his e deaths grasp will have its magic penetration nerfed from 5 to 25% to 5 to 15% these nerfs are pretty big and reduces burst by 8 ton mordekaiser’s will be dropped from his S Plus tier he’ll be placed into our 8th year I’ll write a non tough poppy poppy mains rejoice the iron ambassador is finally receiving a few buffs this patch which will help her out a ton her W steadfast presence will now ground and slow enemies by 25% if she successfully stops there – on top of that the duration has been slightly nerfed from 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds and the movement speed has been changed from 30% to 35% lastly the cooldown on steadfast presence has been lowered from 24 to 16 to 24 to 12 our analysts are loving these changes her new W rewards players who can use this ability to its maximum potential while also being a nerf for those who can’t this was a great move by the balanced team and poppy will be placed in our 8th year in our top lane tier list Renekton has been on the brink of making the push 2’s tier and the buff he’s received this patch will guarantee that he will either hit s or S Plus tier renekton’s W ruthless predator will have a new effect added on to it which will completely destroy any shield if he cast W with over 50 fury it doesn’t matter if your opponent has a 500 shield a 10,000 shield or even a million shield Renekton will blink it out of existence and destroy your HP bar professor 9.14 Renekton will be placed into our s tier but we’ll see if he can make it to the S Plus tier in the coming days since what we receiving a small change this patch to his q poison trail the recast timer for this ability has been increased from 0 seconds to 0.5 seconds sinners will remain unchanged in our tier list tahm Kench has been an extremely impressive top laner in the past few patches and is going to be put in check dispatch his passive an acquired taste Levites damaged amplifiers removed followed by a buff to its base damage amount from 1.5 percent to 2.5 percent of his max HP his cue tongue lash will have its cooldown increased during the mid to late game slow Mountain nerf from 50 to 70 to 30 to 50 slow duration buff from 2 to 3 stun duration increased from 1.5 to 2 and the hitbox has been reduced as well his W devourer will no longer stun and near site enemies who are swallowed but can now be used on red or blue buff Tom catches a thick skin will have its gray health storage change from 80 to 100 percent to 45 to 65% also the shield the amount changed from 20 to 40 percent to 100 percent there will also be a cooldown change from 6 to 3 seconds and cooldown reset change from on cast to shield expiration overall these changes will nerf tahm Kench by a ton and might just push him out of the top lane however the changes made to his devourer might enable jungle tahm Kench so keep your eyes peeled for that Tom Cantrell be placed in our be tier 4 top laners this patch forgots w purge will have its recast timer change from one second to 0.5 seconds Birgit will remain unmoved in our tier list a top lane tearless sees a ton of new changes due to this patch focusing primarily on mid and top in our S tier we have Riven Renekton Darius Vladimir Jax and a new member allowi allow ease winrate has only been going up ever since her mini rework and she’s finally made it into our s tier mordekaiser and 8 rocks have been dropped to our a tier due to the changes made to their kit and Tom can’t just been placed back into B tier for the top lane champions like a Kali and Silas have been moved to our C tier due to some changes made to their kits we’ll go over those in a little bit so make sure to stay tuned all right on to the jungle before we get started with the jungle I do want to mention that we have a ton of incredible resources on pro guides calm for all you jungle mains out there if you guys are interested in getting into a higher division this season then please click the description link down below nataly’s always been an awkward state in the meta the most skilled players can utilize her to her full potential while the average players struggle and bring down her win rate per pass 9.14 Nidalee will receive a small buff to her e swipe which will have its damage increased by 10 at all ranks Nidalee will be moved to our jungle a tier for this patch the second change for the jungle is for a champion who’s been a balancing and nightmare Silas Silas jungle has been rising in popularity all around the world and was a priority picked for the lck during their victory at rift rivals for patch 9.14 Silas received a series of buffs and nerfs which will likely bring him back into the mid lane and gut him from the jungle his passive will have it’s minion damage reduction reduced from 70% to 50% sells his Q chain lash will have its scaling and base damage increased at all ranks his II will have its mana cost increased to 65 at all ranks she’ll reverted to e1 shield completely reworked into a magic damage shield cooldown lowered to 14 seconds e to missile speed increased from 1,600 to 2,000 and a to stun duration lowered by point 15 lastly his ultimate hijack Levitz cast range lowered the ultimate hold timer lowered from 120 to 90 minimum lockout time increased from 20 to 40 cooldown increased from 85 to 15 to 100 to 60 and bonus and total ad ratio conversion nerfed due to the amount of nerfs he sees for his role as a jungler Silas will be removed from our jungle tier list the jungle tier list remains pretty similar compared to the one last patch with the exception of our s tier at the top we have hecarim evelyn j4 elise vy and master yi sage Hwanhee Cain and nunu have been dropped down into our a tier to properly reflect their statistics for the past few weeks Karthus and Nidalee have been moved to our jungle eighth tier list and are very good hard farming champions for this patch 8 trucks has been moved down to our D tier in the jungle due to the revive on his ultimate being completely removed all right now let’s get on to the mid lane re will be receiving another legendary skin this patch just kidding RA will be receiving a small buff to her e which will now cancel dashes Midway however her bonus damage duration for hitting charm