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Behind Every Good Buy is a PSI

Behind Every Good Buy is a PSI

Manheim’s PSI is a great product. I put them on every car I buy. It gives me confidence when I buy the car. I don’t have to go out at look at it. Manheim will do it for me and they guarantee
the car for 7 or 14 days depending on what PSI I put on it. For Post-Sale Inspection, what happens for
the customer, they actually pay us a small fee. We inspect the vehicle and we tell them if
it’s got an arbitrable issue or not on sale day. The customer takes the vehicle home, and let’s
just say it’s a motor issue. When they get it home, if there’s a problem
they can return the car within the time limit or we fix the car. So they pay that small fee, but they get that
insurance. That’s my Manheim.

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