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Bentley Bentayga vs Range Rover SVAutobiography review | SUV shootout | Autocar

Bentley Bentayga vs Range Rover SVAutobiography review | SUV shootout | Autocar

Hello. Let’s say you are, I don’t know,
a British head of state and you want to let your 94-year-old husband, I don’t know,
drive the president of the USA around. Hitherto, you’ve only had one choice. You’ve had
a Range Rover – really, it is the obvious choice isn’t it? This is the top spec one,
SVAutobiography they call it, and it’s now £150,000 because Range Rover are not the
only people to realise that somebody wants to spend lots of money on SUVs, which means
there is potentially a new rival for it. So this is the Bentley Bentayga, Bentayga, Bentayga
I think. The basic price is £160,000 but most people after options will spend about
£200,000 on one of these. So let’s see which of them displays the best British regalness to the world. So what we’ll do is a couple of things, we will show what they’re like
inside, what they’re like to ride in the back of and, crucially, what they’re like
to drive. So, first things first, to the interior of the Range Rover. So, first thing to note
is Range Rover has tried to spec up the inside of this car so it’s gone for this knurled
finish so it’s got one here, it’s got one here. The thing is, at £150,000 I think
it’s starting to feel a little bit out of its price range to be honest with you. This
stuff is all a little bit accessorise diamante to be honest with you. I think the problem
that Range Rover has got here is it is a beautifully put-together car at its normal price, which
is up to sort of £100,000. When you’re asking another £50,000 for it, you don’t
really expect to be able to put your hand underneath that veneer and twiddle it around
quite like that. It’s a shame but, I suspect, the Bentley might just feel a little class
above. So, to the inside of the Bentley where there is a soft-closed door. The whole thing
just has a nicer ambiance in here, there is knurling as well on the metal but where it
is done it is very obviously metal. Beautifully damped organ stops, the leather is soft. I’ve
seen these steering wheels be hand-made, it’s extraordinary. This, you know, this wood is
proper, proper genuine thick wood veneered onto large lumps of other wood. It feels like
you’re on your way into the Bentley range and the Range Rover, unfortunately no fault
of the existing model but it feels like it’s on the way out of the Range Rovers range.
This feels inside, a class apart. Okay so let’s do a sort of ride quality test in the back, it’s a little bit nobbly isn’t it. In fairness instead of a very rough road,
we’ve got a very smooth off road but I can feel the Range Rover’s air suspension doing
it’s best to try and keep things smoothed out. I’ve got my luxury bottle of champagne
which I can see is, you know what it’s not splashing around too much. If I try and send
a message on my state-of-the-art multimedia equipment here, actually I’m not getting
battered around too much. Actually the Michelle Obama seat, you know it’s a pretty, pretty
good place to be, I’ve got to be honest. So to the inside of the Bentley where I get
a pleasingly finished table and I’ll tell you what my champagne is taking a bit more
of a battering and it just does not feel, just does not feel, because it isn’t, it
is not as flat it is not as supple and absorbent even though we’ve locked the dampers into
comfort, it’s just not as absorbent as the Range Rover is. But it is beautifully finished.
I think I’ve probably got a little bit more, a bit more room in the Range Rover but the
finish back here is absolutely first class. You’d probably want to be in the Range Rover
but to actually just look at and be impressed by, this is the car of choice. So, well this
is actually a pretty nice driving environment whether you’re 94 or not. Visibility is
brilliant, I’ve got a nice low window line, somewhere to rest my arms, big arms chairs
for me and the president. I mean this is a nice place to spend time whoever you are but
let’s just see how it goes through our handling course. So immediately it is, it feels quite
tall quite a heavy piece of kit but it’s doing it’s best you know, this is a Range
Rover, it’s on air suspension, it tries to keep its body flat, it tries to keep its
movements in check but it’s a large off-roader, very capable. Engine makes a great noise doesn’t
it, the gearbox response well too. A sports car it isn’t but it is having a go and up
until now it’s done it better than anything else certainly of its capability off road.
And this is the Bentley, already I feel like it’s more sporty, you know, you sit lower,
I’ve got this high seal here, high dashboard there again I can select the gears with paddles
on the steering wheel. It’s fast, I mean it’s really fast, it’s got this 600bhp
W12 engine, doesn’t make as nice a noise as the Range Rover does it I don’t think,
just sounds sort of a bit V6-y. Doesn’t say to you, this is a £200,000 noise but
there you go. Right let’s see how it is in the handling course. It is very much more
tightly controlled than the Range Rover as well it ought to be. It feels lower, doesn’t
necessarily feel any lighter because I strongly suspect it isn’t when you weigh the two
of them together. It’s a bit heavy in the nose, it would be, I mean we always kind of
prefer Bentleys when they fit that twin turbocharger V8 rather than the big W12 because it does
push off at the front, just a little bit. There’s loads of grip actually and then
you just wait for it to come back, wait for the nose to come back, get to the next straight
and away you go. They’re asking a lot of a car of this weight and size. Last then,
but very much not least – also soft closed doors – the Range Rover in its totally natural
habitat. The light off road of a British country estate. Its got a really long throttle, fraddle,
so you have to encourage it to get going and actually off road that makes it very smooth
and even though it’s got this supercharged V8 engine. It’s a little bit knobbly isn’t
it, it’s a really high driving position, a really beautifully low seal, low window
line, so visibility, despite the fact this is a massive car, is very, very good. This
is where this car really comes into its element. This is where, whereas the Bentley has a 185mph
top speed, it has to be some kind of sports car, this is where the Range Rover is allowed
to be what an SUV, what a 4×4 should be. So which is, ultimately, the car of choice? I
think it’s a really, really tough decision. I think the Range Rover would do better were
it one of the lesser models, I think it’s more impressive than it is a £150,000 and
you know what, if I was head of state I might be quite tempted to stick with it but I have
a little suspicion that Bentley have the Bentayga put aside just incase they get the call.