has been lowered from five to three seconds as a compensation nerf this is an overall buff to re and will only help her in the meta it is uncommon to fully utilize all five seconds of the extra damage from charm so the change is almost negligible re will remain RS tear for this patch brace yourselves Akali mains because a collie is receiving another set of changes this patch the balance team are taking another shot at trying to balance her and the changes are actually looking pretty good her base mr has been increased by five health growth increased by ten and her five point strike will have its ratio increased by ten percent her W Twilight shroud will have its cooldown buff from 25 seconds to 20 at all ranks and the cooldown will now start on cast rather than after expiration the energy restore from her shroud has been buffed to 80 flat and the duration extension has been removed completely however the biggest change is her shroud which will now grant invisibility rather than obscurity this means that she’ll only have normal stealth rather than true stealth her shuriken flip will have its missile damage adjusted to do more ap scaling and her ultimate perfect execution will have its cooldown increased from 100 to 120 McAuley will be placed in our mid lane C tier for this patch but will likely hover very close around the beads here our alien soul has received a ton of indirect nerfs in the past few months whether it was the celerity rework the time warp nerf the corrupting pot nerf they all impacted him negatively and our favorite space dragon was in need of a bit of love a Souls Q star surge will have its max stun duration increased followed by a compensation nerf to its minimum stun duration on top of that his e comment of Legends will have its movement speed change from 25 to 45 percent based off rank into based off level this means that oh really in Seoul will only need to put one point into E and then wait as this ability scales up on its own Orion soul will be placed in our mid lane a tier dispatch but he might just make the push to s tier our challenger analysts highly recommend you pick him up because he’s rarely played and is super good in soloqueue Cassiopeia is receiving a series of changes this patch to make her feel less awkward to play her base HP has been increased by 40 her HP per level increased by 3 her base armor lowered from 25 to 20 her basement decreased by 68 and her mana growth increased by 8.5 casas W miasma will have its minimum cast range lowered from 500 to 100 cooldown increased from 18 to 24 and the maximum range lowered from 800 to 7 next up her twin fangs will have its healing change from a flat amount to a flat percentage and the mana cost has been changed to 50 at all ranks cassiopi will remain in our a tier this patch Dianna’s win rate has been rising by a huge amount since patch 9.13 this is mainly due to the addition of Quiana if you didn’t already know diana has a 60 to 70 percent win rate versus her and is being tuned down this patch her passive moon silver blade will no longer do occasional additional damage to turrets her Q Crescent strike will have its inner arc speed and outer arc speed lowered by 200 and her W pale cascade will have its mana cost increase during the mid to late game as well as her ultimate lunar rush can no longer be reset twice when a reset was timed with a new application of moonlight all these are all nerfs diana will still be moved up to our a tier for this patch due to her rising win rate in the meta phase will receive a simple change this patch which will rework his passive from a flat amount versus basic attacks to a scaling amount for all types of damage overall this is a nerf during the early game but a slight buff of the late game versus AP champions fizz remain in our a tier Gally has been shifted toward the support role recently but is looking to be reverted back into the mid lane gallio’s passive colossal smash will no longer reduce cooldowns when Gallio hits a champion with an ability and the next basic attack will have its damage increased from 12 to 80 to 15 to 160 on top of that the cooldown has been lowered to 5 seconds at all ranks and the mr ratio has been increased from 40% to 60% his Q winds of war will have its cooldown increased from 10 to 8 to 14 to 10 the cost lowered from 80 to 120 to 80 to 100 and the damage increased by 10 at all ranks his W shield of Durand will have its self slowed buffed from 30 percent to 15 percent but can now be interrupted and the flash taunt mechanic has been completely removed overall the buffs made to his kit are pretty good except the removal of his flash plus tôt which is going to hurt him a lot galio will be placed in our mid lane beats here for this patch Katerina’s death Lotus will now reduce healing by 60% from 40% but will still keep her in our S tier for this patch LeBlanc will receive a change that will align with all the changes made to Morgana and karma her ethereal chains will now grant true sight upon completion of the route even with his change LeBlanc will remain in our beat ear this patch Niko has been a heavily prioritized pick in Korea and played a key part in their victory during the 2019 rift rivals tournament to keep Nico in check she will receive a small nerf to her base ad attack speed and shape splitter movement speed however she will be compensated with a buff to her attack speed per level and a deeper level for this patch Niko remain in our a tier but is very close to reaching the s tier rises rework has pretty much gutted him from competitive play and not even the rise mains are playing him at the moment to help better his stance in the meta rise will receive a buff to his base HP regen and HP regen per level still rise will remain in our seats here Swain will receive a gameplay update this patch and there will be a ton of changes made to several parts of his kit firstly his attack range has been lowered from 550 to 525 is HP per level lowered from 90 to 85 and his passive will now enable him to store soul fragments permanently his Q deaths hand will no longer restore three percent of his max mana for killing a unit and his bolts will now pierce through minions and stop on impact upon