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Best Car Tech From CES 2020

Best Car Tech From CES 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is the go-to event for the
latest and greatest tech consumers can expect to see in the near and sometimes distant future. And as the auto industry
has continued to bleed more and more into the tech space, it’s had an increasingly large presence at the gadget showdown. These are the top five automotive
technologies at CES 2020. The last thing we expected
from electronics giant Sony was a car. But that’s exactly what we got when it unveiled its Vision-S concept. The electronic vehicle is designed to showcase Sony’s suite of tech. It’s equipped with 33 sensors used for valet parking,
advanced cruise control, facial recognition, and
various safety features. Each seat has individual speakers to allow passengers to
listen to their own music, and a panoramic display shows a host of entertainment and
driver-assistant features. Mercedes-Benz unveiled a concept car inspired by the 2009 “Avatar” movie. The automaker worked
alongside the “Avatar” team to create the Vision AVTR, which stands for Advanced
Vision Transportation. In true “Avatar” fashion, the car has a biometric
connection to the driver. Instead of a steering wheel, you place your hand on
a pad Mercedes calls a “multifunctional control element.” It recognizes the driver by their heartbeat and breathing patterns. But the most interesting
piece of tech in the concept is the battery. It doesn’t use any unsustainable rare earth elements or metals, but instead uses graphene-based
organic cell chemistry, which makes the entire
battery compostable. Jeep already announced its plans to electrify all of its
power trains by 2022, and the automaker gave us a first look at those efforts at CES 2020. The Renegade, Compass, and
Wrangler plug-in hybrid models were on display at Jeep’s booth wearing the new “4xe” badge signifying its electric lineup. Jeep isn’t sharing details on the engine, battery capacity, range, or performance just yet. EV startup Byton revealed an affordable electric SUV concept at CES in 2018. This year it’s unveiled a production-ready version of the car. At the front of the
vehicle is the Byton Stage, a 48-inch screen that stretches
from pillar to pillar. It’s much more than your
average infotainment system. The Byton Stage can
integrate your calendar, show weather updates,
sports updates, and stocks, and, while parked, you can
enter video conference calls and watch movies. The Byton M-Byte will start at $45,000. Audi unveiled its AI:ME concept car at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2019 but brought it to CES to show off its robust set of tech. It’s designed to be a “third living space” outside of home and work that delivers similar comforts
found in those spaces. It’s equipped with Level 4 autonomy and a steering wheel that retracts into a desktop when activated. The concept also has
features meant to relax you during your urban commute, including a virtual reality headset that allows you to fly
above beautiful landscapes, eye-tracking to navigate
the infotainment system, and self-learning functions, which allow the car to
understand user patterns and habits to increase safety,
well-being, and comfort. While the concept is cool, we’re not so sure if we’ll see this tech in Audis in the near future. And that’s our top five
automotive technologies from CES 2020. Let us know what your favorite was in the comments below.

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