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100 thoughts on “Bentley Bentayga vs Range Rover SVAutobiography review | SUV shootout | Autocar

  1. Range Rover lost its class a long time ago it became the choice of Drug Dealers The Bentley is far more classy I am sorry to say as I love Range Rover Brand

  2. What is this contest about ? To compare a real car with a vw plastic coffin ? It carries an old dead name , so what ? Makes it a Real British ? Just a shit for stupids !!!

  3. why would you compare a v12 to a v8..

    Neither vehicle is meant for off-road by the looks of it 150k quid I think you be stepping into the region of bullet proofing and a vehicle set for specific conditions..

    looks like someone bolted a 4×4 kit on to a bentley and tried to market it as a suv..

    and failed..

    fuck I have never seen someone be more of an idiot taking a vehicle used more as a ferry vehicle and try and take on a road it has not been designed..

    looking at the land rover wrong tires to be taking it off-road..

    to be honest if I was going to use any of these vehicles for limo work 1st thing to do to either vehicle rip out the electrics and safety crap and reinforce it..

    looks like a bentley and a porche had a bastard child..

    looking at the front end tells me the bentley is not centered correctly and needs a bigger rear end as a weight displacement for the front..

  4. It seems like you had already made your mind up that the Bentley was the better car before your review started. Obviously Bentley has more prestige in the name but the car wasn't more capable. The RR also has the soft close doors and other features that you conveniently ignored. Range Rover the best 4x4xfar.

  5. I don't understand how you compare a big ass Range Rover to a Bentayga. It should be Range Rover Velar vs Bentayga … It's like comparing ants to cockroaches…

  6. Lol watching this video I didn’t realized both Bentley and Land Rover are “British” yeah no. Germany vs India

  7. It is VERY difficult to take this guy seriously in jeans and a t shirt. His detail and knowledge when informing the viewer of facts or perception is lacking substantially.

  8. All these people saying the Bentley looks ugly, it looks the same as the Q7 and the VW Toureg so you've seen it before, get over it.