champions hit on top of that the cooldown has been increased from 7.5 seconds to 10 seconds at Rank 1 the effect radius has been lowered from 725 to 625 and the angle between bolts has been changed from eight to ten next up his are demonic ascension will no longer have a health threshold to enable his demon flare in addition Swain will gain 5 HP per soul fragment during his ultimate and can now drain invisible units as well Sariah Kali lastly his demon flare will no longer do damage based off fragments but will now scale off how much HP he is drained since Swain is a new rework he’ll be unranked in our tier list however make sure to click that sub button if you want to see Swain in our updated to your list next week the midlane journalist sees a couple of changes compared to the one we had previously in RS tier we have zed re Talon TF malzahar Vladimir and Katarina these are all familiar faces so you can enjoy playing the same strong comfort picks from last patch in a tear we welcome new members mordekaiser and rumble rumble has been rising in popularity lately and even has seen pro play with teams such as TSM the bursts combined with his waveclear make him a huge threat in any solo Lane and is a great pick up for next patch all right let’s move on to the ad carry’s jin will receive a small buff to his W deadly flourish deadly flourishes cooldown has been lowered by two seconds and the route duration has been increased by a small amount Jin will remain unmoved this patch data carry tearless sees a ton of changes this patch sitting all by herself in the S Plus throne we welcome back Sivir despite the nerfs made to her kit she’s still the strongest ad carry in the game by a mile in her s tier we have Draven jinx ash Vayne Caitlyn Ezreal and Caixa these seven champions are a notch above the rest and we’ll give you that competitive edge you need to win more games in our a tier we welcome a new member varus the poke bears build is back and pro players have been spamming this in soloqueue we’ll talk about this more in depth for tomorrow’s Opie pic so the patch video so make sure you press that sub button if you want to see it lastly we have these supports Alistar will be receiving a small buff to his base mana and mana growth in this patch and will remain unmoved bard will have his base HP buff from 535 to 575 his base HP regen however will be slightly nerfed lastly his a magical journey will have its movement speed change from 10 to 50 percent to 33 percent at all ranks bard will remain in our a tier 4 patch 9.14 Blitzcrank will receive huge changes this patch his are static shield will now destroy all shields just like renekton’s w the shield buster mechanic alone will move Blitzcrank into our S Plus tier 4 supports this patch karma will receive a similar change to LeBlanc and her W focused resolve will now provide true sight 2 units she routes karma will remain unmoved in our tier list Leona will receive a much-anticipated buff in patch 9.14 and her W Eclipse will now reduce damage by 8 to 24 and the armor and mr bonuses have been lowered to 20 to 40 depending on the rank next up her ultimate solar flare will no longer grant Leona empowered Auto attacks Leona will be placed in our support a tier this patch Lux has been one of the strongest supports in the game and his look receive a ton of nerfs dispatch firstly her cue light binding will have its cooldown increased from 10 to 13 to 9 on top of that the mana cost has been increased to 50 at all ranks her W prize mulberry er will have its double effect on returning shields removed and the shield duration has been lowered by 0.5 seconds on top of that it will also have its ap ratio increased from 20% to 30% lastly her ultimate final spark will have its reset mechanic removed but will have a compensation buff to its cooldown and ap ratio although these changes are targeted to hardener flux support she’ll still be a great pick and will be placed in our s tier Morgana will receive a similar change to LeBlanc and her ultimate soul shackles will now provide true sight to units that she routes Morgana will remain unmoved in our tier list Pike’s changes in patch 9.13 took a big toll on his play rate and win rate for patch 9.14 pike will receive a buff to his a phantom undertow which will now stun minions again next up his ultimate death from below will now do 50% reduced damage to enemies that survive this ability and to your cut gold bonus has been reworked completely pike will be placed in our s tier for supports this patch but we’ll see if that changes next patch you me is Loki one of the most oppressive supports in the game and is finally getting nerfed this patch her passive Bop and block will no longer restore mana and the shield values have been nerfed during the early game her Q prowling projectile will have its mana cost increased from 60 to 85 to 75 to 100 and the Empowered based damage will be lowered followed by a buff to its scaling lastly her Izumo swill have its mana cost change from 60 to 80 to 30 to 70 and the maximum healing has been increased from two times base heal value to 2.3 times the base heal value UV will still be a great pick for this patch and we placed in our a tier the sport tier list sees a ton of changes for patch 9.14 in our S Plus tier we welcome another member from hook City Blitzcrank the shield buster mechanic is going to make him super strong and will pretty much auto win vs. champions like Lulu Janna and Lux who heavily rely on their shields and Esther we have Lux Nami Thresh Janna and pike who are all great picks for patch 9.14 that’s it for our patch to 9.14 rundown video if you guys enjoyed watching this video then please leave a like comment and sub to our channel and be notified for our next one make sure to check out pro guides comm if you guys want to see massive improvements to your rank this season the second part of our meta analysis video will be available next week which will give you the most accurate tier list available using fresh stats thank you guys so much for watching good luck in your next few games and we’ll see you on the rift [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Best Champions TIER List – League of Legends Patch 9.14