  9. Range Rover is a bit outside its price range at 150K when they can deliver the same package without "Autobiography trim" for 100K. As for the Bentayga, the ride quality offroad is totally unacceptable, Range Rover is totally in different league.

  10. Why the hell do you have to be a Head of State for these cars – I can be A Rich Man with Rich Taste as well.

  11. I found this just a bit biased. The Range Rover is better at everything in the video, and yet because the finish of the Bentley and the fact it is a Bentley seems to win it. To me it has a lot less to offer than the RR.

  12. Iv sat in both those cars the Bentley is not better put together. If you look further down inside the Bentley you will find cheap plastic and as for the boot it’s like looking in a car a third of its price. Range Rover wins for me. Ps if you want better build quality go for a Q7

  13. Range Rover is a much more capable car in every respect i wouldn't touch the Bentley with a barge pole. ITS UGLY AS!. From start to finish this review was totally bias towards the Bentley which was just the opposite to what the presenter is there for? Also if you went really of roading the Rangie would win hands down every time also if he knew his stuff he would know that the suspension set up can be altered in several different ways to suit the activity .ie suspension higher/lower or stiffened for cornering as well as various different ground settings. Sorry but this presenter is a complete KNOB and know where as informed a journalist as he thinks he is. He's clearly fancies himself as a owner of the Bentley , a poser who's sticks to the main roads and is frightened of getting it dirty.

  14. Also as far as the idiots stupid comment about one being Indian and the other being German thats not true , check your facts . Tata may now own JLR but they have no involvement in the overall running and more importantly research and development or indeed the design aspect of the range. Everything is still led and run by British but it is now also including top professionals who are no doubt multi national. The Germans keep themselves to themselves and think they are better than everyone else , GOD ONLY KNOWS WHY??????? People have been fed this utter rubbish that German cars are better for years and its just not true, only the people who know very little about cars think that. You only need to look at F1 and even German cars are designed and built by brits.

  15. For years the Germans have been flooding the new car markets giving very low rates on new car deals but the second hand market is flooded and I'm just waiting for it all to come crashing down and when it does what will all the manufacturers do then?? The Germans have been greatly over charging and under delivering on spec and performance for years and years also lets not forget they are totally incapable of coming up with beautiful and innovative designs that are both different and new ?????All German marks are pretty much using the same designs as they were in the sixties and seventies? VOR SPRUNG NAFF TECNIK !

  16. I will take none of these. With the Range,there is a huge risk that the US president would get stranded,and the Bentley, although he will be drowning in leather and wood,still will arrive in one of the world's ugliest SUV's,made by VW. Get a Lexus LX 570,and you surely as the sunset will have a SUV made by a company with clear pedigree and solid heritage of making reliable and luxury cars with no compromises.

  17. Nope. After just two minutes of this shite I can't take it any more. That god awful, mind numbing, tortuous, fucking music could not be more annoying or less appropriate!

  18. I choose the Range Rover. You see an SUV has to be practical and capable first than to be a car thrashed around corners. One who can buy a Rover can easily buy a sports sedan. 2 is better than one anyway

  19. Very strange to see you talk so glowing about the Bentley Interior and so negative about the range rover when clearly they look very similar.

  20. I live in the mountains, lots of snow in the winter, Range Rover would fit my environment better, but Bentley always has the sharpest handling for speed and the interior is always better.

  21. I know this is late, but I had a 2018 Bentayga which I didn’t like much especially in Mongolia, switched it out for 2017 Full Option Range haven’t looked back at all, just a better ride overall, feel less stuffed on hot days without A/C on, cause you don’t want too much with children inside etc

  22. This range rover sv autobiography is surely the best suv for the first time i think range rover can easily fight and win against rolls royce and bentley

  23. According to autotrader pricing: used Bentley £105k, used Rangie £27k, the choice is clear for me, and if well maintained it will last years

  24. There's just something about a range rover nobody can beat that feel good factor. Personally I'd rather have a autobiography lwb a little more a real range rover a even softer suspension setup.

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