  1. GUYS, THIS WAS A MASSIVE PATCH. Let us know which change you LOVE or HATE the most down below! 👇👇👇👇👇👇
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  3. Shaco should not even be in this list, its unplayable due to infinite bugs and no dmg over 4 spells+passive. Think ur realy drunk for include him

  4. Tahm kench is getting killed, reduction of damage from habilities, reduction of ult range, reset of the passive from stunning with q, q doesn't stack the passive anymore, nerf of w (eating ally champions slows you by 98% and doubles the cooldown), the passive loses it's damage amplifier… Some of these are things that haven't been added this patch, but they've been destroying tahm little by little, and it's quite unfortunate that such an overpowered champion as this one was, will soon become useless. I'm not saying he shouldn't have been nerfed, i'm just saying that the nerfs went a little too far, and they called this an ADJUST, wich pisses me off quite a lot. At least we got the E buffs, wich are actually pretty nice.

  5. I've been maining Diana since her release and I fail to see how people do so well with her, I do all the same combos and build similar items. It just seems that she gets countered by pretty much everyone that has a hard cc, which is usually multiples found in a match. It's odd since she is a mage/fighter…not quite amazing at burst damage, not quite amazing at tanking, but all of this is kind of why I like her. I feel as if she is one of the most well balanced champions. I remember when they had her tagged as an assassin, but I guess now she is a brawler/fighter, but kinda sucks against every other fighter/brawler that people most commonly played. She is mana hungry and has terrible escape potential. She is good only once she hits 6 and kinda falls off late game. So I am not exactly sure where she fits and why I am finding her a bit lackluster in comparison to other champions of similar play style. I know the common reply is "you're just not good". That doesn't help. I've watched several videos on her and cant really see how people do well with her to put her so high on the tier list. Some constructive criticism would be helpful.

  6. Diana is hurting Qiyana ñiñiñi, let's nerf her 7.7 Good that now she is in such a good position :3 (I hate Qiyana (so much)).

  7. TK

    More healing, less shield from thick skin.

    Q- more balance so you can’t chain cc, the stacks are expunged, but you can get them back before the stun ends because it’s a little longer.

    W- time to steal jgl buffs

  8. On here, it says Kai sa is s tier but on your website, it says she is c tier. What happened? Which one is right?

  9. "our analysts" 2:42

    Imagine 4 guys sitting in their chairs, covered in doritos and empty mountain dew bottles.

  10. 12:24 The "nerf" to Sol's Q stun duration is actually just a change to keep the minimum at .55 seconds but increase the max stun duration. Old minimum duration 1.65(seconds) x 33.3%=.55 New minimum duration 2.2(seconds) x 25%=.55.

  11. Hi guys, great video! Maybe you won't read this but could you tell me why is Xerath on B rank? I've been playing him on solo q a lot lately and I've got some really good results because of his wave control, utility and lane presence. Thank you!

  12. This wasnt a massive patch. It looked like it, but as LS said "this patch is like a Trump's speech. A lot of stuff but no substance". Aatrox didnt even get nerfed, saying he got massively nerfed is… "lolxd" he got buffed in the attempt to nerf him

  13. You guys must be kidding if you think the revive on Aatrox's ult is going to make that much of a difference. It rarely ever saved him. If you get a kill, odds are you will not have an issue getting another or if you do get killed and revived, you'll just be killed again. All they did was buff the part of it that was already really strong.

  14. im a zed main and get him out of S tier please (no chance to pick and he got fucked after that ultimate passive nerf)

  15. Couple of notes:

    – Interesting that u show Swain as a midlaner
    – Those Neeko nerfs were targeted towards top Neeko, not mid Neeko
    – No clue how you thought these nerfs weren't going to destroy support lux, she's below 50% winrate at all ranks now…

  16. ezreal S tier my ass. worst adc ive ever seen in tthis patch. gets outscalled by every crit adc in late and in early he is dogshit without manamune

  17. I was just going to pick up Mordekaiser as my first main. I’ve already heard of his first panic nerf post-rework (passive from 35 to 25) but now there are even more nerfs? Well, so long as Morde stays around A tier I’d be happy to main him. Being S+ tier even after the first panic nerf is a bit ridiculous but I am a bit sad that I missed his initial OP time period. As long as Morde stays competitively viable I think I will still stick with him to be my first main.

  18. So if i got to gold with a C tier Champion, if i play a S tier Champion will i have more luck at climbing ?

  19. Why did Mundo move to D-Tier lmao, he's a monster top lane and the only one I can beat morde in lane with…

  20. Im not quite sure to which ranking i should listen. For example: here Camille is on an S-Tier, but on the proguides website she is listed on the D-Tier 🤔 any suggestions whos more updated right now?

  21. Ive seen on internet that this site is scamming people, are there people with experiences on this matter? How is your experiences with the site and is the payment indeed 6 dollars a month? Or is just buy the go pro and instantly get billed a high number? And what when you canceld subscription? Do they still bill you even if you cancel it the day after like 1 month i can understand but a half year/ year? What about that.

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